T42 & T77, 2 NEW American Medium Tanks | World of Tanks T77 and T42 Review

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World of Tanks 2, Tier 8 Medium Tank Review. World of Tanks T77, Tier 8 Autoloader American Medium Tank Review. World of Tanks New Premium Tanks World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

Chapters in the video:
00:00 – Introduction to the tanks
01:25 – 2 Specs
04:50 – T77 Pictures
06:00 – T77 Specs
10:00 – Conclusion

► Information from: WG

Today I am going to introduce you 2 brand new medium tanks which entered the Supertest server, 2 medium tanks. They are both quite a different animals compared to each other, one has a single-shot, the other one autoloader firepower.

Lets take a look!


  1. C.D. EpIc Zakzee

    Thanks I’m early so imma edit my comments after the vid

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    YouTube i gud

  3. SAXOPHONEcoverss

    Hi again Dez!
    Hope you have a beatifull day! ♥️

  4. When will you put out the giveaway winner?

  5. Why on earth the 122mm a autoloader I’d expect the 90mm having the autoloader. Wargaming really?

  6. Which one is better? That one will be the CW reward tank….

  7. Idk, these don’t seem to exciting in my opinion, but I’m kinda curious on how people will be able to obtain them, but they are probably just new profit sources

  8. The autoloading one will be a premium tank 100% and possibly the other one as well

  9. T42 isnt that good man..

  10. so the T42 is a BulkDogg.. nice

  11. thx for the informations
    Ur voice is so AMSR btw
    Nice Vid <3

  12. T42 is more like M46 Patton than Bulldog

  13. When we will test this new autoloaders? /
    When the common test start Dez Gamez ?

  14. The tanks look perfectly balanced. Love it.

  15. I was around when the T57 heavy first came out. That was the first tier 10 I ever raced towards.

  16. Alexander Yordanov

    The T42 looks like a M47 Patton with a different hull.
    You know, Wargaming can make the M46 Patton a Tier 8 Premium and the M47 Patton can replace the M46 at tier 9. The M47 Patton has a better sloped front hull so it will have slightly more effectice armor. Not enough for tier 9 but it will help the tank a tad.

    • no-one is complaining m46 patton isn’t a powerful tank because it is

    • I have been harping about this for years! All WG has to do is to replace the M46 Frankenstein with the proper M47 tank. The better sloping front can deflect more rounds at angles. The M47 should start with the T muzzle version of the 90mm on the T42 with a 5.6 second reload and ending with the 105mm L7 top gun for tier 9.

    • The top turret for the M46 Patton is the M47 turret. The hulls between the two IRL were very similar…. so basically the fully upgraded M46 is the M47.

  17. World of Scifi, another tanks that never exist…

  18. What do you think about those? They look VERY balanced, actually… Surprised!
    T77 smells A LOT like a premium tank, doesn’t it?
    Chapters in the video:
    00:00 – Introduction to the tanks
    01:25 – T42 Specs
    04:50 – T77 Pictures
    06:00 – T77 Specs
    10:00 – Conclusion

    • @Kakarot it’s actually a t69 “prototype”

    • Well they aren’t Soviet so of course they won’t be op, who ever heard of an op American tank? Soviets objectively designed built and drove the best tanks that ever existed.

    • It may start from t69 techtree

    • Honestly I wish they’d buff the T69. Either beef up it’s fun handling and pen a bit, or leave it as is and give it one extra round in the clip (that’ll give it the same 1200 damage potential as the Lorraine 40t but with worse pen and gun handling).

    • I think the T77 reload time is going to really hurt it. Especially with tanks like the 40T that have a bigger clip with a similar reload time. Typically fewer shots should give a better reload time, thats one of the trade-offs.

  19. Răzvan Partebună

    Yes added the like with the number 100 😀

  20. “World of Tanks New Premium Tanks World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.”

    Am i stupid or you just dont talk about this in your video?If not why put it in description?

  21. The T42 has the right damage numbers for post war high compression high velocity US 90mm guns.

  22. Hi Dez,hi all. Help me please.
    I have just one simple question… what is this music? (1:32-2:40)
    I really need this,but i didn’t find it.
    Thanks all you,who can help me!
    Have a nice day! 🙂

  23. darude- Sandstorm

    I’m sure t77 is a premium cause it’s a better t69

  24. I bet my own ass that the one with the already developed model is a premium.

  25. so a 120mm gun at t8 dose the same amount of dmg as a 105mm at the same tier… WG logic, they better buff the dmg 20-40 and reload… because its more like nerfed t54e1

  26. WG are just making up tanks now!

  27. T77: Look! I’m the T57 at tier8 now

  28. 100% chance that the autoloader is a premium and the other one will most likely be one as well.
    WG: We removed a bunch of tanks from the tech tree because it was cluttered.
    Also WG: Let’s add new tanks every single chance we get.

  29. So basically the T42 is tech tree and the T77 will be premium and much stronger.

  30. Ick…… more autoloaders

  31. Cmon wg we already have the funny number tank

  32. YAY more prem tanks that nobody asked for…. THX WG
    thats what we need not fucking tech tree tanks and maps balance OMG just take my money now

  33. The T42 was a project that came around as the next generation of US Army Tanks, it was the medium tank of that batch. The other two projects were the T41 and T43, which produced the M41 Walker Bulldog, and M103 Heavy Tank. The T42 was a similar design as the T41 just bulked up, it ultimately failed because it was under powered. The turret went on to be used on the M47 (in game the full upgraded M46 Patton) and the hull was used as part of the T69 program. The T77 is the turret of the T57 and the hull is an early M48 Patton. In short, yes the T42 looks like a beefy Bulldog because well it is.

  34. Really tired of american mediums with subpar pen

  35. T44 lookin like a m46 imo

  36. That video in the background was painful to watch

  37. t42 looks interessting…i always like me a buff bulldog

  38. i literally just found the WG post about this and….. oh WAIT A MINUTE why would i read xD

  39. My bet: One will be a premium (probs the T77) and the other will be a reward of some sort.

  40. Another premium tank.. I wish WG focus more on its community before releasing another tank…

  41. T42 looks more like a m46 Patton then bulldog imo

  42. 38s reload for 3 shells, WTF?!?!

  43. T77 will 100% be the premium. Looks too overpowered to be in the tech tree

  44. T77 is too op…

  45. It sounds like they are just better versions of the Pershing and T69….

  46. What a stupid battle in the background, just painful to watch. 69 with its horrific gun handling taking unconscious enemies one by one, without them pushing it for kill. Bourrasque gifting the kill driving stupidly instead of shooting two aimed shots for 1-2 shots taken (which it took anyway), bumbling Oho at the end, not to mention the 2 HTs at start angle with a semiarmored autoloader MT taking them out (actually 3 total HTs)… 1 v 29 game

  47. The T77 looks like The Joker.

  48. 69 Just gonna leave this here.

  49. Thank you for the video Dez!

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