T42 “The Boys” – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T42. Well well well if it isn’t ANOTHER premium tank in World of Tanks, you know the drill – let’s find out if the T42 any good!


  1. Sir Quickybaby! I have a challenge for you and jingles.
    *O-I With 150mm Vs Maus.*
    I think thay would be a challenge.

  2. trash Match Making, it is not multiplayer game, it is single player game with Suicidal BOTS

  3. M46 turret on a t69 hull

  4. This tank has the same hull as the T69

  5. 190 pen in 2020 😀

  6. It’s a bulldog,why would you comper it any other tank!?!?

  7. This is the same shit Slipknot used in their Solway Firth video.

  8. is your mod pack working im missing battle hits lol

  9. How about those stupid “coins” and “keys”. Is wargaming going to allow us to use them on anything else besides stupid stickers?

  10. I’d love to see a premium with good hull and bad turret

  11. This game is nothing but “Pay to Play” and “Pay to Win” because you cannot do either effectively without paying. If you are an average player, good luck getting above tier 8. If we all stop spending they will start to fix the problems. If you keep buying all this shit, they will keep ripping you off.

  12. QB shouting “YOUTUBE” is like he has tourette

  13. 15:03 “The Pride” 😀

  14. Premium mods etc not a review for standard players….

  15. LOL, QB test the T42 with max pay to win setup. Why o why not just use normal equipment and drop the premium cola like normal players. Oh wait then the T42 would be worse.

  16. They made an american version of the Bourasque… can play like a light tank but is considered a Med for MM purposes lol

  17. it looks like a M-41 bulldog scaled up

  18. meanwhile Brits lights have not been massively buffed yet… wot is a joke

  19. You’d think that in a game where female crew members are popular rewards, they’d put _The_ Female in this crew.

  20. Freshwater Spaceman

    Not even a voiced crew, then? Mimimum effort from WG once again!

  21. I didn’t watch the show. I read several arcs of the comic and got burned right out on that. It quickly becomes Garth ‘grumpy nihilist’ Ennis shock-jocking and shitting on everything he can think of.

    All you TV people will start to see it about season 4, maybe. It’ll be Game of Thrones all over again.

  22. So for T42 we get 42min video… I hope he won’t do obj. 907 tank review 😀

  23. The turbo chargher is the V for the tank? :)))

  24. QuickyBaby remember HE average DMG when it penetrate and explode inside of a targeted tank which makes sense;) all HE rounds show higher DMG, but unless you are FV4005 or KV-2 you usually do splash damage, especially to Soviet tanks 😛
    Ps. I think you are only person stressing out about you mixing up YT with Twitch, ppl understand that 😉

  25. The is6 does does 530 damage with HE so a max role would be 662.5, while he did role high a max role would have been bye-bye quickybaby.

    Edit: wrote that before I saw quicky baby check the damage after the battle 🙁

  26. t69 + m46=waste UR money

  27. Should say “Ah yes the invisible cunt” when you spot TDs.

  28. It’s that boi.

  29. Youchube Youchube Youchube
    -QuickyBaby 2020

  30. “What’s happening with the accuracy of my vehicle now?”

    WoT. WoT is happening.

  31. is 6 b has got 530 he alpha

  32. it’s fine QB you can call us twitch if you like it better ;(

  33. Not buying it, but it looked good in action. Good job presenting it thou.

  34. The Haffles Clan [HCL]

    We want best moments series

  35. Quicky’s new stream platform, TWITCHTUBE!!!

  36. Thanks for save my time and done favour to me to find out is it good. you should need to be proud of yourself and your hobbies you choose.

  37. 2 x 887 Assist in follow to every Scorpion G 🙂

  38. 25:39 CallMeCarson Meme

  39. Pc get ‘the boys’ tanks
    Console get hotwheels

  40. Any premium tank is extortion at this point.

  41. 20:10 That scorpion playing rock simulator

  42. I wonder if the speed is an Easter egg about code 5150, which is the number established by the Welfare and Institutions Code that can put an adult in an involuntary hold for 72-hours. (Yes, that’s copy paste, I was just going to put in crazy 🙂 ).

  43. I played WoT because of history 🙁

  44. Of course the IS-6 fires HE. Way better than 175mm AP. 😛 … Everybody here on Twitch … YouTube(!) knows that.

  45. So it’s a piece of sheet tank?

  46. do t42 with the boys crew hase a butcher voice

  47. “I love the boys” quickybaby 2020 😛

  48. 27:15 rip my ears

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