T49 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

My third in the 9 … and I’m lovin’ it!

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  1. I was expecting you to blow up immediately in your KV-2.

  2. Thanks for the video. Hey Irish, ever been so tired while watching a video
    replay and you try and move the mouse to change the view direction? LOL

  3. good intro :)

  4. T49 will miss from 20ft, needs an accuracy buff

  5. I could not play this tank well after my love for the bulldog

  6. Dreadshells Gaming

    Grats on the Ace sir! I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing the T49. It took me a
    while to learn the playstyle, hit-and-run, medium/scout hybrid. But I fell
    in love with it. Happy hunting!

  7. It is a great tank to take a break in when the game is grinding u down…a
    keeper for sure:); on the crew training challenge, if I really want to play
    a tank my line in the sand is I want to have 6th sense on the commander.
    So, I will occasionally cannibalize a crew and change a loader into a
    commander and reset the skills for the 500 gold and recruit an new loader
    for the old tank. A little expensive, but a good stop gap.

  8. carlitosskater89

    I think it was on 0.9.3 when it was introduce.

    I might be wrong.

  9. Regarding the Borsig I feel it appropriate to quote your newest friend and
    say “omg!”. I didn’t realise the camouflage levels are so great.

  10. I’ve been grinding American arty this month since it’s top of the tree
    (1.5x crew xp) and this last weekend it was 3x extra crew xp so grinding
    went really quickly. I got 3 crews up from 75% to 90+% with the 4.5x
    combined bonus! But wow it sure isn’t fun to play low tier arty with 75%

  11. The title should be t49 derp tanker, not ace tanker

  12. Do you use gold then to move the crew or are you happy with them being 90%
    (as long as they have sixth sense I suppose)?

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