T49 Review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Nice review.

  2. Still the best wot channel on YouTube. Good review as always :)

  3. Derp guns <3

  4. Yay new Foch videos! Now I need to play walker bulldog more…

  5. For someone who would want to get the American autoloaders, would you say
    this line is better than the M7, T21, T71, T69 line?

  6. What is your opinion on the 90mm gun?

  7. If I recall correctly the T49 actually has a pretty good non-derp gun too.

    Anyway,in my opinion this tank is awesome,I’ve only played it on the TS and
    it was soo much fun.I used to platoon with my kv-2 in tier 10 battle and
    most of the time I was doing pretty well,this tank has so much potential.
    Also,this tank is not a dedicated scout but a flanker and for equipment
    GLD/Vert Stab/Rammer is the only way to go.

  8. I got bored of Walker Bulldog, to much excellence. Cant wait for the t49
    (trolololl lol lololol lololololl).

  9. That last game damnnn insane 😀 well played

  10. Great review as always!

    Did you make a review of the M41 Walker Bulldog? Or did I miss it?
    Some people say that the M41 is the better “T8” American light tank.

  11. Daaaaammmnnn that last game tho…

  12. Gotta love the kv-2 on crack ;P

  13. What a fucking player BRAVO!

  14. And you got a gun mark in that last game. Well played Foch.

  15. Tank for fucking scrubs.

  16. It is not a good tank, but it it is a good tank for a good player to
    embarrass some noobs.

  17. can’t wait to get one of these!

  18. Foch is way too OP, needs a serious nerf, check at 10:30, his commander is
    only at 10%, the rest of the crew at 0% and he still manages to do shit
    like that! NERF him!

  19. All Hail SirFoch. Amazing game.

  20. I was grinding WZ-131 when these new tier 8 light tanks were announced! ..
    My biggest concern was that the WZ-132 will be unplayable, power-creeped at
    every level!! Oh boy, was I wrong.. 13 90 is still the only counter-scout
    light I’m afraid of meeting in my WZ-132!.. Bulldog can be a problem too if
    driven by someone skilled like SirFoch

  21. I have 2 shotted a t95 

  22. Looks like a fun tank, I loved my 2801 :P

  23. It seems like you have to play this tank like the VK 28.01 (if you use the
    105), just hits a little bit harder.

  24. 11/10 ign

  25. you say that most important job of this tank is to scout and not shoot ppl
    so you should use optics, vents + net/binocs/vstab/rammer; vents give you
    more camo and view range and with food and bia and crew skills will allow
    you to max out view range and camo

  26. “Shit shit shit”….?
    I have 1300 average damage after 200+ battles.
    You can finish most of tanks if they have lover than 300hp. Even perfectly
    angled VK Auf B…
    Only J panz e100 , mouse and e3 are problematic. And NEVER try to solo with
    anything on same tier or higher.
    And this tank is not for spotting… you peek-out take tracks down from
    e100 let him get obliterated by others.
    There are many non armoured tanks in game now. So 2 shooting WT e100 is
    And this is very fun tank to piss people off. After 1 he in front of turret
    , and killing gunner or commander.
    Enemy enters rage mode. You escape , he dies to your team snipers. VERY

  27. lol didn t expect to see an M3 Lee on your garage 😛

    Can you do a “M3 Lee Review! Is it word the grind”?

  28. hello ladies’mlagjlmen ? what is he saying?

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