T54 First prototype review! Is it WORTH the gold?

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Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Comhghall Geraghty

    Foch sounded like sideshow Bob standing on rake and getting hit in face
    that time when he missed long range shot. Lol

  2. I liked taking this in skirmish and teambattles, even if you spam gold at
    anything with armor you still finish with 30k+ profits.

    Thats also what i like about the IS-5, its not a burden to take with
    skirmishes etc :)

  3. Oh and IRL the T-54 should have at most 5 degrees of gun depression to the

  4. It’s a T-54…one tier lower so OFC it’s broken as fuck. The Type 59 was
    this….till it was nerfed, then nerfed, then nerfed, then nerfed again
    after all the fucking pissing and moaning in the forums even though the
    thing has 5 FUCKING AMMO RACKS. Where’s all the pissing and moaning about
    this broken shit in the forums? For that matter the T-54 ltwt. which it’s
    not because it still has it’s communesium armour.

  5. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    The gun has to be pretty terrible on that thing because most T54 prot
    drivers i come across shoot pretty much premium ammo from start to finish.
    Must not be consistent at making credits if you get a lot of bad matchups.

  6. 7:06 Expresses perfectly what you think of the gun, oh god I laughed so
    much! Thank you for the review, Foch, nice as always

  7. Great videos dude. I especially appreciate your honesty. I have one of
    these, and you just summed it up perfectly.

  8. Foch’s reviews are always the best…gets straight to the point and tells
    you only what you need to know. Nice video once again mate.

  9. From what I understand, WG are working on getting rid of (premium) tanks
    with preferential match making. Does anyone know why?

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup Makes sense – even if I don’t mind most elited T8s in
      T10 games, e.g. the Type is my go-to tank for a low-resistance game. It’s
      basically a self-reinforcing effect.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +Wolfogre Because some of them are overplayed (fcm50t for example) and
      according to WG it poses some problems with the MM having trouble finding
      games for regular MM tanks. its one of the reasons regular tier 8 tanks see
      too many tier 10 games, the premium MM tanks take their spots in the queue.
      Dont know if this is actually true, but thats what i heard.

    • +Wolfogre I don’t think WG has answered that. However, it’s easier for the
      matchmaker to handle, easier to balance tanks and to avoid a “pay to win”
      element. The prime suspect is/was probably the Type 59, which shouldn’t
      really have had preferential MM. Nowadays, after mobility and gun handling
      nerfs, as well as premium ammo for credits and tanks with high-pen guns at
      the same tier, it’s not as brutally overpowered anymore. Still one of the
      better T8 mediums because of the limited matchmaking, won’t argue about

      Edit: The main problem as I see it is that preferential matchmaking would
      force WG to make the tank less fun. Frankly, while not seeing T10 is a huge
      advantage, I might still prefer a Type 59 with better mobility, better gun
      handling and -5 gun depression if it saw T10. It’s not that hard to play
      e.g. the T-44 in T10 because the mobility is good.

  10. Foch what is your top 5 tanks you would buy out the premm shop?

  11. 7:06

    use it as six senses alert sound

  12. albin mällström


  13. Moe Dali (Addicted2Trance)

    Before even watching the video, it is worth ever penny.
    Thanks for the review Sir. Best tank reviewer! 

  14. 7 views, NOW’S MY CHANCE!!

  15. Vispirms Like un tad skatāmies video 

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