T54E1 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Noisemaker by nervous_testpilot
System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Fresh, salty unicum tears…the fountain of youth for us artyplayers:)

  2. Fresh, salty unicum tears…the fountain of youth for us artyplayers:)

  3. Martin Orphanides

    I come here for the salt, and Foch often delivers!

  4. Vector Signorelli

    this community is cancer,not artyllery
    i never played this game and for good reason i am never going to for my
    good reason….but i know a guy,we are not friends,but i …well,i just
    know him,he is 16 and we go to school together,he doesn t have a fcking
    hand,i even don t know why,but he has only one hand…and yes,he plays this
    game,what ahould he play….a batchat,an obj140…try yourself playing with
    one hand,he plays artyllery and of course,he has 47% wr,cause playing with

    P.S. arty is in the game to play it,anyways well played sirfoch and i am a
    bit disappointed that you lose,i am here,because of wot blitz,thwre is no
    atryllery in that game

  5. Dolan Y u do dis

    wel at last yu ar in teh croetc caln tu cri abut artz, and koem on, dnt tri
    tu psaz diz cilp liek iz soemthng abut t54e1, itz al abut slat and raeg. GG
    WP you cri evritiem

  6. Could you do a is it worth it for the AMX 13 57? In skilled hands that
    thing has to be epic.

  7. SuperEvilMonkee

    *Round of applause* Fuck arty

  8. ? for arty comments. Any map played without arty is a completely different

  9. ok game, but comments that start around 10m mark…RIGHT ON POINT!!! 😀 and
    at the end he hit the nail to the coffin…all those russian meds, buffs,
    new tanks, the real problem is BALANCED arty…did u see that gw? no aim,
    snapshot and hit,cuz SKILLS

  10. Plenty of dislikes. Clicker noobs getting butthurt.

  11. SeaTehNoobWorld

    Only if Foch ran WG instead of Serb.

  12. Fucking salty/10. I approve.

  13. also fuck you foch :)

  14. Fuck u arty F u!

  15. In a game earlier today, I notified the highest rated player that he was
    first on my list, jokingly I might add. Well would you believe it his t34
    rolled into view and parked up. Boom one hit, ammo racked.
    Boy was he pissed, I nearly pissed my self laughing.

  16. The more arty hate I see, the more I want to play it…….
    I’m just loving the French premium arty, and playing it so much I’m about
    to achieve my third skill since buying it a few weeks ago. Almost ten
    rounds a minute, and amazing how many idiots sit still whilst you pound
    them with round after round. It’s a perma tracking God.
    Also makes pretty good cash for a tier 5.
    Much more fun than one hitting tanks in my GW Panther.

  17. Well if you hate the game so much why are you still playing? Either you are
    massively masochistic or you believe that WG will fix the game in a way you
    believe is good. If latter maybe considerer applying for a job in the
    gamebalancing department.

  18. Tea drinking crumpet munching British dude

    I play arty, and I think I’ll un-sub for that rant, not that you give a
    However, if you ever come to London let me know, I’ll give you a chance to
    talk to an arty player like that in person you fucking pathetic cunt, see
    what would happen.
    Seriously, I’ve never known another gamer to fucking whine as much as you,
    it’s pathetic. Grow the fuck up and get on with it, you sad little fuck.

  19. Your tears are delicious.

  20. I really apreciate it that at least someone finally makes a real statement
    about the current arty-system. Not like that QB-BS “arty is a nessesairy
    part of the game to prevent camping”.
    Thanks man!

  21. fuck arty!

  22. Eh. Salty but still no where near Trick2G levels of salt.

  23. 😀 Fuck yourself Foch! Thumbs down and deabbo!

  24. im pretty sure dats 100% salt? lol still nice game. even tho ur team arty
    is retarded

  25. Pandora The Dankest of all

    that sp 2 c driver made me laugh so hard ?

  26. Sums up nicely why, as a beta player in 2010, I stopped playing WoT.
    WG are the laziest, dumbest, unimaginative f-wits and anyone who pays them
    a $ while they refuse to address blindingly obvious bad aspects of the game
    (Foch listed plenty of them) is themselves a stupid f-wit rewarding WG for
    their behaviour.

  27. Yes! Arty are a bunch of scumbags and ruin the game. Just played a game on
    the Xbox one. 3 arty platooning – I was in the t28 🙁 another broken tank
    for all the wrong reasons. Fml but fuck arty!

  28. FU ARTY!!!!!

  29. Thomas Anonymous

    fuck arty im ashamed but the female crew are too good

  30. Holy fucking shit. What’s up with the lawn mower engine sound effects?
    Fucking BP has the same shit.

  31. That’s why I like foch, he doesn’t give a shit about being politically
    correct and tells the truth about skypigs, but still manages to remain
    completely calm in chat.

  32. So er, I’m not quite clear on this. Do you not like arty?

  33. Agreed on the “fuck arty”. As someone with a WR over 50% it saddens me how
    such a mechanic allows players of any caliber to shit on you no matter how
    you would outplay them if they were driving a real tank.

  34. I’m actually curious as well how would Foch go about fixing arty? He seems
    to be complaining in almost every vid but never explains what he would do
    about it…

  35. If you´re watching this video and you play arty , FUCK YOU !!! YOU FUCKING
    SUCK !!!
    True was said .

  36. Haha “if you’re watching this video and you play arty, FUCK YOU you should
    be ashamed of yourself”. Hilarious!

  37. I hope you mean it so funny Ironic, i had hear it!

  38. fu too my friend :D

  39. love your down to earth reviews and game play.

  40. The glorious rant here transcribed. This is why Foch is the best.

    “And if I wasn’t clear earlier, fuck arty, fuck you if you play arty, fuck
    WG for not fixing arty for fucking five years. Well done WG, you’re on top
    of things for sure. Lets make some more Russian T10 medium clones, lets
    buff IS6, buff IS3, buff E5. Lets not actually deal with the problems of
    the game, but make some silly meetings were we talk shit about how we know
    how that the game is broken and do nothing about fixing it. You’ve been
    doing that very well for the last 5 years, so congratulations guys! Well

  41. This is so rude, Quickybaby said arty is necessary to the game! He never
    complains about it. I think you should watch him more to learn how to evade


  42. Vaas Montenegro

    If you have a game mechanic that provokes some players to genuinely wish
    cancer on another player because of it, you should probably fix that shit
    because it’s killing your game. Or just keep pretending it has a place in
    the game and that it’s not the number 1 problem in WoT right now and for
    the past many, many years as has been WG’s mentality so far

  43. Thomas Lauridsen

    I’ve only got 50k left and I’ll never have to play arty again. Thank
    fuck… It’s been a nightmare. Never again

  44. A friend of mine only plays arty.. He’s in my trunk, this may turn out like
    the beginning of Goodfellas

  45. That nerd rage tho

  46. You speak so much sense Foch. Some topics need a healthy dose of salt; and
    arty is fucking one of them >< it's literally one of the main reasons I stopped playing Wot


  48. Cat With Bag on Head

    I suck. I am ashamed.

    I play arty… :)

  49. But… but stats don’t matter!!!

    Jk, most of the time, they do.

  50. I have the same opinion, thanks for clearly state that in your videos.

  51. Sir, your HAM is SALTY. But i like it, because fuck you and fuck arty

  52. “If you’re watching this video and you play arty, fuck you, you fucking
    suck, be ashamed of yourself you fucking PoS, fuck you!” …….Best
    commentary ever, had me in stitches!

  53. Foch your criticism is totally unwarranted. Arty was obviously a totally
    normal player that only plays for fun.

    BTW: What would, in your opinion, fix arty?

  54. The problem with team-based games: you have to play with people.

  55. True words Foch

  56. Arty is like Marmite, you either get frustrated or you hate it.

  57. I’m still not sure how Foch feels about playing arty.

    And the BC 155 arty player, 2,265 battles in a T-30, 44% win rate in

  58. Arties did 9/11…

  59. Fuck me right in the ass but I wont stop puppy stumping with Le FH 5 tier
    arty. Shit is too much fun. Sorry for that bros (actually not sorry).

  60. This late game is exactly why arty breaks the game. It’s so spot on. Late
    game with multiple arties just takes away every chance high skilled players
    have to drive a close game home.
    I’m pretty sure arty was put in the game as something purely to counter
    players who could be seen as too good.
    Because no matter how good you are, you cannot play without never exposing
    yourself to arty and when you do that, it’s gg.
    Especially with the amount of slow tanks, meds lik T54E1 and E50m are just
    too sluggish to actually do much in the time after they are spotted and the
    time it takes arty to fire.

  61. Literally the best review of arty players anywhere on the internet.

  62. great video and great rant as always thx Foch

  63. bad game .but love the arty comments :-)

  64. best ever! love you!

  65. Preach it Foch! Fuck arty right in the ear!

  66. Arty kills this map.just makes it a total camp off,as seen in this game

  67. lmao your arti player comments in the video foch xD

  68. the salt is strong with this one :P

  69. Dave Pawlikowski

    So much for sending Foch my awesome M53/M55replay….

  70. fucking artys ahhahaa

  71. SirFoch best WoT contributor ever.^^ No stupid talking about existing
    serious game probs and always on the hunt to take a shit on WG.^^ I love
    the rant moments. <3

  72. Nice salt at end from Foch. Keep it up.

  73. >2k16
    >still playing wot

  74. The salt is just too rough this time

  75. Foch is Jesus…. He is reincarnated to guide us against the gold noobs,
    shitty tomatoes, and war gaming itself.

  76. Was here first foch your awesome

  77. yay

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