T54e1 review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. First! :P

  2. Wow foch, every time you upload a video its the exact time im looking at my
    sub box.

  3. And you want a prize? 😉 

  4. RiechMarshall Nimitz

    5th lol :)

  5. i have found that this thing has the most random armour ive ever come
    across in world of tanks. its a throw of the dice every time you fire at

  6. auto loaders should include a pink dildo the driver can shove up his ass
    cause they are that gay

  7. too bad foch is the only youtuber that unicums can watch and not get
    frustrated with the commentary and reviews

  8. Dat Sexton 1 ace tho

  9. I really wanted to see a Tier X match up. I struggle in this tank on tier X
    matches because 210 pen isn’t the greatest.

  10. Very nice review. Im not a fan of the american autoloaders but you played
    it well.

  11. This my friend is one of a few yutubers that love the game he plays but
    tell the truth also.

  12. :O Someone in a T54E1 that isn’t spamming gold rounds?!?! What is this

  13. Foch…you are funny as fuck dude! Love your vids.

  14. How do you enable that damage log next to the damage panel? I’ve got XVM
    but don’t have that… 

  15. AT8 no ace tanker? 

  16. That part about not shooting gold ammo in auto-loaders is a pretty stupid

  17. I used quite some gold rounds in this thing while grinding for t57, yeah
    meant sometimes I was shooting batchats with gold rounds but meh rather
    that then having to shoot AP at things I can’t reliably pen with it.

  18. HAI TOMATO is-3 with godlike armor against unicums

  19. Nice video foch! 

  20. When you gona chose derp replays for premium tenks??

  21. fuck off, i want this tank

  22. If this tank just had more standard pen, i might like it, but the way it
    is.. i am just too cheap to shoot gold with it

  23. In stead of a game where you’re at the top of the list, I wish you’d showed
    us a game where you’re at the bottom of the barrel with this tank. It’s a
    completely different tank if you’re up against 12+ tier 10s on the enemy

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