T54E2 RENEGADE – First look in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. I played the T54E2 Renegade at Twitchcon 2019 – here’s a sneak peek at an upcoming T8 American heavy!


World of is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Rip ISU-152, no longer do you have the monster troll cannon

  2. another nail in the coffin 4 me all my tired old prems look stupid now with these higher alpha tanks Larson off spring sta 1 shit panther 88 all garbage now refuse 2 buy any more prem tanks quicky you should do a vid on how these 3 arty every game and how 1 in 3 games is dog shit because off this glorious mechanic thx wg

  3. instead of making another premium american tank they could just fix the actual tier 8 american tanks

  4. QB, Circon and Dez in a platoon of these things.
    Now THAT would be a fun watch.

  5. Do WG know they lost the cold war? Oh that’s right if its not Russian it can’t be OP.

  6. It is the M48 Patton hull

  7. Why not buff the t34 so i’ll play it again? Just needs a tiny dpm boost.

  8. Ehi, WG! Can I trade my rotten T34 for this tank?

    • T34 should get an alpha buff, to like 440 or 490. Like the obj252 and vk7505k.
      Dpm on the T34 right now is too bad. Cant outtrade tanks anymore.

  9. So WG buff T110E5 cuploa!!!

  10. Top sides (horns) of this tank is paper?

  11. So american heavy standard T32 is still the weekest when it comes to pen w/ the 105mm? WG: what is logic!

  12. mohamed amine chakroun

    Why we have to buy it and American heavy line are not descent to play RIP T110E5

  13. mohamed amine chakroun

    If it will have an autoloader or autoreloaer it will be a lot batter

  14. Are American tanks supposed to be just garbage anymore? That cupola is a big weak spot. Not only that, what other vehicles have such an easy target on the turret…?!

  15. Turret issues

  16. Everyone: *B A L A N C E*

    Me: Okay, the joke’s been buried 6 feet under, hit bedrock, and then broke through that with an unobtainium pickaxe at this point. Just stop. Go live a happy life.

  17. Wargaming: *Puts gigantic cupolas on American tanks*
    Also Wargaming: *Puts small cupolas on other tanks*
    Also Wargaming: *Puts little to no cupolas on Russian tanks*
    Coincidence? I think not.

  18. Another addition to the game that shows us that Wargaming has absolutely no idea what they are doing when it comes to power creep.

  19. 7:05 but OWO what’s this

  20. I’m still waiting for the M60A2 Starship with the 152mm gun. 😛

  21. We really need more no-life marathons for new flavor of the month $60 premium tanks that take the place of standard trees. I think haveong more of them will be much better for the state of the game and it’s community in the long run. I wonder why they so rarely do it…

  22. I think it looks great… And I think I like it.

  23. Oh look yet another premium tank that could have been its own new line in the game

    But no. Serbs moon base isn’t going to pay for itself

  24. Nice TUMOR on the turret. yay ANOTHER premium Tier 8

  25. Good morning QB, i have 1 question for you – could you, please, make a review of American heavy tank T34.
    I have over 70k battles and I really, really, really cant understand WG philosophy that they sell premium tier VIII tank (T34 and T34B) for over 40 euros with worst characteristics in the premium world.
    Does it worth it? I dont think so.
    P. s.
    Complete american tech tree is truly fckd up.

  26. Herlief Swenhaugen

    Looks like a junior T110E5. Yes, I know QB said it too.

  27. Hello sir, greetings from India, can you post my video on your channel please https://youtu.be/e-5q9rZ9J6M

  28. While the cupola is certainly a weak spot the biggest weak point is the lower hull in my view as is the front of the turret, the gun mantlet is typical American tanks very easily penetrated with lots of shot traps. While I certainly love the extra speed and the good DPM, but the inability to be able be a true heavy tank or fight any type of tank at higher tiers is a bit disappointing especially if it’s going to be a premium tank? Again thanks QB on the information on how to handle one of these tanks whether it be one of mine or my team or especially the enemy team much oblige mate. And yes I play on the American server, but I originally played on the European server this was before we (Americans and Mexicans I mean Central Americans) had our own server and still do when it’s not over burdened again (THANKS)!

  29. Is it just me or did someone else also read the title as T54E2 ‘Degenerate’?

  30. I saw that thing today in a pub match, didn’t know what the hell it was.

  31. Stop spaming gold!

  32. i dont know why but the games are feeling more and more the same …

  33. That has to be a bug XP

  34. It’s a Tier 8 T110E5. I’ll pass.

  35. Did you all see bag on the right corner in first 4 seconds of video ????

  36. Was kinda hyped untill i saw the gunport, go f urself. Why even give it good turret armor if u give a quarter of a elc bis on the top. Fuck off wargaming

  37. Pay2win and low tier butcher

  38. Will there be a long-haired Lorenzo Lamas face on the side?

    I haven’t played in a few years… no team damage? Wow so wussy.

  39. i want an american heavy autoloader not a single shot, it would be good, because T34 and Patriot already exist

  40. I want to get of the NA-Server so fucking bad make it happen QB

  41. I have 2 words for it:

    Power Creep

    • it’s hardly going to powercreep anything with that massive cupola, not defending the fact that it is yet another imaginary premium. heck, it was a medium and here it’s a heavy

  42. So basically, it has the mobility the T110E5 should have at 45km/h, and the rest is the same.but lower teir?

  43. @QuickyBaby well stop watching the dancing girls and start focusing on gameplay. haha

  44. Always enjoy your videos QB.

    Looks like a good all rounder, much like the T110E5. Looking forward to seeing how it fares on the battlefield.

  45. “226 pen is low” – Quickybaby 2k19

    This tank has the same base pen as IS-3 on a far more mobile and flexible chassis, penetration will be more than enough unless you try to fight a Type 4/5 frontally 1v1 (and if you do, you’re the one in the wrong).

    This is pretty much T110E5 detuned for Tier 8, and about damn time the US faction got themselves a GOOD premium heavy (I still think T34 is the only viable prem US HT currently available).

  46. 14:09 M103 got ignored

  47. PLEASE MAKE VIDEO ABOUT LYCAN! In you we trust! ?, please if you have time and will make a video about this tank, need your opinion

  48. An OPEN Critic:
    Why should we buy this Tank? If you wanna TRAIN ANY Crew: Buy the Crewbooks!
    Wargaming does not fix Bugs no matter how EASY to fix they are.
    Example: B2 and you put NON symetric Symbols on the Turret (like the Raven): Left side it looks forward, right side on the Turret it looks backward: Known for ALMOST 2 Years (I opened a Ticket back then, same for serval other Premiums). Bugs at the Maps (“Soap Stones” and other Issues..) and co… Not to mention all the Issues with the Ballancing and co currently.
    All you do need currently is 1-2 Premiums you seriously play well and like and then just buy Crewbooks.

  49. 0:01
    Woman in the back:

    “Is this a Quickybaby review?”

  50. Looks like the t110e5

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