T55A goes ham +30 hour birthday stream!

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Source: TheFochYou

I stream over on twitch 5days a week so come check me out!


  1. My hero

  2. I think your liver turned 52

  3. Happy B Day 😉

  4. Best wishes, you salty fucker. your work is always appreciated!

  5. Glacier is the ONLY map I like. Maybe cause I haven’t been frustrated enough with it yet like every other map.

  6. Happy birthday you human shaped salt dispenser you.

  7. Why would you expect the Patton to help you ? I mean FFS he’s on your team why would he bother helping ? I took special note with a screen shot and time stamp then put it up on my wall the last time a team mate actually helped me…..I think it was about two years ago. The guy was probably drunk that’s the only reason why a WoT player helps another team mate. Nice game though.

  8. fu yourself for not making more youtube videos :DD

  9. Foch You All.

    BTW, had an Ad, it sent me to the War Thunder website…

  10. It’s “Līgo” time! Don’t you celebrate with shashlik and beer?

  11. happy B-day lovely-bearded-masohistic-alcoholic-salty-streamer-dude 🙂

  12. Alexandru Ciubotariu

    One more mission and i get this tank. Open youtube to see a review of this tank, and i m greeted with this one from SirFoch.

  13. Happy b-day. You are getting old mate 😛

    Anyways, why cant this tonku get 20-30 shells more to use and lower the price on the silver ammo. That way it may actually feel like a reward as one could earn some silver playing a tank that you busted your ass grinding.

  14. YOU OLD BITCH…! Only kidding bro! Happy bday man!

  15. “i know i gonna set him on fire because im so good at this game”
    10/10, undeniable Sirfoch sarcasm

  16. happy birthday foch, but to be honest…man i thought you are in your mid 30’s XD

  17. Happy birthday and go fuck yourself 🙂

  18. Happy birthday!

  19. So jaded and angry at 26, happy birthday I guess. You are living proof that making a living off of playing games makes you a miserable human.

  20. Happy birthday, mate!

  21. Cheese Wedge hahaha

  22. Dragomir Dănuț


  23. Happy Birthday :*

  24. The best player out of all Youtubers ! ! !

  25. $43 Canadian for a t-shirt? Come on Foch!

  26. Happy birthday and get F’d for not producing more awesome commentry like this.

  27. Happy birthday man .

  28. I whant that retro style shitbarn mug !

  29. “generally you always overestimate the fuck out of your teammates capabilities cause they generally dont have any”
    Gotta love foch’s quotes man, simply the best <3

  30. lol wtf?
    Why “cheese wedge”?

  31. There are 2 rocks on Province that you can shoot though on one side and on the other you can’t

  32. Wilson Wilson Jr

    Wish you a happy birtday lad

  33. Happy birthday!!

  34. You are awesome! HAPPY BDAY! 😀

  35. Chester Baumgart

    Sir Foch,
    Happy Birthday! Love your attitude. Watched your Happy B-day 30hr steam today, and laughed my ass off. Loved the party hats, while you played ” A Smart Dressed Man” by ZZ top. When I was your age I was playing games on a TI-99 and father of a 2yo; I am now 60 and still gaming. Btw , love your music, please try “Dead Weather, or the Raconteurs” think you would enjoy.
    Foch-on bitches.

  36. 1:10 The T55a German reward tank? You started birthday drinks early? I dont blame you, enjoy!

  37. Dude, don’t do those marathons. They are very bad for you.

  38. happy birthday genie

  39. Happy bday man and go fuck your self fot not making more youtube videos!!!!!

  40. The t55 was the better version of the t54, but in a Russian game the German T55 is weak like German communism, never as stronk as Russian communism

  41. Ever since Wargaming converted the maps to HD the atrocious hitboxes have gone up like 500%.

  42. Well, let’s hope you do not lose the sarcasm, while getting a year older (and wiser)..

  43. Happy birthday, dude! Greetings from Romania

  44. Happy Birthday Sir Foch!

  45. StormRider Cherokee

    Happy birthday, man!

  46. I prefer both: Happy birthday. Also, go fuck yourself for not making more youtube videos.

  47. Overall hitboxes almost on all maps are terrible, shutting invisible rocks ground etc…..

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