T55A review!

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Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. So many new video’s, nice! I really hope you can keep this up :D

  2. Why isn’t this called the T-55A HAM review? I thought Foch went HAM every
    single game. He’s a HAM sandwitch, or BLT.

  3. Foch rocks as always. Good job 🙂
    I look forward to AMX30Proto’s review in Fochy style :)

  4. I may have miscounted but at one point the enemy had 5-6 guns vs 3
    defending & one of those (T30) was donkey anyway. I reckon if they’d
    pushed around the DPM from the 8.8 & T55A wouldn’t have counted for as
    much. But they played defensively instead of trading health for kills.

  5. Honestly,I’d love this tank,but the grind for is it is ridiculous,so its
    really not worth it.

  6. Comhghall Geraghty

    I got into 2 games with Foch yesterday what are the chances. of course I
    won first game with foch on my team and lost second game when foch was on
    enemy team

  7. When it comes to DPM at tier 9 m46 Patton nothing beats, second highest is
    the type 61 maybe or the e50.

    • +mrfunnybees as I said the obj 430 II has the highest dpm patton is 2nd.

    • yeah i just checked you are right, my bad foch object 430-2 beats patton by
      like 9 more damage per minute lol, but still its higher than patton.

    • +mrfunnybees Patton of course has the nice features of combining basass DPM
      with 390 alpha (though of course that gun isn’t exactly a sniper rifle).

    • +mrfunnybees tier 9 patton can’t even hit a barn from the inside

  8. Eternal Wanderer Fateful Frenzy

    Can you please review the Indien Panzer ? I am really curious about your
    perspective on it, I personally love it, but I want an objective point of
    view from a very good player, I may be simply attached to it for no reason

  9. T30 ultimate bot, so stronk

  10. Firts comment

  11. It wasnt an insult to you sir foch. Its just my opinion about that whole
    mission shit from WG.

  12. Lets be honest….those mission reward tanks only have one purpose: Showing
    other people how big your dick is…..

  13. This replay is really bugged. When fighting in the swamp, it says “radioman
    is dead”, but there isn’t even a radioman in the T55A.

    • +Patrick76496 If a crew member takes 2 jobs (Commander is also the
      radiomen) it is possible. Ofc the translation is complete bullshit cuz they
      should say: The commander is wounded, also our radio isnt working atm.
      Radiomen/woman is the most important crew member. Without him/her you cant
      hear music in your tank! 😛

  14. stalin’s mustache ?…something new LOL

  15. Wheres the DUHH?!

  16. Only problem with Foch’s reviews are that he is so good he makes any tank
    look desirable

    • +Hayden Jenzen True. That’s the problem with a lot of these unicum reviews.
      He could take an M3 Lee out and do a shed-load of damage, end up top of the
      team with a Top Gun etc

    • +Stephen Green That’s a good idear, we should ask Foch to go ham with the
      M3 lee ! Real man do that right ?

    • +MrOswaldRabbit Foch would probably play the Churchill GC before the m3

  17. I dont see arty at any Foch replay… couse is balanced I guess ? no ? ok
    then …

    • +Brad Rolim Because he only posts ace tankers and the chances of having a
      good game with arty are low.

    • +SisarothSC True that, every time i get an ace in some tank the enemy had
      no clickers

    • Yep,arty is pretty cheap and broken .Wargaming is really lazy to create and
      allow a idiot mechanic like that. Last night I was playing and almost all
      tier 8,9 and 10 arty I saw did 3500 in 3 shots 2500 in 2 shots 4300 in 4
      shots !!! WHAT ??? REALLY WG ???

  18. T30 aka hafo12 strong bot. What a retard.

  19. Bot Ameno (turtledaddy)

    good video like always :D

  20. T95 in war thunder 

  21. TheMusicFanForEver77

    T54 armor made out of Stalin’s mustache :DDDDDDDDD

  22. WTF that T30?

  23. doenst sound that good that i though…

    • +Leon Schilling hidden stats …

    • It’s good in its own way more “passive” but a better sniper Then the t54
      even if the accuracy is bad lol

    • +Ruben thats right, i didnt think about that

    • +Leon Schilling To be fair, you shouldn’t expect hidden stats to begin with
      but this isn’t the only place where WG is acting really shady. For instance
      they claimed that their MM didn’t take skill levels into consideration but
      it has been proven otherwise.

    • +Ruben I find the MM really odd. I am doing really well in the ARL 44, avg
      about 1300 dmg a game overall but I have a 49% wr? I have a 62% wr in my
      t32 and tier for tier damage I don’t do as well in it. IDK whats going on

  24. glitch is the blink dagger

  25. hitpoints so low he even lift?

  26. yeah but elite n such i did ill i could

  27. Nice

  28. First bruh

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