T55E1 VS R3 | The Battle Of The Braindeads

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T55E1 R3 | The Battle Of The Braindeads


  1. Those T55E1’s are like cockroaches, and the R3 is the exterminator.

  2. “SOMEBODY TOUCHA MA SPAGHET.” Said the pasta car

  3. he was the chosen one, we just didn’t see it yet

  4. 16:45 …only death and sorrow, and sufferin’…
    Enjoyed the lill song there!

  5. “Need to risk it at B” … doesn’t go to B.

  6. Can you use GZA-4M for hunting T55E1 🤔

  7. Asher Ian Jake Roxas

    Hello everyone it’s my birthday today im 11 years old today

  8. I just realise it’s DOOM on the Thumbnails 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I Like war thunder but with this vehicles it makes no fun

  10. THE R3 THE MOST FIRD TENK IN WAR THUNDER is not iven a tenk iz a car 🤟🇮🇹🤟

  11. This is War Thunder’s Battle of the Ages!!!!

  12. **uses one cancer to destroy another**
    It is… acceptable.

  13. juhannussima teemukissa

    It was fun balancing some EBRs with R3! I killed 6 of them in 1 minute once :}

  14. R3 forever!!!!!

  15. Why don’t you ever use your artillery?
    >uses artillery first time I’ve seen in like 20 vids @ 14:28

  16. R3 our savior

  17. I’ve been a player since 2013 and I’m almost convinced that there is a player balancer. For the last few days I’ve only had idiot teammates that behaves like stupid bots. You have these weeks every now and then and I cant figure out why. I understand maybe 2-5 random losses but after 15-20 straight losses with one disaster team after another i almost uninstalled the game. Like wtf.

  18. I used the cancer…
    to destroy the cancer…

  19. My DCA-30 favorite Piñata!.

  20. “Balance” My ass. That’s why you don’t get good teammate because you just hogging all kills and stuff. I’d push you off bridge, m8. There is no friendship in War Thunder.

  21. Okay I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but I’ve been trying to buy the million celebration pack since Phly announced it and I click on the link then it takes me to the pack then I have to log in then I log in and then it takes me to the main store page and I then try to search up the link again for the pack and it just reloads the store so idk if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s been discontinued or what but any help would be nice

  22. son?

    IT´S A BOY!!!

  23. 6:40 “don’t google that” 0.00001 seconde later “open new tab”

  24. محمد الاسمري

    Hi, I have a suggestion. Put a camera on the mouse and keyboard while you are playing, if only one section. To see your play settings and learn from finger movements and button locations (I am from Saudi Arabia)

  25. R3 brings autism to War Thunder part 420

  26. That hetzer has like 20mm side armor you totally could have messed him up in that last match. Same with the flat panzer that had killed you 😆

  27. Hey phly, when the game is released can you check out sea power: ship combat in the missile age
    Basically its a modern ship combat game

  28. am i the only one whos over the whole meta of squeazy boi ultra light weight tanks dominating ww2 era vehicles or just vehicles that are way to new to be fight amongst them. for example the ebr and r3 t20. i can let prototypes slide if they’re of that era. getting uber flanked by an ebr with its head cut of or bum rushed by an r3 when im in a t34 or panther. is fucking annoying and frustrating. it wouldn’t be so bad if H.E. worked. that way i could yeet those fuckers out of existence without my aphe shot going straight threw and doing fuck all

  29. 15:24 Dude what are you smoking? I need some of it.

  30. Flavio Mario Dell'Anno

    Cannot defeat Italy

  31. Sorry to self promo but we’re a new YT channel trying to grow, if you’d check us out we’d appreciate it 🙂

  32. When Phlee says don’t google that, I have to come to the comments to see if it’s that bad of an idea to google.

  33. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 196 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  34. It seems stupid to ask this but, what’s the code?

  35. On the bright side, Phyl’s child will have a R3 as his/her lunchbox

  36. Play the AMX M4 or the AMX 50 (7.3)
    DAY #1

  37. so glad they added more super fast joke vehicles…

  38. It was a Pe-2 btw

  39. the R3 is concidered cancer untill a bigger cancer enters the battlefield

  40. “cant hit me in too fast”

  41. Phly: SuPpOrT pHlYdAiLy

    Me: *OK*

  42. Enemy players: play T55E1

  43. how do i get your channel sticker

  44. Kugelblitz also good against this brazier on wheels

  45. On this day google recorded peak searches for “eating banana the wrong way”

  46. Can I get some of yours silver Lions 🦁….. Only have 27k

  47. Times are bad when you re happy the R3 exists

  48. Did you know that the Brumbar, a German tech tree premium at 4.3 has an HE shell with 8.6 kilos of explosive mass. Play it when the next patch comes they are supposedly fixing HE in this coming patch

  49. Not the hero we deserved but the hero we needed

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