T57 Goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. Why does the t57 sound like a lawnmower

  2. 51 mio credits now and no “useful” tank to buy. Better drive some prem
    tanks or you run out of shit dude. xD

  3. Hi Sir, why last streamcast is only 30 minutes long?

  4. nuclearsharkattack

    Great vid as usual, Foch!

  5. If you’re getting double chat in replays press C

  6. Foch u need to do another review on the bat chat 25t

  7. Foch you should do an object 368 goes ham and a shoutout would be nice

  8. I like ham… :)

  9. I still think 57 is better than 50B in a lot of cases :(

  10. So exactly what are the advantages of the 50B over the T57?

  11. streaming today?

  12. Hey Foch, will you be bothered to do a fresh E5 review? I mean they said it
    will be nerfed so you might do it for nothing but on the other hand: its
    WG. Only god knows how much time they will take to balance this shit agian.
    Its so stupid man..

  13. Damn Foch, back at it again with the daily vids!

  14. Hello ladies and mettlegen

  15. Gotta love the Activity the past month… goodjob :D

  16. T57 Heavy was nerfed because it’s not commie. There ya go.

  17. T57 needs aim time buff or turet armor buff

  18. Damn it’s Monday, that means I’m not going to get my Recommended Daily
    Intake of Salt today. We have an Ace Tanker game which is nice I guess

  19. The alpha is only 400 they should make it 550

  20. no first

  21. HI :)

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