T57 Heavy goes ham!

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  1. Does he say gentlemen or mentalmen

  2. Foch complains about arty, Borsig complains about autoloaders.. the cycle
    of Salt continues in WoT. :D

  3. Almost out of gold. :[ #savefochfromstarvation

  4. Well, I think your right about arty overall but in this situation? You knew
    there were 2 artys aiming for you..so you give em your ass? B-C only got 95
    pen… so its not much more than a KV-2. That does not made to much sense
    to me..but hey, stay salty!

  5. Hey Foch, great video as always. Love your opinion on arty players, makes
    me laugh every time because it’s so true! Just wondering, do you have any
    tips on credit making without a prem account? I have a fair few t8
    premiums, but I would much prefer to play the tanks I’m grinding more often
    than playing prems.

  6. 5:00 wasn’t a penetration, but penetrations do happen occasionally. What
    you said about the clip potential isn’t far off though, is actually 5000
    potential damage for a clip (1250 HE damage X 4).
    Still really think they should remove penetrations with arty HE. Without
    penetrations against no effective armor, the clip potential is still a
    whopping 2500. Against a typical heavy tank hitting decent armor, it’d be
    like 1200-1500. Though in reality most B-C clips won’t get their full clip
    potential, with RNG making them lose their lottery rolls and missing their
    shots, as well as people taking cover from you.

    On a slightly related note, it seems like WG have outright denied any
    tinkering with RNG. That’s fine if they’re just trying to appeal to casual
    players while still making it decently fun for better players in random
    battles, but as you mention so often, they’re trying to push E-Sports,
    which makes no fucking sense. They’re also not tinkering with the
    matchmaker at all, which is super cool. Still gonna see T-150s in my AMX 40
    and O-I Exps in my AMX 38. These tanks are bad enough with +1 mm, so yeah
    10/10 decision making WG. If they’re not gonna fix MM then make lower tier
    tanks more capable when bottom tier.

  7. Abbadon Despoiler

    88 mil. credits…Can’t even get that much on a test server.

  8. +4 mil credits since last video, please for my sanity, edit it out!

  9. Honestly, you are too damn predictable. Can you sometimes put losses into
    videos? Or make a “Foch in predicaments” series when you try to turn
    battles around? Cause now it’s just wondering how much dmg you will do

  10. More than 88 million credits omg

  11. Love to watch you plays SirFoch. Too bad that I can’t watch your streams
    anymore (job). There was one stream highlight on your channel some time ago
    and I was hoping that we will see more of them, but we didn’t so I cry
    Aro you planning to put some more of these?

  12. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    i hate clickers im just driving around in my maus minding my own business
    bouncing some soviet mediums with their unicum heat rounds and suddenly t92
    hits me with huge ap round shaving off like 80% of my hitpoints and im

  13. U believe or not, B-C arty truly sucks nowadays 6-7/10 times…
    AAnd u gonna like never ever do 4k+ dmg/clip rounds unless like from 10k
    battles ONCE…

  14. But. I. Was. Not!

  15. SirFoch I would love if you do several more tank reviews on buffed tanks as
    your reviews are the best! :)

  16. Getting Bored of all the Ham

  17. 3 shitters :D

  18. 2 arty players saw this replay already, damn that was quick!

  19. This is the earliest i caught one of the beautiful bastard’s videos:D

  20. Foch, are you going to tankfest?

  21. SirFoch clan wars compaign is hard to win reward tank? I see you win vk 72

  22. Vincent The Keeper

    “Always feels good to kill scumbag pieces of shit that play Arty…” – Sir
    Foch June 23rd, 2016

  23. I love you Justin.. uuppss.. wrong video.

  24. vid was posted 3min ago, it lasts 6min already 1 dislike hmmmmmmmmm

  25. Niels Duyvejonck

    omg, litterally the first view comment AND like! xD

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