T57 Heavy HD review!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 8 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. 6800 dmg and mastery huh? just got 6200 and 3 kills in fatton and it was a
    fucking 2nd class

  2. die bestest intro EU confirmed, dont listen to nay-sayers

    start with red- work up to yellow, green, blue and unicum color intros

  3. Best intro ever! :)

  4. hey foch
    its time to do a review of hd 121 and 113
    now 113 has proper turret armor and ppl can no longer load heat and fuck
    your turrent

  5. People are moaning about the Comic Sans intro text but no-one seems to have
    mentioned the intentional mis-spelling of “heavy” in the thumbnail. It’s a
    joke, and a funny one, get over it people.

  6. Love that comic sans kappa

  7. u didnt get High cal bcs u accidentally hit ally JPzE100 (WG logic as its

  8. Foch i have a question, when you are 3 marking tier 10s do you use
    rations/gold or do you play it like any other day without gold/rations?

  9. Best intro ever.

  10. excuse me ??? has the reload between shots been faster – under 2 sec ?

  11. shame how ricocheting off your allies denies high caliber.

  12. Sir Foch, THANK YOU for telling the truth about T110E5!

  13. Loving the new intros. Make them worse and worse so I can laugh at the
    people who don’t get that they’re supposed to be bad

  14. Always watch these reviews just for the commentary… u have such a knack
    with words Foch :D

  15. world of tanks “salt” with Foch.. nothing better then listening to foch
    tell the truth but in a stronger way then others haha..

    QB: asking scrubs if its OP
    Foch: Telling everyone is op as shit and is broken.
    the difference between wg influence

  16. E5 is fine. Maybe next time drive ten more meters and pen ALL your shots
    into his side armor.

  17. you have done team dmg, thats why no high caliber medal

  18. What makes the E5 ridiculous is that despite the side armor being weak,
    part of the front armor blends over into the side a bit, which allows for
    scenarios where you track one as he comes around a corner and suddenly you
    do no damage because you hit a 400mm+ armor zone that honestly shouldn’t
    even fucking be there. Don’t believe me? Check Tanks GG. Meanwhile, it has
    incredible aim time and accuracy for a heavy and is decently mobile. (Only
    really capped by its top speed) That’s why a lot of people struggle with
    it. If it’s not broken OP, it’s dangerously close to broken.

  19. The UI seems way too small for 1080p, are you by any chance playing on

  20. Font trolling? That’s bad even for you, Foch :D

  21. Nice, very decent review :)

  22. I feel the same about the E5.

  23. LaL 110E5 impersonation.

  24. ahh foch, love your commentaries. Hilarious and so real….don’t change bro
    hahaha have a good one bro.

  25. E5 HD rage review pls kappa

  26. Kristoffer Johansson

    Aaaaaaah, Even better intro!

  27. SirFoch was probably thinking, F U with your comments on my shitty intro
    that i actually build from scratc just for you because i lost the other
    one. This is it.

  28. Yes! I’ve been wanting updated tank reviews from any WOT YouTuber. Thank
    you for being that guy. Meanwhile Jingles and Quickybaby have “replay
    commentaries” over someone’s gameplay. Please continue with these.

  29. 3 pixels left, 2 middle, 3 right 😀 u are the best Foch :D

  30. I guess it’s time for E5 HD review as well?

  31. The thing i like the most on the t57 is that the clip reload doesnt take
    that long, you unload on someone, pull back, relocate a bit and youre
    already loaded 😀 At close ranges where your godawefull gun cant miss its a

  32. xD wtf is going on with your intro lately?

  33. YAY COMIC SANS! <3

  34. How did you not get High Caliber this game?

  35. That mindfuckingly good new and fresh intro though

  36. I love my T57 and i hate my T110E5 i seem to play a lot better in the T57
    than T110E5

  37. IS3 and T110E5 next please !

  38. Haha, I love your reviewing style :)

  39. i have the E5 so i dont think its broken at all. i can pen them almost
    every time. the best way to kill a tank is to play it a lot.

  40. that had to be a high caliber. there is no way

  41. Still a better intro than the previous one, but the font should have been
    comic sans

  42. Love your commentary………two thumbs up……….I can picture in my
    mind yourself & Dez in WOT grand finals……….being the commentators.

  43. loool low dmg.. i do 6,9k dmg even in IS-6

    because it is balanced!!!!

  44. good review, looking forward to review remakes

  45. lol, I pissed myself laughing at that intro!

  46. Hated it, sold it and bought the 50B which I like much better. Probably
    played the 57 wrong and was missing at least 2 shots out of every clip, but
    I feel like the 50B is just more flexible. It can play long, med and even
    close range if necessary. It has speed to get away and flex if necessary
    and can still trade reasonably well even though the reload inside the clip
    is longish.

  47. Love this intro, Foch, you should stick to it.

  48. Hahahahahahaha good intro. Never change, Foch.

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