T57 Heavy review! Is it WORTH the grind?

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Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. 50b is better

  2. Can you do the Jg.Pz. E100 Foch?
    Or have you done it already?

  3. Wow, this title is so misleading. I thought this was a review of the T57
    SPG. Disliked and flagged. 

  4. This video should have been 10 sec long, with 1 word “Seriously?” and end!

  5. Screw 9.6 and accuracy nerfs…

  6. I have this tanke and i love it. So good d/m quick reloaded and not
    fantastic but not bad armor! Go Go Sirfoch you are the best youtuber! ;)

  7. Since when are you in HDU and why did you leave RDDT?

  8. “i would be shot by everybody and their mothers”…LMAO…just love such

  9. you know what they say about reddit 5-10 the reddit expendables aka what i
    call them #redditexpendables sounds like a bollywood indian movie XD lol
    foch your in the good rddt i was trolled by a reddit 5 dude saying i sucked
    so hard because i killed him and i just told him exactly that expandable he
    wanted me in ts so he could bitch me out XD manbaby he was

    nice vid i agree with you o nthe t 57 50b issue

  10. REQUEST:::
    maybe you mr foch, or in coop with other youtubers of wot could start a
    “movement” to educate the avg player?
    wargame’s trys are kinda useless..sure we cant tell the stupid about
    physics but the avg guy wants to learn but needs someone to listen to!
    highflyer had 1-2years ago some decent videos in this kind of matter like
    “how to play heavy”
    could be like a serie of videos, basic&advanced tipps for diffrent tank
    kinds, how to camo / spot, how to setup teams in 7vs7 (since the update of
    teambattles wargame didnt make a vid i think) how to sidescrape and what
    tanks capable of..importance of being agressiv …

    to see a unicum player grinding wn8 on eu2 is one thing, but knowing the
    community itself does something to fight the tier10 tomatosoup would be

    once the upcoming event is done i will also talk about this in my clan,
    there are so many people who actualy like this game but get tired of tier10
    players who move worse then a bot..pve part would be better option there..
    or this kind of (younger, i guess..) player who calls others hacker cause
    they dont understand spotting system and what distances are possible to
    shoot at accurate :P

  11. t21 is terrible grind 

  12. he show us 2 of his good games, its not every game like this belive me guys
    and that ammo-rack thing damnnn even if scout shot you… just once at side
    of your armor
    there u go, u will have to repair your ammo-rack

  13. If you are in a fair fight your tactics suck. ‘murica

  14. What is he saying at the intro? Good ladies smeltro it sounds like

  15. Is it Worth the grind? Duuuuuuh!

  16. Nice

  17. I’ve had this one unlocked for a long time now but never bothered to buy it
    because in CW’s it has been replaced by the AMX50b by most clans. Couple
    that with the very underwhelming T54E1 I never bothered.

    However I ahve bee playing it a bit on the testserver lately and it is a
    lot of fun! So next time it’s Top of the Tree I’ll buy it probably 🙂

    Thanks for the updated review mate!

  18. Foch you gonna do a Cromwell review ?

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