^^| T62 Tier 3 Armored Warfare HYPE.

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Source: SirCircon

Enjoy! Warfare HYYYYYYPE
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  1. Artorias “The” Abyss Walker

    still not a 140

  2. So what exactly is the difference between this and WoT?

    • +Julian Stark I have a feeling you’re asking the wrong question my friend.

    • +Julian Stark there are no real differences only the tanks are different

    • +Julian Stark there are no real differences only the tanks are different

    • +Julian Stark They knew a tank game would be popular but they had to make
      it a bit different from WoT so they went for modern tanks. As for the rest,
      they looked at all the things WG got wrong with WoT and were too lazy and
      complacent to put right and they set out to avoid making the same mistakes
      with AW. Now of course WG will take action on those problem areas
      themselves because of the competition from AW. For us players it’s a win/win

    • +Hans Jürgends
      Yeah, there are no real differences except for graphics engine, timescale,
      physics engine, artillery mechanics, crew mechanics, ammunition mechanics,
      loadout mechanics, armor types, vehicle classes, spotting systems, RNG
      mechanics, optimization, research system, unlock system, exp earning,
      matchmaking, smokescreen, illumination, PVE, sound engine, and money

      But hey, UI is similar, so ripoff, amirite?

  3. Henri Kuivasniemi

    When is this coming in open beta?

  4. F%!(#! Why couldn’t I have been selected too :,(

  5. Wait, pre-alpha? I don’t believe that for a second…

  6. How did they get away with copying WoT so much? It basically the same game
    with different tanks, even the GUI and shell selection etc. look the same.
    15 tanks on each team too, seems like a total ripoff

    • +like1ice oh, shit, sorry, I missed the question mark, my bad, I’m an idiot

    • +Carl Johnson Yes I know. Game play is 100% the same.
      The looks, the style, tank classes. Etc.
      But, out-side. Tech trees are not country based, but class based. There are
      minor difference. But yes. This is just different type of WoT. They only
      way they could go away with this is that they did not copy game mechanics?
      I am not a law man. So.

    • +WaffulMann You’re fucking autistic, thats like saying minecraft and GTA
      are the same because they both have trees, sky and dirt.

    • +Carl Johnson nice argument. You literally skipped 90% of my comment.

    • +Carl Johnson They both holding the gun in their right hands!!!! Copy

  7. looks nice this vehicle !!!

  8. the gameplay is solid because it was tested for years in wot

    • +Hans Jürgends damn straight. I don’t think the AW devs themselves deny
      it’s a straight rip off of WoT

    • +Hans Jürgends I’m perfectly fine with that! As the consumer I want the
      best product possible, and AW is offering that by taking the best parts of
      WoT and cutting out the bullshit RNG and cancerous arty mechanics of WoT.

    • +Stephen Green also remember this is pre alpha it will change alot befor it
      gose into beta 🙂

  9. I literally hate the capping noise so much though.

  10. Those gun sounds are awful.

    • +SirCircon That’s fair, I should be more specific, I think the sound of
      your own gun is good, but it’s the sounds of incoming fire that I don’t
      like, it sounds more akin to lasers to me.

    • I’ll second that. They need to make it either a crack if it misses, or just
      a ding off of the metal if it bounces. It kinda did sound like lasers to me
      as well.

    • The autocannon rounds flying around sound terrible to me.

    • +Sundance Six Lasers are completely silent unless they’re vaporizing
      something—in which case they sound pretty much the same as the crack of
      thunder—so no, these shots don’t sound like a laser. 😛

      They sound roughly okay to me, though oddly muffled for supersonic
      rounds…the sound could be meant to be what you’d hear inside the tank,
      rather than the sound from the camera’s view. It sounds like you hear their
      muzzle report a bit after the impact, so at least they got that part right.

    • +Sundance Six Yea, go into details next time you write a comment like that.
      Btw do you know how the incoming shells should sound like? I think it’s
      pretty good as it is.

  11. What I like the most about the voices is what they say, “shit we took a
    hit”. Much better than WoT

  12. the amount of copypasta from wot to this is quite astonishing, one would
    think incomming lawsuit

    • +ElvenMr core game is still the same, hit points, critical hits all the
      stuff I mentioned above, what is actually different here besides at warning?

    • +Ghork1 Because, as we all know, children make great video game critics.

    • +Ghork1 It’s definitely very closely based on WoT—same control scheme;
      similar UI…but it’s got what I’d consider a much more interesting crew
      system with RPG elements; a less overly grind-centric series of tech trees;
      improved(though it could still use some work) in-game sounds; a massively
      improved game engine, and a dev team who’ve made it apparent that they know
      how to make the best of it(though they have yet to optimize for multiple
      cores, which is certainly something I hope they don’t muss up).

      The publisher previously tried to clone WoT as a browser game, but WG shut
      them down on that—I think this time around they’re doing it right with a
      great developer choice, though they’re definitely still heaping flattery on
      WG through imitation.

      Once more devs get on the bandwagon it won’t seem quite as
      questionable—like the way Diablo clones expanded in various ways, or like
      the more recent surge in tactical combat games based on DotA. This shit
      happens all the time. :P~

    • +Lonesome Son ofc it does, like HoN and dota are extremely similar, LoL
      Smite and heroes of the storm are different though, same as quake and
      counterstrike isn’t the same, you can, or POE and d3 has nothing to do with
      each other, it is in fact possible to copy a genre without going so close
      to the core game, as these guys are doing here, i’m not doubting they are
      throwing in improvements as well, but this is dangerously close to WoT

    • +Ghork1 If it were Beta you might have a point :P~

  13. eeeh…. ‘xcuse me sirs, but how did a T 62 tank manage to roll over the
    ice without breaking it? could it really, like, in real life? cause i think
    unless veeeeeery thick ice it would break, and it was a river, so not
    frozen all year

    • Stalin magic.

    • +DarkAngelZz59 If it’s like -40º all winter, the ice is probably going to
      be a good meter thick or more—thick enough for a 100+ ton transport truck
      with its weight distributed on tires so fine for a tank with weight
      distributed on tracks. Probably a lot of potential for unpleasant
      repercussions if someone’s firing shells into the ice around you though. 😛

    • Guys come on, Stalin saved his moustache and the hairs fell in the river
      and hardened the ice into the strongest material ever. Get with the times.

    • +Uneasier Mars That too.

    • +Lonesome Son i thought, also, but it’s less probable: the river melted
      entirely, or almost, so the ice goes down to the ground, and it can’t
      really break then ^^

  14. Communesium armour in this game?

  15. I love modern tanks way more than the older ones in wot so everyone will
    learn about them now like they did with wot. I will cry if there’s no
    Australian server or if the game poo dolphins at handling lag.

  16. RollerCoaster47

    The funny thing is that a ton of WoT players that were very poor at that
    game are going to switch to this game thinking they’ll be better, but in
    fact they will still suck. As long as they have fun though I guess that’s
    what is most important.

  17. Oh, look at the chat. Everyone loves Circon :D

  18. Rick Ruitenbeek

    In my country, they say: baah

  19. nuclearsharkattack

    When this hits open beta there are going to be a lot of people from WoT
    migrating to AW. They only show a few of the tanks the game will have here
    so far, just up to Tier 6. The Tier 8s coming in a few updates will be
    fucking unbelievable. Germany has that new Rheinmetall Revolution Leopard
    2A7 uber-tank and that will definitely be in the game soon, along with the
    Armata, K2 Black Panther, Abrams A1A2 and Challenger III. This game is
    gonna fucking rock!!

  20. Just watching various youtubers I’m impressed with the sounds, the dust
    coming off the ground when the gun fires, and the maps, esp the two new
    maps with the burning Kuwaiti oil wells on the horizon and the city map
    with the airliner being shot down. Eye candy, yes, but I’m developing a
    sweet tooth.

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