T69 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

has taken me longer to get an Ace in this tank than any other, and I have no idea why!

Play for at http://play.any.tv/SHPHQ


  1. nice work do you think the bat chat 25t is a good tank?

  2. would you show an arty game with 1650 base xp?

  3. Osirish, why don’t you carry a couple of HE shells? I though you should
    always have like 2 HE shells in your tank to reset cap or to kill arty.

  4. not sure why the GW tiger called you that, but i think you made he right
    decision to wait for ally help, cat remmeber how many times it has been
    that i have seen a medium or light tanks has thought that they could clip
    or circle some one and kill them while they could have waited for some help
    and have failed to do so. 

  5. Nothing you could have done at all without getting killed. Unfortunate that
    Arty acted that way.

  6. A bad play by you

  7. Christopher Harper

    Yeah, I think he was right to an extent, as once the T150 died, you knew
    the GW was next, it was just a matter of time, but you spotting the heavy
    distracted you so you basically got pinned down by going toward that
    building, and therefore leaving your arties to be killed.
    Whereas I most likely would have kept going, given you have the speed over
    the WZ and houses between him and that valley between the hills and as a
    team could have focused the t37.
    But then again, there is a chance the WZ could have got a shot into you
    going that way too, but you had enough health to pull it off I think.
    Though the Ch Ri should have handled him and the arty should have been
    pointing that way too, and or relocated, it was as much his fault which I
    think is why he was so adamant about his chastising of your play there.
    Which is really any time people are pretty livid in chat is they are
    feeling suspect in their own abilities and taking it out on others.
    You were rushing your shots, and this gun just can’t be used like that, or
    fired on the move. Most the shots you missed you would have missed with
    much higher pen, like the side of the WZ at more than a 45 degree angle
    toward the back of the side too,
    I adore this tank, and have hit a groove with it. Due to its amazing 400
    view range, it can be played and does well in that scout type of role and
    keeping people lit especially late in game is where the payoff is, which is
    why I think why you got your ace despite not having a great game, and why
    it is hard to get one in general in that tank.
    Secondly, you can’t rush your shots, and I think this is the trouble,
    because it has 4 shots, not letting it fully aim in between shots is tough,
    but a must have with trigger discipline and aiming at the weak spots . It
    also has great armor really, and I block shots like crazy with it,
    especially hull down, bait them into cupola shots, then raise gun real
    quick and bing!
    I hardly shoot premium out of the thing, and I also try to never shoot on
    the move, though I have snapshot and smooth ride and BIA it is still quite
    tough, most likely because of the nature of the turret on the swivel. I
    also use Server reticule and try to remember that just because you see it
    doesn’t mean the server does and increase my trigger discipline.
    Still a gg and a good review. Grats on your ace and the moving on. Feels
    good hitting the goals aye? Getting the T69 was one of mine and it has been
    a delight.

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