T69 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Too much luck you got there, can you give some of that to me! :P

  2. how the fuck that first shot connected

  3. Camping TDs, aint nobuddy got time for that!

  4. Sir Foch cant say 69 Kappa

  5. is the t69 or t49 better?

  6. T49…. T49::::: T49;;;;;;T49_____T49″”””””T49…..Get your shit together u
    donkey :D

  7. Where do you recommened positioning yourself on the other spawn side?

  8. Richard Gustafsson

    I’m soon to buy the T69 and what I think is it may be worth it to seitch
    out coated optics for GLD just to get the gunstats up. That is if your crew
    is already good enough (recon on commander, BIA…)

  9. Don’t mind me saying t49 over t69 my brain was not working at the time of
    making this video!

  10. I dont get you people… such level of stupidity ……. nice video Foch as

  11. Love the FV 4202 (P=Prius) that spent most of the battle camping with the
    Borsig and his one shot was to kill the Tortoise.

  12. CHRoOMAX - Random Videos!

    I might be weird, but I actually like the 76mm more. You can unload your
    entire clip much more accurately given the better aim time, which I find
    really useful. I average 2.1k dmg in it;)

  13. hay Foch. Here u can downoad HD model of 113. Would be awesome to watch u
    playing 113 in HD 🙂 https://milkym4n91.wordpress.com/

  14. Great T49 game !!

  15. FCM 50T goes ham!

  16. did yuo know that the t49 is a tire 8 Amurican ato loder?

  17. Rip Foch 2013-2016

  18. “Turdus”


  19. Wake up Foch!

  20. The first time you corrected yourself, but boy oh boy.. I’m surprised the
    title doesn’t read ‘T49 goes ham’ haha

  21. Drinking game:1 shot every time Foch gets lucky.

  22. Lol it’s the t69 not t49 :D

  23. T49?

  24. Is he saying T49 or am I hearing things?

  25. Wow i am fast. Hi Foch, why do you call the t69 t49 every time or i am not
    hearing write?

  26. No T-10 goes HAM nor Fatton III goes HAM?

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