T69 goes ham

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. ay fochy not good my porr t150 for a teir 6 has to long reload 8.4 secs 4 a
    teir 6 when 7ns 8s reload quicker that is sad

  2. 1:44 – “This position is really good for a 69”
    i see what you did there sirfoch :)

  3. Master of Salt, this Sir. The opening rant made my day =)

  4. Foch, just wana know something, i dont have the T69 yet, but what is the
    better tier 8 autoloader, AMX 50100 or T69? and between the T54E1 and AMX
    50120? what would u prefer? btw love ur channel :D

  5. Damn only 1 clip of HEAT wp to you man unlike other unicums that have most

  6. Glad that at least someone sees the Russian heavies for the atrocity that
    they are.

  7. Could you up your bitrate while recording? I’m on 1080p60 and see some
    artifacts especially around darker areas.

  8. Owen “Mr_Fi1thy”

    Will you ever have the capacity to store and upload an entire stream to
    You-tube like once a week have 2-3 hrs of a stream without music/chat and
    up load it to You-tube?

  9. 69 goes ham ;))))

  10. Scorpion masturbating in the corner LOL!

  11. I loved this tank back when I played.

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