T69 goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used:
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. But against tier 9s and 10s – rubbish piece of crap

  2. Unfortunately never was able to like this tank myself as I don’t fire
    premium ammo unless it’s in emergencies. If you just fire AP this thing is
    actually quite mediocre as the gun is horribly inaccurate at range, takes a
    long time to aim and it has no functional armour or gun depression.

    Same goes for the T54E1 which is plagued by the same lousy penetration.

    Very well played game Foch, I would have gone up to the abbey in your
    situation at the end but I know for certain that that would have been the
    wrong call in this tank. You need to be able to shotgun people in the face
    with it.

  3. buff borsig plsss kappa

  4. Funniest and the most skilled tanks youtuber out there. What happened with
    you and Circon? you guys not playing with each other anymore… :(

  5. That entire tank line is ham

  6. I find that if you don’t load heat in the T69 you just have to be lucky
    that the other team is just bad, and that you get to clip without taking
    damage. Honestly if the AP had like 10 more pen it would be viable to use.

  7. Let’s press 2 twice to win! 😀
    Great vid foch, entertaining+decent game as always.

  8. I don’t know about the heat rounds on the T69 being that good. Unless
    you’re shooting at distant armored targets, the heat will often go into the
    track with side shots. IS3s are a massive pain, load the heat expecting a
    frontal engagement and you find it side on with basically nothing to shoot
    at but tracks and spaced armour.

  9. Awesome video Foch, great game :)

  10. “I gonna feel bad for loading prem ammo to shoot anything.” – Said no world
    of tanks player ever.

  11. Get clipped :D

  12. what the hell is the stuartmill tank he keeps refering to?

  13. No offence Foch but you’re a purple unicum and you were playing red, orange
    and yellow players. They didn’t even have a single blue or green. You would
    have walked all over them whatever tank you were in. You must have some
    tougher games you could show that would highlight the T69’s strengths and

  14. As much as I don’t like your commenting style, with swearing and demoting
    LTs, I think you are the best non gold spamming youtuber there is currently

  15. Foch delivers as always. One of the few youtubers that only uploads their
    replays and they are all awesome. Keep up the good job, man.

  16. I’d like to play this tank but then I see that there’s M7 and T21 on the

  17. I have a love/hate relationship with the T69. I can just have great games
    with 4.000+ damage or terrible games where i unload a clip and i die
    miserably. Still a good machine ;)

  18. nuclearsharkattack

    Great game, Foch!

  19. T69 turned out being pretty boring after they nerfed the 300mm HEAT pen.

  20. Nice vid foch, great for knowing when to preemptively load gold in an
    autoloader. I guess this wouldn’t apply to the batchat though as gold on
    that thing is way more troll.
    But thanks

  21. Lol the Oho is called the “HALALtank500” much halal much wow

  22. TheFochyou is it posible that you can make a vid about the Fv215b? I didnt
    find any good Videos from this T10 british heavy tank. Or is it just shit?

  23. Can you please review Cent X? Or will you do it only after update?

  24. Further proof that it is just in fact SF that is OP. A vehicle infamous for
    needing prem ammo to perform, no problem. What a dick.

  25. The T69 was okay for me, but that E1 was god awful.

  26. T69 worth getting if I’ve already unlocked the T54E1 through the T49?

  27. Awesome video Foch

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