T69 – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

Last of my VIII Mediums, I thought I might struggle to get a good enough game to show you this one! But, this aint bad y’know…


  1. Nice job… :-)

  2. Awersome game plumb. Shame about the ending. Mediums and lights if you have
    1 skill on 100% always retrain commander to 6th sense. Prob would have
    saved u this game. Draw is same as a loss glad you went for it.


  3. A couple of things strike me about these tactical replays, that you think a
    lot about your engagements, more than I do, and you are enjoying WoT more
    than I am at the moment.

    I think they are linked. The more you immerse yourself in each battle the
    more you get out of it. Less may be more for me. Enjoyed it and hard luck. 

  4. Nice game Plumb….. that tiger drawing 😀 EPIC!!! 😀 Rawwwwhhh :D

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