T69 not so ham.

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Source: TheFochYou

Endplates: http://wotreplays.com/site/3385698#stats
System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. First time I’m this early. And I think it’s the first not so ham video as well. Huh.

  2. damn shame in the ending, GG anyways

  3. gotta hand it to you after those potatoes sitting base and shot at me I would a went back to base fk off behind the hill and farm wn8.

  4. Do you hate Maus moar than Arty now? Kinda strong opinion on tank you do not even play.

  5. Eeh. Can’t win them all sadly. Great effort tho!

  6. always impressed about your gameplay. You are the true unicum player.

  7. you just cant be satisfied. ppl cry how anything can pen superheavies, that armor is irrelevant,(maus,type5) that are suppozed to be tanky af and once they actually get decent armor you cry how they are op and impenetrable. like please…get your shit together and actually get to know what you want

  8. This will definitely make future videos more entertaining. I have seen so many of these “good player gets into rough spot, wins in the end”, it’s like a Hollywood movie happy ending. If there is little uncertainty then it becomes less interesting over time. A more balanced approach is always good.

  9. retarded comments regarding Maus and Type 5 Heavy. E5 wasn’t supposed to be that tanky because it got speed, gun handling and relatively small size. Maus and Type 5 should stay as they are right now

  10. Look what this game promotes: two clicker chimps were “defending their base” all the time and finally they camped the way to their victory. Look at personal card of random arty player and see how much kolobanovs average ape can get. To be serious now, im surprised that fv didnt succesfully snapshot, its so sick in 1v1 situations when enemy arty in shotgun mode turns out to be more accurate than some tds. Arty self-defence in close combat should be reduced as its playstyle through most of battle is way more convinient than in regular tanks . Moreover, look at this enemy T69: he clearly has xvm installed, sees good player and focuses him all the time. Why in such situations good xvm rated player harder life than regular tomatoe? Thats unfair for some players to be focused for whole time, just becasue they are being seen as green, blue or purple colours. Thats why im considering XVM as biggest cheat of WoT.

  11. Enemy T69 is aimbotting as fuck, look at how his turret jumps up and down, left and right.

  12. Autoloaders and unpenetrateble mediums hanging on a ridge 24/7. Butters anything with premium shells if needed or not. and the slooow giants is a Problem? So if the tank is not for you, it should not be in the game.

    Entitled and selfish. yay!

  13. Nice game

  14. Extremely entertaining video!

  15. that upper bush screwed you over, it was big enough to block your vision but not enough to cover your tank

  16. What went wrong was that the ISU:s snapshot hit you, it really shouldn’t have. Guided by Stalin no doubt..

  17. Props to you for showing a game that wasn’t a carry and discussing lessons learned. The community tends to focus on heroics but learning situation management leads to future glory. Good job.

  18. ISU hits while turning without aim so Foch was unlucky but I can bet that he reacted somewhat like: RASHA, DA DA! xD

  19. no result screen?

  20. What a game. Unlucky end but it was enjoyable. <3

  21. So glad it wasn’t arty that did the final deed.

  22. I had the flickering retical too, disabeling the server cross hair worked for me

  23. Loses game but still gets Top Gun. GG Foch, I wish I could’ve played my T69 even half as good as you do.

  24. The troll cannon got you. If he’d been aiming at you, he would have missed. But, the semi-snap shot of course hits.

  25. At least the arty shitter wasn’t fed

  26. Foch actually picked up the kill on that ISU, they shot at the same time and killed eachother, but unfortunately that arty was still alive, gg anyway

  27. That’s a nice change on your part, I like the step by step explaining thing. Keep it up 😀

  28. Nice game foch! I like my t69 too. I think vent and GLD instead of optics may help reduce the aiming time. Only if the gun stats a little bit better, those shots woulda been able to pulled off way faster.

  29. My nigga Foch ballin out as usual

  30. Foch is human too. What a disappointment. 🙂
    RNG was with him sadly, but no bet, no win.

  31. lmao all these bawbag tomatoes defending type 5 and Maus changes

  32. Beef not so ham

  33. clutch plays mate. funny commentary 🙂

  34. Reticule didn’t trigger me, until mentioned.

  35. People complaining about Foch complaining? Why are they even watching Foch in the first place ?_?

  36. All heavies should be inpenetrable from front! Only faster ones should have weak spots…

  37. intro with shooting arties is not cool . . shit play .you complained about the other t69 just staying near you and spotting but you did exact same thing. you sucked you camping bitch .  thumb down .

  38. You still played like a bowwwsss

  39. You should name this series Keeping Kosher.

  40. Hey Foch, I understand that you slow-peek like that to manage the T69s bad gun handling but making a faster peek there at all 3 cap resets would have won you the game especially the last one, regardless of your potato aim and balkan memory xd. Nevertheless a well-played game I love the wreck play against the pancake tank :p

  41. The spotting mechanics probably had an initial factor effect in how far Foch went out before spotting the enemy at the end. I’ve done similar where I assume someone will be elsewhere but aren’t and the spotting mechanics doesn’t seem to light them up until you’ve been spotted for a while. I tend to think it’s something to do with who is moving and who isn’t. Camo percentages shouldn’t be a factor at those distances. Speed of your own tank and how far out from cover that allows you to go is a secondary factor, third factor is an assumption of where the enemy will be.

  42. Can’t win em all m8

  43. you lost because you didnt follow that UDES orders, if you only went where he clicked on the map 24/7

  44. Well I’m glad you are on the EU server land not the NA where I am. Id hate to face you lol. Impressive play as usual .

  45. Foch, someone stole the endplates from this game 🙂

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