T69 Review/Guide, Recognizing Positions of Strength and Weakness

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Source: Taugrim

I review the 9, a tier 8 American medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with of an all tier 8 Glacier battle and a tier 9 Fisherman’s Bay battle.

The 9 combines abysmal penetration with poor gun handling, so it can be a very awkward tank to play.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent gun depression (-9)
+ Excellent view range (400)
+ Good burst (960 in 6s)
+ Upper turret protection is solid
+ Smallish profile
– Very poor silver AP penetration (181)
– Very long aim time (2.9 base)
– Very poor gun handling
– Poor accuracy (0.38 base)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Lol I just bought the t69 this is nice

  2. this thing sucks

  3. Hit 2 key and click away. EZ 🤣🤣 I haven’t played it in years but I absolutely loved it

  4. I hated this tank- I have the t54e1 now and it’s way better now that it actually has pen as a heavy instead.
    When a tank has no gun handling or pen, it is so painful to play

    • The progetto 46 is so much better

    • I’m grinding T69 now (almost done). The best way for me to play is short/medium range bushwacker. Avoid face to face brawling. The reload time with the top gun is something like 25 seconds.

    • back before the tech tree changes and the T54e1 was still a med, it also had trash pen. You guys that are going up the tree now have it a lott better lol

  5. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Dreadful tank. Useful with Gold or at flanking.

  6. I always told my friends that playing the T69 was like playing Uno, but you had to draw a card, and then another, and then another, and then another, etc until you got one you could play.

  7. August Murphy-Beach

    This is the best wot content on YouTube

  8. The tank has the lowest penetration, awful gun handling, get ammo wracked every time when being penetrated in the front wheel. Though I could get 1.5k avg damage on it, I hate it so much

  9. I think that center position in Fisherman’s Bay is OP for the North because you’re invincible unless the enemies yolo you, and the South bushes are pretty much fake. Some of my best games are from working that position.

  10. Oh boy. It’s too bloody late to watch the video now, but can’t wait to see Taugrim ~~suffer~~ play with the clearly healthy amount of pen the T69 has.

  11. I only ground through this thing because I got the camo for the tier x in a loot box. I don’t recall it getting comfortable even when it was fully unlocked.

  12. We must have similar tanks and play styles cuz every line you start video’s on are lines I’m just getting into. It’s uncanny. starting from the Lynx, it’s been almost 1 for 1 for your video’s and the tank I’m on. You’re also the only player on my “friends” list that is above me in recent stats. You’re a consistent 10-14% better. Sometimes I have better avg exp but I haven’t played much this summer.
    philspamoni NA

  13. I opened YouTube to see some T69 content and this video was first I saw 😁 your content is the best. Now I am grinding for Lynx 6×6 and I am on M4A1 Sherman.

  14. You should do a series on the tanks that get buffed after the big update. Like the tiger 2, e75, e100, is4, t110e4, etc.

  15. I always did like the T69… was a nice tank back in the day. Its a little less nice now… but still decent-ish… I need to get back to WoT… FF:XIV has been taking up so much of my time recently…

  16. With all due respect, the move at 1:59 to exit sniper mode and move your tank was a poor decision, as you should be anticipating that the M41 having come down only has two choices: to either give up the carrier entirely, or drive back up.

    Regardless, enjoying the content as always.

  17. I hated the tank. The poor gunhandling often made me miss 3/4, the bad pen did the rest. Sure I had good games with it when people made mistakes. But you got the reload where can only reposition or hug a rock. Viewrange is nice, but it‘s too slow for scouting. Sold it straight away. I think I don’t like auto-reloaded. Too much time where you can‘t do much just for a moment of clipping-fun.

  18. just compare it to the Progetto, this tank is hot garbage

  19. It’s basically worse Progetto 46 in almost everything besides one more shell in clip. Its funny xD People suck in this tank so hard I aced it 8 times in row in first 30 battles. T54E1 is much more fun but I kept T69 for a challenge. Awful tanks help me learn how to be less confident and play better overall.

  20. The worst thing is that you don’t have an engine to flank and use a low pen gun. I aced it yesterday with 6k dmg

  21. It is interesting how i am not impressed my his stats anymore because i am on the same level and still improving rapidly, but his youtube content is still interesting to watch.

  22. Keep up the good fight Taugrim! Always good to see you out there.

  23. I think you’re playing it wrong Taugrim, this isn’t a “vision game tank” this is a support brawler, without armour. You need to unload on the side of heavies that have fired. and conserve hit points until you ‘re in a finish potential.. The tank is clearly balance d around NOT being able to perform vision control duty effectively but be able to dump clip well

    • T27, the french autoloaders and of course the Progetto46 are laughing in the corner.

    • The T69 isn’t a vision game tank. It’s just not bad at the vision game. I do agree that it can be played as a support brawler. Although I find that when solopubbing one of the biggest value things I can bring in a medium is spotting.

    • @Taugrim I just rebought the T69 after this video, and played I did 1.7k dmg using only silver (without receiving any dmg) before my Internet went 999ms ping (inexplicably!) Mid game so I had to basically stop playing .. i purely did this as I was going to upload it for you to see how I play it.. now I’m at work.. but I’ll have another pub game tonight and show u a different style

  24. i unloaded the t69 and the t54e1 ages ago. not gonna revisit them soon

  25. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Man I hated this pos. It literally does nothing well. With such bad gun handling it should he a lot more mobile so it has a chance to get in close to unload it’s clip or if not then it should have better gun handling, I can live with the low pen with it being an autoloader.

  26. Nice video! I love the positions that you take! I’ve been putting them into practice and turned my 1800 wn8 recents to 2500 and even 3k+ on some days. I’m currently going through the amx 13 105 line and 3 marking each tank. My first thought to play these tanks was your videos! Thanks for posting. Maybe an update on older videos?

  27. I was legit considering just using the stock gun, seeing as it gets way better handling with barely lower pen.

  28. It’s amazing how op that 432 is. On top of the hill, and still manages to shoot you. 14” of gun depression probably, 7 is just there as a recommendation 😀

    • That LT-432 was playing hill smartly. He was only exposing his small, flat turret when firing and from that distance it’s a very tough for me to hit.

  29. Ty T great tutorial 👍👍👍👍😎

  30. This tank reminds me of something thrown together from rejected parts laying around the garage.

  31. its here, its here, its finally here!

  32. Nice. That tank is not so hot but you are a good enough player to work it 😀 The soft cheeks on the front of the turret frustrate me as well.

  33. I never used a lot of gold in any tanks but I made an exception for the t69 and 54e1 when it was a medium. I always had 40/60 silver vs gold ammo. These were the only tanks I ever made gold my 1 key. I hated the silver ammo.

  34. When the Progetto 46 came into game the T69 was sold for me. God the T69 is so much worse than progetto 46

    • I agree. But that is not a fair comparison. What I find more disturbing ist that the US autoloader sucks in comparison to ANY autoloader on tier 8, be it the french ones, or the Czech T27

  35. I haven’t had too much trouble with the American T69 probably because I play medium range to short range and I’ll play the it as a light tank, as a in the gun handling and lack of hit points. The penetration hasn’t been a problem for me since I aim in on weak points, but the handling is a bigger problem which is probably the whole reason I play at much shorter ranges than I’m told I have to probably also why I don’t have problems with penning? The other reason is I play at shorter ranges is I try to think I’m lacking armor (with tank not really) and don’t have the hit points to spare (yes it got lots of Hp but I’ll horde them anyways) and default to playing a vision game (keeping coverage and trying to stay undetected for as long as I can). I should probably play more aggressive with this tank and stop using my allies/teammates and be more active in combat, but that gun handling keeps me being a little vampire and using light tank tactics like a scaredy-cat however like most American tanks it has good view range but bad dispersion unlike American tanks it has very bad gun handling not that it really reels it’s ugly head till at long range slow shell velocity leading to poor penetration and long aim time that hurts DPM. That’s why I play the American T69 at shorter ranges to maximize the burst damage of the auto-loader and minimize the handling problems as for the armor and camouflage values I really haven’t felt to out of place the view range vs my getting spotted isn’t much an issue like before as I’ve been watching and learning from your videos on how to properly use vision and concealment. Thank you very much this video just confirmed what you’ve taught me in many previous videos, I’m looking forward what I can learn and apply to my game play style, SINCERELY A FAN AND DEVOTED STUDENT !

  36. I’ve been thinking about your next upload and there it is 😀

  37. You playing this and succeeding with only silver ammunition is something else. Real respect – I near tore my hair out and basically went full gold with this tank after only a few games.

  38. This is perfect, I’m right on this tank while trying to rush through the Rush Through T57 event!

  39. One of the most forgotten tanks. Compared to the Czech T27 and of course the Progetto “Please buff me” 46 it is like a tier difference. The US autoloader is more of a tier7 tank based on the gun stats alone.

  40. Love to have your opinion regarding the new update.

  41. I played the T69 back when it had a hardcore HEAT round. Wasn’t awful back then and I kind of liked it, but now I’m not sure.

  42. So thankful for you videos Taugrim. Learned so much that is helping me understand the game mechanics. Thanks for sharing.

  43. I liked T69, but i didnt mind to use Heat because 181 is very bad pen when you fight tier 10 tanks or heavies in general. I found this tank to be very usable, had around 2k dmg and 60WR after grinding E1. The point is, T69 has a burst of damage going for it so i found it very usable in city fights doing “poke while someone is on reload” strategy or simply finding an isolated target and trading 3 or 4 : 1. Other thing is doing ambushes. Having a good sense of timing makes you catch people in the open and clipping them or simply being unspotted to appear when enemy pushed out of hard cover too much

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