T71 Unicum Guide, Managing a Poor Team Deployment

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Source: Taugrim

I review the T71, a tier 7 American light tank in World (WoT), with replays of tier 8 Fisherman’s Bay and Airfield battles.

Stat line: Ace , 3k damage, 2k spotting damage, 4

I picked up the T71 for the first time with patch 9.18. It combines good scouting ability with an excellent autoloader. The playstyle fits me like a glove and it’s one of my favorite tanks in the game!

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Very manageable clip reload of ~19 seconds
+ Excellent burst damage (900 in seconds)
+ Excellent view range (390)
+ Good acceleration and speed
+ Good gun depression (-7) for an autoloader
– Slightly tall profile
– Squishy
– Below average accuracy (0.37)

Recommend Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can send me gold in-game, or you can donate via PayPal or by shopping on Amazon:



  1. man, you need to upload more often

  2. totally irrelivant but has any1 drank bong water before?


    In current tier 10 meta when you face a Maus or a Type 5 you press 2 or die.

  4. I see a Taugrim video I watch and click like.

  5. First….and MORE! Hope everything is well Taugrim and would love to see you stream again. Those WOW streams so long ago….

  6. @Taugrim, I have a question, as a just over 1000 wn8 player, what would you reccomend to try and get as a second nature whilst playing the game, I’m thinking myself about stuff like sitiational awareness or positioning on the map.

    I know of myself that I sometimes have problems keeping focused on what is important, such as focusing on the most dangerous target at that specific time

    by getting some of these “skills” to a “second nature status” I’d like to be able to improve my gameplay in that way.


  7. Great video, you make me want to buy it back and give it a try.
    I don’t think I’d load an HE clip though, the ammo count on t71 seems limited.

  8. Vytenis Kajackas

    Do one with how to deal with non competitive tanks.

  9. Your videos are much appreciated. Very Informative.

    Please do the Indien Panzer sometime. Nightmare tank to do well in. Awful gun handling for a medium. I need help to play this tank better !

  10. Geometry Dash Warrek

    I switched M41 Bulldog in 9.17 for T71 in 9.18 and I have to say that T71 is now in such a good position. It is real fun to play 🙂

  11. So Taugrim, what is your opinion on the 9.18 arty changes?

  12. try to play with magic ammo without premium account 😉 and with tier 8-10 vehicles … WG dudes arent stupid when it comes to marketing and economical decisions.

  13. I absolutely love the T71, it’s one of my favourite tanks (and was fine with 175 Pen in old matchmaking). I used to be strictly 100% anti gold ammo for the reasons you stated (WoT is just pay to win more often/raise your chances of winning/have better looking stats, but not pay to win directly). But with the introduction of the new Maus, some superheavy even Tier 8 and 9 tanks and the Japanese Heavy line, there simply isn’t any way to reliably pen them anymore (even from the back sometimes). So occasionally I find myself loading it now, even though it’s much less often than I would have thought, maybe once every 10 matches. I recently 3 marked my T44 for example and never fired a single Premium round in it, even though I now carry a couple (apparently one of the easier tanks to 3 Mark, just like the Indien Panzer where I did the same).
    But for those new heavily armored tanks even Premium rounds are sometimes going to bounce and a T-54 has basically zero chance against a Maus or Type 4, since you can’t even detrack and do damage to them anymore, even on a 90° roadwheel. I think it’s a bad development they are going through and the power creep can be felt more and more (TVP –> super burst, new light tanks –> super mobility, new superheavys –> super effective HP). Sadly I like playing WoT less and less nowadays.
    I remember you were the one who brought me to WoT (it was when you played SWTOR, as did I and I loved your Iron Fist (IIRC) build for the Vanguard). You made a video on general problems in video games and SWTOR, specifically the replaybility value, where you mentioned WoT had a high one. Now I have 36K games under my belt, but I think it is time to move on. Do you have any recommendations for a competitive game, that has less of a random team factor in it? I feel like I am loosing too much because of stupid players on my team, I don’t mind loosing a good fight, but recently it just gets ridiculous (and very much in long streeks).

    Sorry for the wall of text, you still make some of the best WoT content on youtube (or at least among the very best).

  14. welcome back

  15. You should see the SEA server, lots of people firing only premium ammo it’s ridiculous. Who the hell actually needs to fire premium APCR at glass cannons? I mean really…

  16. Taugrim do you think they need to buff the lights a little

  17. Taugrim i have 1300 wn8 but my recent is 2.7 k only skill i lack is minimap awereness but im working on that i think that its more important to know game mechanics maps armors and penetrations and reloads i agree that the map awereness is a problem but its not a main problem i am doing very good just been losing some games due to lack of minimap awerenes

  18. It hurts me when I see a replay in that the player rushes in a 1 vs 1 fight and starts to premiumspam the shit out of his (lightly armored) opponent.

    I wish there would be more Gentlemen in this game…

  19. Nice video as always Taugrim.

  20. Great video! I don’t play lights but this is still useful to know. What server do you play on?

  21. Robert Pettigrew

    While no where as good as you (combination of being late 40’s, arthritic hands 🙂 ) I manage a 1900 win 8 / 55% wr without gold. I always say if you know how to play without gold, you have the option can fire it but if you can not and run out of gold what then ????
    Also a number of bad tactics are removed if you tend not to fire gold (like meds long range sniping while relying on prem to pen armour). Must admit I find it funny when people say how can you play if bottom tier :0 I learnt on +3 MM never mind the fantastic 9.18 mm.

  22. And I shoot only gold

  23. Great video, as always. It’s very cool to see that you’re still not using premium ammo. While I do personally use premium ammo from time to time, it’s great seeing how someone can perform at unicum levels without it.

    That being said, I’m curious what your strategy would be when facing tanks that kind of really need, like the Maus and Type 5… and when you’re in a top tier heavy and expected to brawl with them. I’d love to see a 9.18 tier 10 heavy video from this perspective.

  24. I respect you for going silver only, and I agree with your understanding of p2w. And I like your vids very much – pls upload more 🙂

  25. Good stuff. T71 is a really good tank, especially now.

  26. Another really nice guide Taugrim. I couldn’t agree more regarding premium ammo for credits.. Although on NA West the community is so small now, I get the feeling less and less players are still playing from the early days when prem ammo cost gold. Back in the day I used it exclusively for clan wars/tournaments.

    I look forward to picking up the T71 myself. I haven’t invested much time in the U.S LT tree as of yet.

  27. Good to have you back sir.

  28. Stephen Williams

    Great vid … insightful and well commentated. Might I suggest an update ….

    T49 Unicum Guide, ‘new gun’ Opportunities for Max Derpage?

  29. It makes sense to limit your use of gold rounds in low and mid tiers, but IMO you have to be willing to shoot at least a few gold rounds starting at tier 8. If you drive an ISU-152 or UDES, maybe you don’t have to fire premium, but most mediums and lights are practically forced to fire premium starting at tier 8. I’m pretty sure the armor schemes on high tier heavies have actually been designed so that you have to fire premium at them, because the WG devs know that there is a ton of gold spam happening in those tiers.

  30. I think your content is great, I also have a friend who spams the 2 button often, whilst I try to use premium ammo only when I have no other option.

  31. The T71 nowadays will eat the Bulldog for breakfast after they took away the 10 round clip but still kept the 36sec reload.

  32. Why am I here. I’ve had three marks in the t71 after 87 games

  33. just like foch

  34. I very much enjoyed the “old” 1375, I should prpbably get the t71 now.
    The 6 round clips are great for low caliber guns (former 1375 and t71) because of their short clip reload. On the other hand the optimal number of shells for higher caliber (90mm+) autoloaders is 3/4.
    50100 and tier9 BC are crippled by terribly long loading/unloading times, making them vulnerable for extended amount of time.

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