T77 Tank Review – World of Tanks

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World Tanks – T77. The first premium T8 American autoloader, the T77, delivers unparalleled burst damage – here’s all you need know!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. bought 10 boxes got the Strv S1 VK 168 01P and T77 and didnt have neither of them

  2. y there are no tier 10 premium tanks?

  3. My review it’s Crap

  4. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    On Console we have a tank called T54E2 “Renegade” with this autoloader. We have a 33 second base reload for the same alpha of 360. Aim Time is 2.9 and 0.39 Accuracy so worse there and it has a 105 mm. Only has 255 Premium Pen though.

  5. It is a 4% chance!!! Thats not so bad, I got it in one single, I only bought one box.

  6. I feel it is difficult to sacrifice view range to fit Rotation mech. Is this something you can only do with food + good crew?

  7. platooning is legalized cheating

  8. I guess WG looks at the average performance of each tank, but the problem is, the average 46% Wr player is more useless than an AFK bot in the base, being able maybe to shoot once every second battle. This means according to WG there is nothing wrong with autoloaders like this, since the average player is too stupid to right click twice during the battle. But in the competent hands… Another example of power creap

  9. t 50-2 yesterday full camo bia bond slot included all camo upgrades on and this t77 kill me unspotted from 20 meters away good job wg

  10. oh i see they’re adopting the wows coinslot mechanics

  11. marquitoescort2011

    And lets be honest QB, nowadays those passive, camping teams are the majority of teams in wot.

  12. Or they just wanted to win quickly.

  13. I wonder what the collective term is for a group of unicorns? A herd? A pack?

    Maybe in WoT it should be a “devastation of unicorns” or a “heavy carry of unicorns”? And yes – I do know that unicorns are a mythical animal ……… : )

  14. Quicky platoon with me in steelhunter man 🙂

  15. and wargaming wins again.. give all CC’s 200 boxes for free so they will get the T77 for sure, they will create a vid about it and players will buy those most useless boxes ever!! i really hope they will not f*ck-up the christmas boxes as they were good, or at least the right profit for yr money, these boxes are awefull!!

  16. Hi Quicky,

    thx for your video about T77! It would be awesome, if you could say something about E50m buff and if this tank, following this changes, would be competetive.

    Thanks and greetings!

  17. Thi is tvp pvu ( tier ten medium tank) in heawy tank form

  18. There is no excuse for leaving arty alive in a battle if you have the option of killing them

  19. Александр Сергеевич

    true engine power for T-77 – 800Hp

  20. Hahah sorry about the title! This wasn’t World of Tanks II! It was date night and had to release it on my phone! Hope you all enjoyed 🙂

  21. Well, games are too fast for a 40 sec reload nowadays.

  22. Nice video QB, but i would have liked a little more humbling comments. “Who does care about the 2.7 secs aiming” ? Everybody that does not have ultra performant accesories as you have equipped your T77. Please, sometimes, remember all layers does not have any access to “two bars violet stuff”.

  23. How is this game not dead yet?

  24. Maybe they don’t care and just want to win? Far-fetched…

  25. Please use standard equipment and middling crews like 99% of the people watching. You’re showing vehicle performance almost everyone can’t get. It’s BS mate.

  26. OI QB how am i meant to play with unicums in platoons when i have no friends

  27. Nadir Gawad Mohammed Ali Al-Bai (Student)

    So wait, they took the needed buffs for the t69 and made a tank? And exclusively sell this in crates? Wow wargaming.

  28. I enjoyed this review a lot but I do not think that when reviewing a tank you should be doing so with things like bounty equipment installed. The point of a tank review is to show how it works ‘as is’. Obviously you can recommend equipment as you usually do but bounty equipment is something that most players are probably not going to get access to and giving yourself such huge advantages mitigates the validity of the review.

  29. I forgot that people still play this game

  30. Wth is a “unicorn”? Is that English speak for unicum?

  31. Having the number 69 in my tanks name is still worth it! thhihihihi!^^

  32. Oh no they cancelled World of Tanks II?

  33. Alexander Aleksandrov

    PS5 💙🎮👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  34. I hate how fast the rounds are in this game, i feel i cannot do the best I can in heavy tanks Like the tiger 2

  35. all the cc’s will receive the t77, etc, in these loot boxes…all of them…and it’ll happen during their “opening loot boxes” vids…it’s how wg will encourage gambling…

  36. I definitely will make sure to focus any T77 in my arty. No armour means lots of damage, as well as dead crew members and damaged modules. Yea, T77 drivers will absolutely hate me/

  37. Tank review **clap**

  38. henrik munk andersen

    I got the T77 in my 2 box and T26E4 in my 8 box

  39. So it’s basically a welfare T57 at tier 8…

  40. Garbage tank,only available through a scam event

  41. Soooooo its a t57 heavy in tier 8?

  42. Why you didn’t compare it with emil 1?

  43. Operation Greenlight

    I only play wot just to hear them beautiful heavy bullets bounce off of me

  44. The problem with this tank is that if you bounce any one of those 3 shots, you’re toast, if the other player knows the tank. This has happened to me a lot in this tank. It’s too easy to kill. Wait for me to reload and just rush me. Tanks with good armor laugh at this thing. This thing either needs some armor, or another shell. You can’t play it like a heavy at all. It will probably collect dust in my garage.

  45. “No other tier 8 tank can do that” Lorr 40t: yeah right

  46. I totally agree with you about gambling for tanks Quickybaby. However since I was tired of getting pwned by these, the fact that I am a mediocre player at best and I hoped it would help lift my game. I succumbed to the allure of a chance to get this tank. Luckily I got it on my 5th crate, no re-rolls. Bad news is I am still just a mediocre player.

  47. “Who cars for 2.7sec aiming time…” 2.7sec aimtime is considered bad these days?

  48. I bought 10 boxes, and got one on the 6th box. This is the first time I bought loot crates.

  49. I opened only 1 case and i droped t77

  50. 32:08 you pronounced Subsequent correctly……. The first time ever 😁

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