T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks

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World Tanks – IS-6. Today I’m discussing the issues with T8 matchmaking and preferential premium tanks.

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  1. Rekt on the mini map lol

  2. This “new” mm is not great but works much better than a previous one. Those pref. mm tanks should just be standard becouse it doesnot work like that.

  3. not only MM is broken but also become much worst in the platoon. from 400 games I been top tier only 52 times what is a really worrying number. i would like to ask if you quckybaby try to play in a platoon and see yourself or maybe point for wargaming recognize his mistake thank you .

  4. There is an important thread going on about this on the EU forums, please make sure you all vote in there. The admins have been made aware of it as well:

  5. Its very broken, so much so I don’t enjoy playing T8 prems of any type and am playing less than ever. This has now stopped me buying any more since the changes, nor will I buy anymore at the present time.

  6. QB there is a dick on your map …. the little kids from your fen club will be disturbed

  7. It’s all broke. 3 top of the list auto-loading scouts like the t71 vs shite, same goes for any other tier match i find it more broken than the last mm
    , tier 10 if you’ve got incompetent scouts you get wiped and your team get 0 kills. I used to enjoy playing the underdog bottom of the list scout, now it just feels dirty & wrong.

  8. Bring back the old matchmaking system. Bring back the old light tank mm give them their pen and accuracy again…


  9. World of tanks has been broken for years in so many ways I dont know where to begin. And if you think it´s unfair that you have paid money to win a couple of months ago and no longer are able to use those tanks. Well it´s probably time you realize Wargaming did not make World of Tanks just to be nice to you. Pay for a premium account, buy new tanks, buy more premium ammo and consumables. For what? I sincerely hope that people will realize that they don’t get anything for their money. And no, its´s not just a hobby. If you don’t believe me ask WG if they think this is a hobby.

  10. I’ve more or less stopped playing. I haven’t played during the summer for a couple of years now in any case, and although I enjoy playing certain tanks, it’s just a less exciting game than it used to be. My theory is that it’s because T10 tanks are OP, and WG aren’t really doing anything to address that. They’re matching the stats so that T10 is ‘balanced’ – but something like the new French TD would have been regarded as completely broken 5 years ago when I started playing (WTF 100, I’m looking at you) – it’s not hugely different … This in turn means that T9, which I used to regard as the sweet spot, has become ridiculous. If you meet T10s in most T9s, you can be deleted off the face of the map in seconds. It’s just not a fair fight. And that then carries over when T8s are in with T10s. I’ve progressively gone from mainly playing T9/8 to 7/8 and maybe now would be getting towards 6/7. The new matchmaker has actually helped hide the imbalance, because the number of T9/10 tanks you can approach in a standard T8 is more limited which makes it ‘feel’ better but actually just highlights how OP T10s are in comparison to lower tiers. Add to the MM the issues with ‘cashflow’ and you end up with a game where I have invested £70-90 – far more than any other game I own – having used up the amount of investment compared to the amount of will I have to keep playing. And then there are maps. I don’t dislike the current maps, but I hate the lack of variety. I’m bored. I’ve played the same maps for 5 years and the ones I liked have progressively been removed to leave the ones I never liked as the common ones.if WG are serious about keeping WoT alive and re-involving old players they need to: Rotate a bigger supply of maps. Maybe have monthly changes to which are in rotation, just to make it more interesting.sort the credits earning business. It is absolutely no fun at the moment because you have to play premiums in games where they simply cannot do what they were designed to do on maps that won’t let them do what they were designed to do. fix the T10 imbalance. Either take T10 out of the normal match play scenario by giving it the grand battle stuff in a more thorough way, or fix the overwhelming power that they have compared to the rest of the tanks in the game – even T8/9. stop peddling new premium tanks. You have to make it worthwhile people buying them and the credit earning problems aren’t encouraging me or my friends to play any more – the truth is that premium tanks are now less effective and I have paid for them and the credit earning hasn’t become easier on any level. That’s bad whether you think it’s pay to win or not because now nobody can play the game at higher tiers without gold spam and choosing only the most powerful (new) T8/9/10 tanks.

  11. I’ve been grinding KV 4 but kinda stopped now because most of games are against tier X. Horrible MM for that tank. Really akward to get to IS 4 this days

  12. Just start to play some Tier 8 tanks with non preferential tanks and you will see that it is truly broken. It makes playing Tier 8 a lot less fun when you are 70% of the time lowest tier and just trying to stay alive.

  13. STA-2 is my go to tier VIII tank,i appreciate the buffs on it but the new MM doesn’t do that poor girl’s buffs much justice when you gotta fight tier Xs and tier IXs constantly…

  14. Yesterday and today I only played with Ikv tier 6 TD and it’s always on a tier 8 and 7 MM and that sucks as my tank is stil stock because I just bought it. Hopefully they will address this in the next patch update.

  15. I would hardly say that a 1000 tanks makes up a broken matchmaker. The number is simply to small. Add on top of that the will of wargaming to move away from preferential matchmaking, and their habit of caring for a buck more then their playerbase, i’d say its in fact intended matchmaking. Force players to buy newer T8 premiums without preferential matchmaking and they make a buck out of it. Yep, sounds exactly like something wargaming would do. Working as intended, nothing to see here, move on.

  16. Baron von Limbourgh

    You are looking at it from a wrong perspective. Tanks are balanced in a certain way historicly. To take tier 8 as an example…

    Tier 8’s should meet tier 6 tanks 33% of their games.
    Meet tier 7 66% of their games.
    Meet tier 8 100% of their games.
    Meet tier 9 66% of their games.
    And meet tier 10 tanks 33% of their games.

    this is how these tanks have been balanced to not be completely untouchable against -2 tier tanks and not completely useless but still dificult to play when meeting higher tier tanks.

    If you then take away the lower tier tanks they are unescerelly made weaker then they should be and you are always fighting an uphill battle.

  17. Tier 8 is broken, cause it got to many premiums, but i dont mind at all, but it is not competitive, i constantly get tier 9 and 10, and you cant do very well and i must spawn so much gold.

  18. Bravo, QB discovers the main issue of the current game just 2 patches later after it was introduced (in 9.18 the MM worked more or less ok – you got a lot only T8 games, but still that’s better then fight the T10s like 50-60% of games)… and still no mention about platoons. But hey, you do not platoon on lower tiers (5-8), so i guess this does not bother you at all, right?

    We all plebs players are perfectly aware how fked up the MM is right now, so it is good that at last some1 with the power of voice realizes this issue…

  19. I find the IS6 underwhelming to play, you do find yourself in a majority tier 9 games in it and it does make it a hard time.

  20. This video is like a year too late. It’s one of the main reasons I stopped playing when that update came out

  21. Grand battle should be able to be turned “off”. I know some player always turn it off so that she can meet more tier 8. Plenty of kolobanov. Genius.

  22. The biggest problem of WOT is poor matchmaking which is why many players consider that the game is rigged. Nobody really addressed this issue properly and not just for T8 but for all tiers from 5 to 10. Quickybaby as a popular and knowledgeable content creator should the one to initiate such discussion!

  23. @QuickyBaby I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that platoon matchmaking isn’t fair too… Me and my friend recorded 200 battles in tiers 5-9 (for now) in which we have been: 64% of the time bottom tier, 25% mid tier, 12% on a single tier game and 1% of the time top tier. We’ll keep on for science 😀

  24. I kind of agree with Circon on the whole issue: the templates are weighed the wrong way around (same tier battles should have priority, then +/- 1, then +/- 2), and +/- 2 MM is retarded to begin with. The only reason it exists is to allow scrubs to do some kills.

    I also don’t believe that tanks with preferential MM suffered too much with the update. If you think about it, the worst scenario is now a +/-1 template… So essentially you may only face up to 5 tanks of higher tier in one game. And remember, the current MM will weight the +/- 2 template (so either 3 higher tier, or you’re one of the three top tiers) higher than the +/- 1 template.
    Essentially, if you drive an E25, the worst case scenario is getting to face 5 tier VIII every once in a while. You’ll also see much more of those games where you’re one of the few top tiers, a situation in which the vehicle is COMPLETELY overpowered. I mean, come on, what’s a KV-1 to do against a E25 kamping bush?

  25. The_Prophecy [PINK]

    7:35 didn’t laught about smth stupid like that for long time xD

  26. If you would add an option for Tier X tanks to matchmake only against tier X tanks, it would take out the pressure on Tier 8. I know I’d want to fight only tier X tanks when playing them, as that allows you to earn bonds. Also increasing the priority of one tier MM would help the situation.

  27. I think the problem is that tier 9 and ten tanks are so much stronger over tier 8 and lower so everyone who can afford 9/10 to play wont waste time with lower tiers. I recorded some statistic my self with only tier 8 mediums: out of 153 games only 11 were 8/7/6, 25 were only tier 8 then 18 games in 9/8/7 matches, 34 games in 9/8 matches and 65 were against tier 10. No pref. mm tanks included, no 8/7 games recorded.

  28. after the nameless I kinda quit.. climbing above tier 8 feels so painful because of all these premium tanks like Defender Libertte scorpion etc being so powerful……

  29. +/-2 MM is the problem. It is purely to let top tier club bottom tier. A lot of people like the rofl stomp it seems. I can’t help but feel that if they just changed it to +/-1 it would solve a lot of the balance issues. Sure, a Tiger 1 isn’t going to have much fun vs a Defender, but no less than it would vs an E75. You will always have the flavour of the month tanks that are strong in their tiers, but at least you have a chance of hurting them when they are just +1 in most vehicles.

  30. well done in the end my ass
    he had no chance, and you try make it sound impressive

  31. You are blind as a bat QB
    The true purpose of Grand Battles is to spending lots of premium rounds
    WG don’t give a sh*t and they are trying to milking us as long as they could before the end of the game
    Soon they will run out of tanks

  32. You are right QB, one time my favorite KV-5, is almost useless in this days. I mostly getting all T8 matches, and with his garbage gun, tall silhouette against all this high penetration new premium tanks is nothing, just big frustration and waste of the time and credit.

  33. It’s not just tier VIII tanks, tier VI tanks are also getting crapped on by tier VIII. It only takes 3 tier VIII tanks to make a tier VIII maximum battle, and guess what: World of Tanks is definitely not running out of tier VIII premiums.

  34. Try playing platoon, then you get to be top tier 1 in 200 matches!

  35. Lol, plays in like 6 different tier 8 premium tanks, gets into 19 tier 10 games and 1, yes, 1 tier 8 game only, as in im top tier, #feelsbadman

  36. of course, oh boy, no need to tell. If i play 100 battles i see t10 almost 50%, t9 almost 30-40% and the rest you guess is t8 when i am top tier. seriously t8 match making is broke as hell. for this shit, i am losing hell of a credits.

  37. IS-6 is unplayable since MM was changed
    I want my money back

  38. MM is broken in my opinion, in tier8 premum tanks is like winning the lottery if you get a tier 6 enemys… ill never saw a tier 6 so far since the new MM in my prem tier8.
    and grand battle what is that? in my last 28+ Tier X games i never got in to Grand battle ( and yes it is checked in the settings).

  39. What is NOT broken in this Game???

  40. IS6 ussually plays against all 8tier Tanks or 9 tiers.

  41. I,ve stopped playing !!! I have an Is6 ,only ever play tier 9 games,I have a t34-85 only ever plays tier 8.I cannot remember the last time I was top tier in any game !!!! it,s not fun anymore ,just frustrating

  42. My KV-5 has been feeling quite sad and unused since the Defenders were released and even more so since the MM changes. It just can’t DO anything. The previously semi-mediocre gun stats are now next to useless the way things are now. Won’t even pen a FV4202’s hull front after 9.20.1 is out so why even bother dusting it off and playing it?

  43. The best solution would be 5 top tier tanks, 5 mid tier tanks and 5 bottom tier tanks. Simple AF!

  44. There is another problem in this game :Tanks without weakspots in front or even side….

  45. Noobybaby did not get the whole idea…sell all your t8 pref prem shit tanks – Get millions of silver – Buy Panthre/M10 – Load full gold, laugh as you are always top tier, as there are no more t8s left for your mm – GG – Repeat for infinite WN8

  46. Who the hell plays tier6? You just end up in tier 8 sealclubbing matches. Its a reason why this happens and its simple. Folks dont wanna play tier6 because its no fun being raped by those tier8 premium spamming buggers. Playing a Fury vs stuff like the Patriot and Pershing. Sure thing thats so fun. I used to love my Firefly, but all I meet is massive tier 8 blocks xD It simply aint no fun being destroyed like that.

  47. no shit sherlok… the MM is broken more than 3 months… fighting only tier 10 in my tier 8 tanks, every 30 battles maybe 1 battle with only tier 8! I stopped playing my IS-6 because getting only 2 tier template MM with tier 9 and 8 and with all the new tier 8 and 9 super heavy tanks you just can’t do shit with 175mm or 219mm (gold) pen. The only pref MM that I play is the super pershing that got his pen buffed.

  48. great job mate, i generally disagree about the broken mm. The mm is a little better than before, and tanks like is6 are still ok and super for money making. mm needs improvement but what doesn’t. We all love being top tier BUT we dont need any more op tanks and an is6 with half the team being tier 6 is a monster!!!

  49. Bullcrap.
    I hate getting only 3 tier 10 tanks in game .not enaugh HP to spot ….

  50. I know it’s broken with it’s thousands premium tanks. That’s why i stopped with wot

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