T92 Global Aces

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Source: Circonflexes

your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. Hey Circon, I want to check out the comic but I was not in the twitch chat. Could you post the link in this video’s description or something?

  2. This is just the full blown capabilities of the ELC before the nerfs

  3. the second made me laugh long, thanks XDDD

  4. i just got 500k in wot and i shat my pants becuse i tougt i sold one off my tanks, but it turns out i finished a mission.

  5. T92 Heavy tanku?

  6. #Circonflexes The T92 LT was on sale on the SEA server even before the Advent Calendar 2017 even started !

  7. i got ace tanker at T-100lt !! finnaly yeeeas

  8. I wish I could play like you.
    But I can’t – so I won’t even try to.
    Love your vids tho.

  9. 34 MINUTES :O

  10. 18:30 Nice gun you have there.

  11. Circon will you be streaming today?

  12. Your light tank game play amazes me. I don’t think im a very good scout since i focus too much on dealing my own damage. I dont trust my team to do the damage that needs to be done.

  13. damn i had a game with 1490 base xp today no ace…

  14. Waiting for the ELC EVEN 😀

  15. This could be a whole new thing!
    When you play “Light tanks” you talk about losing weight and calorie counting,
    and when you play “Heavy tanks” you can talk about stuff like steaks and bacon and things.
    Mediums = Fish and Veggies
    ect ect ect…

  16. Wait Circon, who edits your videos and does your fiance watch your youtube channel?

  17. What is the program/website at 22:29

  18. Shell cost needs a hot fix

  19. Art of Stormdancing

    T92 driver in the first game let you have top gun, he didn’t fire when the IS-3 was on low health. Class act!

  20. This guy is frighteningly good.

  21. Is the t92 a cooler looking bulldog?

  22. Ouch!, Vert-Stab is a wasted slot, IMO. The T92 has INSANE gun handling

  23. Premium shell cost in this tank is just, just… I really dont get what WG does, sometimes….

  24. Monster games. No wonder why I couldn’t get more than a 1st class last night.

  25. Circon, with your living style you should try Intermittent Fasting, that would certainly work for you.

  26. That lag spike was WG micropatching Circ’s RNG

  27. Circon said that the Cromwell B would be worth getting if it shows up in the calendar. What makes it better than the normal Cromwell? is it just that it’s a premium?

    • Plus you get a free Berlin crew with it, that means free Brothers in Arms skill on your crew with 0 xp cost. So if you can use the gold it can be worth buying multiple times just to get extra crews.

    • cromwell b has much better track traverse, 50 degrees a second compared to cromwell which I think is less than 40 degrees a second

    • Bryan Chua Yes it does, but the standard Cromwell has somewhat better Effective traverse on all terrain types, Others have tested both and found that there is little practical difference in game.

    • but I watched a video whereby the cromwell b went quite a lot faster than the cromwell

    • Bryan Chua Yep in a straight line the Cromwell B is a bit faster ( I wouldn’t say a lot 🙂 ) however, the standard Cromwell turns faster as it has better effective traverse and has very slightly better gun handling, so it kind of all evens out in the game is what I was saying.

  28. circon diet soda is worse for you than regular soda…

  29. HEY CIRCON … I have just finished losing 30 lbs (14.5 Kg) and I am back to the weight I had in high school. It took a year but it feels wonderful. Don’t give up. You will get so many benefits from shedding the excess weight. Most importantly, you’ll live longer and healthier.

  30. hell, send it to jingles just for his voice-over =)))

  31. Nah what you need to do Circonflex is to do what you did with The Foch 155, load up a s*** ton of HE in the T 92 and then do 3K damage and six kills then send it to Jingles LOL

  32. “Send to Jingles, you think Jingles would like this?”
    Jingles would love this but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the commentary lol.

  33. It's not what you think

    Everyday is cheat day if you’re a fat fuck like me

  34. Sup Elliot!

  35. Three crew members named Salt lol

  36. What was that ”’excel sheet’ with all your scores?? Is it automatically adding game stats? Or is that a mod to keep track of all your games? And where do i get it??

  37. I’d recommend buying a sodastream machine and drinking that gasified water instead of diet soda. Diet has been proven to be worse than normal soda in a different way, less sugar yes but more damaging for your health (if I remember correctly it’s because they have (more) sodium) and a higher chance to give cancer. We want to keep our dank memes lord!

    • Right it’s Aspartame I thoought it was Sodium somehow, it’s just things I kept hearing and seeing during the summer. Also heard they give an increased chance of getting an heart attack, but that one I only heard once, didn’t search about it myself though so I can’t tell if it’s true.

    • LilGamingYes yeah it’s definetly not true. Salt in high doses will certainly, but aspartame just metabolizes into sugar and not give you cancer. Defeats the purpose of it

    • Okay, well glad to hear that it is better than what was going around about it!

    • LilGamingYes ;3; I just like spewing about metabolism and some of its processes as I find it fascinating! Sorry if I came off rude and have a good day!

    • You didn’t, as long as there is no insults I take it as an informative comment haha, you have a nice day as well sir! 😀

  38. Load the Skill rounds

    Ya get off the soda that stuff will kill ya it’s like diabetes in a can.

  39. Good on you for watching what you eat, Circon, being a WoT player, I know all the salt can be a real killer 😉

  40. Circ, stay away from the diet stuff, it messes with your system! It only ever got approved because the right people got bribed, checkout out the 60 Minutes story on it. Rumsfeld was even involved. And your sugar intake for the day? Zero is best.

  41. 12:40 “We only read Hentai” Ah, I see your viewers are people of culture as well lol…

  42. NoHomeLike

    I used to be a two-a-day pepsi drinker. I was only drinking sodas for the caffeine, but now I drink straight black tea for the buzz. I can’t stand coffee though. Soda is a weekend thing for me, now.

  43. That poor IS3 in the first match …

  44. The ootplays are strong with Circon

  45. What are you using that shows your games on a Spread Sheet format?

  46. Hey Circon. love the vids dude I still remember the day jingles gave you a shoutout on his channel 4 years ago, still love the Vids =)
    Much love from NZ!

  47. This is why i dont get an ace with 1406 xp. :p

  48. Was wondering why 7k spotting & 1.2 k damage was only worth a 2nd class in T92 !!! Thx circon 🙁 #sadpanda

  49. you know that most of the wot players arw morona when a scout has to brawl

  50. Holy shit Circon, stop it! You’ll make the tank seems brokenly good when it’s actually a very skill dependent tank driven by an OP tanker lel

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