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  1. Miguel Inigo delos Reyes

    T 9 5 T H E D O O M T U R T L E

  2. im also a huge fan of volumetric but it doesnt come flawless too… they need to remodel alot of turret and such. volumetric is a step forward for me

  3. I had to fight this thing in a Tiger H1, it’s not fun

  4. Why does phly’s Thumbnails look so cursed

  5. Phly pls play the KV2

  6. did not even realize this was Phly because he changed his PFP… LMAO

  7. Andre Gabriel Timcang

    Phly: vickers is my friend
    Also phly: ight ima head out

  8. Yes we finally got to 1 mill

  9. I’m having a really hard time getting in to this game on PS4. I started playing after watching these videos, and it looked like a lot of fun, but my experience has been much different. I feel like I am getting matched against people who have been playing this alot longer than I have, and there is a definite advantage that PC players have in this game. Not bitching about it being hard, I can handle that. But it seems to be alot more than just getting a hold of a learning curve here. The balancing in both matchmaking and the vehicles just seems fucked. It’s pretty absurd. Not to mention that researching new vehicles and vehicle upgrades is so insanely slow and grinding, it’s obviously meant to be so frustrating to just encourage you to spend real money and pay to win. It’s irritating as fuck. Pretty disappointing experience this far. I’ll keep playing though, hopefully it’s just me being a noob haha ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Realname Realperson

    going up a hill in the T-95 is like the interstellar meme “This little maneuver is gonna cost us 31 years”

  11. Ahahhhhh….T-95~~~🤣🤣🤣 I see it….I ran

  12. make a enlisted video pls its out now!!!!!

  13. Phlopp play the iosif 3 or anything else at 7.0-7.7 for motherland

  14. now its clear to me why the maus is 7.7

  15. Where can i find your merchandising?


    So I on ps4, and I just unlocked the RakJPz 2 and when I was playing RB its really hard to control the missile, and when I played Arcade its really easy to maneuver the missile! Can I make the RB control settings into Arcade?

    Thank you!

  17. Wow big butt turtle :0

  18. 212th Recon Division Trapper

    Hey Love the vids did you know Enlisted went into Closed Beta and they made starter loadouts more 1.7 BR

  19. video…quality.. plummeting

  20. Why did u change your profile pic? The last one was better.

  21. Pizza Power!!! the centauro beats the T-95

  22. Haha America goes boink

  23. smol brain: aim and kaboom
    bigger brain: knowing weakspots of the most played tanks
    huge brain: knowing the names and properties of all the vehicles in the game including the rare gift ones
    Phly brain: Knows tanks by the sound of their engine.

  24. I am offend by the IN THE BAG
    It is called Zindebad

  25. T95 = turtle thats is 95 years old

  26. *Totally for education purpose*
    It’s not “Pakistan is in the bag!”
    it’s “Pakistan Zindabad!”, meaning “Long Live Pakistan!”

  27. How to spot enemy at 2 screen pixels away

  28. T95 + Obj279 = Thumbnail

  29. Phrench tank being angry? Nah. He opened the hatch and lifted out the white Phlag Phrench tanks carry as standard equipment.

  30. now where you have played the old and rusty Centurion you might have a look at the Ultimative Centrurion the STRV 104 #21

  31. 0:43 Got myself a new ringtone!

  32. I remember my first t95 game the map was fulda

  33. Take out swedish cheese trio and “upgraded” shell and SUFFER!!

  34. T95 is scary if i saw this thing i will disable its barrel
    I hate 6.7

  35. “Take out the gun barrel” is War Thunder in a nut shell and it is extremely frustrating because it is extremely easy.

  36. Phly u need to try the German m41 with the Tiger IIP.

  37. F in the chat for lisekPL

  38. Maus should be 7.3


  40. what was wrong with your old profile picture?


  42. The Maus can phrontally pen the doom turtle after this new patch, how BRRRRRRRRRRT crazy is that?

  43. hey dude heheh im always watching your vids but when i got here , i just found out that
    leo u killed! its me haha im so happy that one time i played with phlydaily.

  44. Turkey phly profile picture… Nice

  45. Bruhh the profile pick

  46. Welcome to the Jungle skit in the intro was funny as fuck

  47. Phly, instead of clicking M to ping things on map, you can just hold alt and click on the map in the bottom right.

  48. Are you gonna play enlisted?

  49. “Oh hey, thankyou!”
    -proceed to send the msg.
    “these people think they’re doing a lot for you, BUT THEY”RE NOT”

  50. You know what I don’t like about volumetric? When I side shot a T-44 in my Tiger from 5 metres away and that weird top plate and bottom plate gap makes it bounce away and shatter the round. I also hate that I had a %500 booster on that round

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