T95 Review/Guide, The Quintessential Bully

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Source: Taugrim

I review the T95, a tier 9 American tank destroyer in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Fisherman's Bay and tier 9 Lakeville battles.

The T95 is the quintessential bully. The frontal armor is incredibly , and the only meaningful weak spots are the two cupolas, still have ~212mm of effective armor. The side armor is thick and sloped toward the middle of the tank, so with angling the side is difficult to penetrate.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb frontal hull armor: 305mm to over 400mm effective, aside from a thin silver at the bottom of the hull which is still ~250mm effective
+ Superb side armor (152.4mm) that is sloped and will bounce shells when you are angled 30 degrees relative to incoming fire
+ Excellent alpha (750)
+ Good gun handling for a turretless TD
+ Low profile
– Very low top speed (20 kph)
– Very sluggish acceleration
– Cupolas are vulnerable to accurate -tier guns
– Poor gun depression (-5)
– Lack of turret limits brawling around corners

1. Rammer
2. Vents
3. Optics

I talk through how I'm reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. hope now there’s going to be a video per day 😀

  2. First. Not first? Fuck

  3. Nguyễn Thành Trung

    Awesome as always man.

  4. Taugrim please upload new episode about B-C 25t. Can you do this?

  5. I only use camo net on TDs that can’t mount vents.
    I can’t wait to see your lynx 6×6 review

  6. Why only AP?U need to spam gold xD

  7. Hey Taugrim!

  8. I was so close to your T21 record, I thought I would get 3rd MoE within 100 battles, but I slipped around 90th battle. I took me another 47 battles to 3 mark it. Thanks to your tutorials.

  9. Would not consider a video about front lines, please? (Assuming you play it.)

  10. For a second there I thought you were making a reference of one particular anime because of the title name…

  11. I would really like to see you do a video on the Jagdpanzer e100.
    Nothing really compares to 1050 Alpha. OR 1400 with HE.

  12. Ur awesome taugrim, been watching u for awhile now , n just started pc wot , originaly wot ps4 player, but rng is str8 trash , players using mouse n keyboard on console, ridiculous, not to mention, u can spam str8 gold on a lot of tier 10 tanks n profit big on console, love watching do ur thing with no gold I , use a lil bit of gold , got the is n super Pershing for grinding credits, but still just shy of 700 battles but already above average thanks to you n my previous unicorn experience on console, keep up the good work brotha!!!

  13. Good tank this is. But its just so slow…. I cant stand it.

  14. Another great review/guide, thanks.

  15. YaY, one of my favorite TDs! DOOM TURTLE!!!!!!!!

  16. Good thing about T95 you have plenty of time to write on chat 🙂

  17. A vid about Frontline please mate 😀

  18. You’re like a drunk ex. Nothing for months then suddenly 2 videos showing your goods. How can I stay mad at you…….

  19. Damm the FCM 50 t, was a real twit in that last game…

    • Seriously. All that talk yet one of the first ones to die and in a noobish way too.
      2nd to last in XP, yet there he was excruciating his team for the whole match.

  20. awesome video as always from taugrim, thank you

  21. Again, thank you for your time doing this kind of videos. They are very appreciated ! 😉

  22. I ditched Optics for Repair. T95 is an arty magnet and everyone shoots your tracks off constantly. You’re usually close enough to everyone to spot what you need anyways.(I use food instead of 2x kits)

    • I tried Toolbox at first too, but I found with double Repair kits and a full Repair crew that I didn’t need it. Optics is super helpful for spotting snipers.

    • +Taugrim Yes, toolbox. I’m retarded and don’t use it on any other tank so I forgot what it was called lol

      Do you know what your VR would be without optics and with a decked out crew/food? (At work can’t check mine atm)

    • T95 with only Vents and 0 crew skills: 388m view range

      T95 with Optics, Vents, Situational Awareness, and BIA: 440m view range

      Isn’t tanks.gg amazing? 🙂

  23. I’ve caught the last three of your vids. Informative, entertaining and – keep bringing them on!

  24. hey taugrim can you do one on like this with the super Conqueror ?


    i used spall linear becuz arty love me so much…

    • I don’t think Spall Liner is worth it. You’d have to ditch either Vents or Optics for it, and both of those teams provide meaningful value in various situations.

  26. I really liked the t95 2 marked mine.

  27. Super heavy spall liner! I swear by it on this tank. Arty loves to target them. It also frustrates the hell out of Japanese super heavies and others. Spall liner adds tremendous survivability.

  28. Great to see you back on youtube! Your RTU is the best series. I can’t believe you do it without gold spam.

  29. Great as always

  30. I only go full HE in the Foch 155. Helps solve the 750DPM issue

  31. 14:10
    “It’s ok though, we had smart player go city”

    I hate it when I do that! lol

    • There are a few isolated situations where going valley early makes sense. But for the most part – especially when there are arties, no.

  32. R. Giada Melchiorre

    Thanks Taug, love your posts, so informative on both tank and map.

  33. Love this tank! So much fun to play. Nice work taugrim!

  34. The ‘right arrow’ skip key is the most used key when viewing a T95 replay…
    Seriously though, 2 penetrations in the first 9 minutes of a game would be a real test of my patience.

    • That’s why I talk about the tank and tactics while I’m slowly crossing the battlefield.

    • +Taugrim Yeah, I get it. This is a review/guide anyway so what you have to say is the point, not the replay by itself. It’s just the gameplay the T95 offers, let’s just say it’s not for me. 😛

  35. i’ve this massive tank, it’s slow, slowwww but, gun is powerfull, armor is powerfull, King of city map 🙂

  36. You’re back Taugrim! This is a very useful vid on the T95. I’m currently grinding my way up the the Hellcat/T110E4 tech tree now, but I was curious about what I missed on the tanks on the T110E3 tree. You delivered a comprehensive assessment of the T95. It is a slow tank and as you indicated you have to be patient to get the most out of it’s strengths. As usual with your videos, you provided some helpful tips that can be used driving any tank. Thank you for providing the videos – I’ve learned so much from them.

    • The T28 and T95 are both very good tanks, and the same can be said of the T28 Prot and T30.

      The real difference is hull armor vs having a turret.

      I don’t have the E4 but the cupola weak spot is a real vulnerability. I have the E3 and frontally it’s really tough, but the side armor is butter and the lower hull is penetratable.

  37. I play the T95 with vents, repair kit and spall liner, very defensive anti HE layout, keep the distance as you said at cca 200m unless I am 95% sure the guy in front is the last one so I can push into him without having 2-3 guys on my back.
    The lesser DPM doesn’t really hurt so much, but the arta hits you for nil and your fast repair gives you so much more mobility (due to not sitting untracked for a minute which can very easily happen when focused by more tanks).
    Yea, also I have both repair kits which I use only when people try to rush me by tracking shots and flanking wishes 😉 With 2 kits it very very seldom works. Yesterday I surprised a tier 8 wheeled guy, waited for his 2nd track then used my kit and right after the 3rd track detracked with 2nd kit and boom shot him in the face, enjoyed it a lot 😉
    The DPG is still well over 3k, the main debilitating factor is not the reload but the speed, if your team is too good compared to enemy you will lose the potential damage on certain maps…

  38. has to be your skill driving around talking about what your doing and why . and fuck me drunk you still get great dmg,

  39. Back in my day we were excited to get above 13 km/h!

  40. Awesome!
    And two videos in two days, I feel spoiled!

    By the way, I’m going to add my voice to the crowd and ask if you’re doing a video on Frontlines, kind of like you did for ranked mode a while back.

    I’m not sure if there’s even much to say, but I can assure you there’s plenty of us who’d simply like to hear your take on the mode.

  41. Nice vid. Box the way you dance nice in times of reload to make it harder to aim in your weakspots. You can take Up the gun to prevent additionally the weak hatch. Its the same strategy in the T110 E5

  42. Any thoughts on the T95 versus the Tortoise?

  43. I love this tank. I’m really enjoying the grind to the E3. I don’t think I will sell this one.

  44. Thank you

  45. Thoughts on using a Spall Liner for the 3rd slot?
    I run it on my O-Ho because I’m so big and slow. Arty bothers me a lot less with it equipped.

  46. Pls make jagdpanzer e-100 or jagdtiger road to unicum

  47. If I’m facing one of these things at mid ranges I aim directly below the gun mantlet – if you have a reasonably well trained crew its pretty much a guaranteed pen and easier to target than those tiny cupolas.

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