T95 VS TORTOISE – What’s the Balance? – WAR THUNDER

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Source: Thunder with Muffin

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Thunder with Muffin channel. Stay tuned!


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  1. It’s like a recreation of the Battle of the Hampton Roads XD

  2. t 95 wins in direct confrontations every time thanks to the superior gun and armour. And for some reason barely any of the t 95s aimed for the tortoise weakspot

  3. shoutout to the vr masochist


  5. MrNothin ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ㅤ

    tutel vs turtle

  6. Why were you guys not using APHE?

  7. Truly a battle of the ages that took an age just to finish

  8. Noah’s awesome vids

    Slow but deadly

  9. Nah whos the guy who’s playing war thunder in vr

  10. Tortoises vs. Tutels 😂😂😂

  11. If you add your comments after a match and keep the players POV and chat during a match would make this the perfect vid

  12. The Tortoise is a much weaker vehicle, both in terms of armor and gun, which is weak and fires hopeless ammo.

  13. Why tf are there caps

  14. Watch it in 0.25x speed for real experience

  15. Someone did this in VR which was interesting to watch

  16. The Tortoises definetly won the second round

  17. i got muffin yn the second round lol

  18. the battle that no one ever asked for, but everyone actually needed

  19. A turtles fighting against a tortoises literally.

  20. Real tutel vs fake tutel be like

  21. Kałachowy Towarzysz

    Those kids are so f anoying

  22. MilitaryHistory2011

    Whats with all the squeakers lately

  23. The Battle of the Doom Turtle and Tortoise for all time. Even though it took a century to finish. We need to do 30 Doom Turtles versus 30 Tortoises. Maybe you should take those two tanks to the modern era.

  24. Нури Нуриев

    better mute everyone specificly the childrens

  25. Blud playing with vr lol

  26. Caroline Mcdonald

    Vr??? 😮war Thunder

  27. Never have i ever thought of someone playing war thunder on vr

  28. tutel and tortoise 😀

  29. Kaiser Wilhelm ll

    i have been waiting for this for years

  30. Freedom Tutel vs Tea Tutel

  31. The tortoise stands no chance

  32. On using both, Tortoise is garbo compared to T95 and if played comparably, should never win.

    ON THE OTHER HAND people don’t seem to know the fairly obvious weakspots of the thing (transmission case, commander’s machine gun and the 7.62 dual machine gun turret)

  33. I would love to participate in one of your videos!

  34. Foch left the chat.

  35. whats next puma vs AB43? moving uo and aoumered car eatch match?

  36. imagine warthunder have proximity voice chat

  37. TyrannicswineN117

    Pretty sure the tortoises won the second round

  38. where is the real tutel? the french amx 50 Fochy should be next

  39. Mufin did tutel and tea tutel lets find out

  40. was that VR?

  41. T-95 is a king

  42. The dude playing in VR tho lol XD

  43. One participant played on VR? Did I see it right?

  44. Idc what anybody says about the T-28/T-95, it will always be my favorite tank.

  45. surprisingly gave me adrenaline despite how slow paced the battle was. Definetly one of your silly and fun ideas. glad to be a part of this one and my second of fame at 10:01

  46. Independence Day on a whole other level

  47. Tortois vs tutel….
    The battle of the century,litteraly.

  48. Very disappointed that the t95s lost overall. I have the t28 and from the small amount of times I’ve had to face a tortoise, I one shot them. I only saw one person aim for their weak spot, which is the flat part in the corners of their armor. I guess you can say their barrels were shot out, but you can chop that up to not enough WIGGLE

    Good match to watch though. Rip tutel

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