Tactics: Chinese MBTs

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

China started building tanks in the middle the 20th century. First, the country set up production of components for the Soviet T-34, then started manufacturing the Type 59, a local variant of the T-54A. This was the vehicle that single-handedly kickstarted the Chinese tank industry – the tank with a Chinese body and a Soviet soul.

Subtitles are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese.



  1. Very nice. ❤

  2. why couuldnt they just call it the WZ-122-1? theres no history of it being called a Object 122 MC

  3. In quick review: buy premium tanks, tree tanks are worst.

  4. I love my ZTZ 99

  5. The Waffle House has found it’s new host, the waffletrager

  6. I hope China gets a top tier light tank. Need it to reduce the airspawn for my F5e. I love mavericks!!

  7. If possible, please introduce the IFV of China/Taiwan….These IFVs are also amazing.

  8. L3 could easily knock out any mbt

  9. Day 1. Of asking for german mig29

  10. The real Slim Shady

    Tienamen Square 1989

  11. The Waffleträger has found its new host

  12. and if you are one of those who enter BR 7.0, you screwed up because it is against TopTier and dart ammunition

  13. Type 99A all the way! The culmination of combined russian protection and western mobility.

  14. Can I get out of the basement

  15. ZTZ 96 is my favorite

  16. The WaffleTräger has found its new host

  17. Gavin is Bing chilling

  18. If ZTZ96 has -9kph reverse, why in the world does ZTZ96A, a supposedly upgrade version of it, only has -6kph???

    Could you double check and verify ZTZ96A’s reverse speed please?

    • I really only have seen the ztz96b with the good mobility

    • cuz they use different translation in real,actually ztz96 cant upgrade to ztz96a by only upgrating translation,engine,era and sight,ztz96a need to build a new hull👍🏻

    • different transmission, lesser gear ratio = more torque but lower top speed, maybe there were complaints about the ZTZ96 having poor torque in certain conditions IRL that could not be replicated in WT, that seems most plausible

    • Because when a vehicle is “upgraded” that doesn’t mean every single component and part in it is upgraded. Upgraded also doesn’t mean faster.

    • My understanding when ZTZ96 upgrade to ZTZ96A is more emphasize on protect such as ERA on hull and arrow shape composite armour at turret. Also newer sabot round and gunner thermal imaging gunner sight. In the mobility still only with. 800hp engine, not improved. Type96A do incorporate some improvement technology from ztz99.

  19. WT farming the S credits

  20. I was wondering if war thunder would do poll test on their recent updates like how drones are at 8.0 which is a lil early I’ll say

  21. Panzerkampfwagen VIII “Maus”

    Bing chilling ?

  22. Bunch of Wu Mao’s in here smh

  23. *Been Chilling*

  24. okay, after trialing leopard 2 tanks in china, decided to upgrade their army with t-72 tanks. confident russian federation.🤣👉🤣👉💩💩👎👎

  25. Fast reverse speed
    Me : wow for a Chinese mbt ?
    The video: 9kph

  26. No premium version of ztz 99?

  27. Time to grind them social credits.

  28. Wt YouTube:🤓
    Wt tiktok:🥵

  29. the ZTZ99A is the best

  30. ZTZ99A man…that a whole other level Tank!

  31. 4:00 Type 69IIG: “its gun has a faster fire rate”, and you already want to nerf it to 8.6s reload with the January BR changes…😅

  32. Soviet body and Chinese soul

  33. I want ZTZ96B

  34. 69 always good

  35. My favourite Chinese MBT is ZTZ96B, so when will it come to WT?

  36. I’m a WZ305 FAN myself. Can’t go wrong with actually real flak

  37. The ZTZ96 Is Just great

  38. Garrett Urbaczewski

    Arcade assault modes are still unplayable. Fix the aim bot and bum rush of ai units.

    Or make a better mode with attacking players and defending ai.

  39. I can count on my hand the amount of times I’ve encountered China…all I do is fight everyone. Not a popular nation and embarrassing to see, free kills tho

  40. digital camouflage for all Chinese modern AFV is needed.

  41. more tanks!vt4,vt5,type15,zbd04a

  42. Tenzin Norden Thinley

    Let’s drive these ZTZ-96 and ZTZ-99a on the battle of Tiananmen square, the greatest tank battle in the history of PLA. we can also drive Type-59 as well. 🤣

  43. 공산당은 죽음뿐


  44. I am hoping eventually Gaijin will add Pakistan sub tree to Chinese tech tree in game

    would want to try something like the Al-Zarrar, a Type 59 but fitted with 125mm.

    I love evolutions of chinese vehicles, and lots of them are found in foreign hands as well, chinese military industry are really the jump starters of modern military.

    and because of that they are very unique & really fun to play in the game.

  45. μιχαλης καιμασιδης

    i like how they sometimes missname rounds like how they said “105mm APCR” in this vid

  46. ZTZ96 & ZTZ96(P)

  47. please update on submarines

  48. Btw, the object 122 MT is the predecessor to the ztz-88A look at their hull configuration and frontal armor angling and you will notice the ressemblances

  49. Say u guys haven’t done a climbing the ranks for Chinese tanks and aircraft. Might be worth looking into.

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