Taking a look at QuickyBaby’s M48 Patton Vid on Westfield

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Source: LemmingRush

Thought this was an interesting game because it shows someone taking a position that normally isnt strong, and making it work.



  1. Honestly this channel more informative on battle srats and recommendations than QB.

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t see this as a dig, or an ‘anti-QB’ vid. LR actually gives him props. Great vid Lem…more like it please.

  3. why would you do this ,its already been done.u cheap shit!!
    challenging QB? Mistake…

  4. In a calm voice “a fucking light tank”

  5. This is like bluedrake42 of wot

  6. QB is the GOAT

  7. LemmingRush: I have yet to comment on any of the WOTs commentators however I did watch this battle commentated by QuickyBaby, and your re-assessment prompted me to reflect my perspective. I have been watching vids from QuickyBaby, The Mighty Jingles, and SirCircon for quite some time now (not so much SirCicon) and have enjoyed the entertainment factor they offer…but I have to say I have yet to find anyone with your analytical approach (very informative!)…which I have to say is excellent in comparison. If I’m just in the mood for fun banter and reflection I doo enjoy QuickyBaby and the others, However if my prime interest is braking down the reality of the battle field I have found no better quality then what you offer.

    Thanks for the top notch tactical assessments!

  8. To everyone saying LR>QB or how dare you make his video LR, they are totally different vids, both are informative in different ways.

  9. Now I know who makes videos with effort and dedication and who does it to entertain and get views 😉

  10. i think its like 2 judges (unicums) critiquing a game/playstyle. It interesting to hear similar but different opinions.

  11. i dont know why people soo salty on lemming XD he is just saying what would happen if things done better for both team
    mistakes happens but unicums learn from it to improve but average players dont even see their plays

  12. Well the main takeaway for me was that LemmingRush watches QB’s videos for some reason. I guess everyone wants to learn from best player EU.

  13. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    Am I the only one who thinks Lemming’s voice is like god-tier ASMR?
    I don’t even watch his vids for the educational value, I just think it’s soothing to listen to him talk (no homo) after a long day of bullshit.

  14. This guy is in your clan right?

  15. I think QB is trying to entertain rather than inform

  16. @LemmingRush IN my tech tree, on the premium tanks, it says “available for trade in.” What does that mean.

    Wait.. so it’s not actually a trade-in, you still have you pay 50% of the vehicle’s actual price. Fuck you Wargaming

  17. QB wasn’t isn’t the one playing in this replay, look above minimap.

  18. Funny thing is.. the 50 100 had blue wn8.. i just would have rushed the patton.. 50 100 full health.. and the patton had like 650 and after those 2 initial shots 4 shells are still enough for 650 HP… but yeah..

  19. You learn off all of them (the good the bad and the ugly).
    Just a game. Not like it’s real.

    ‘shoot em’ up the ass’. Claus Kellerman

  20. What most of these people don’t realize is that putting “QuickyBbaby” in the title will pull in new eyeballs to your channel. Nothing wrong with that.

  21. Christopher Estes

    Very interesting. I havent seen Queer Beads video yet, but I always like to look at strats from all different sides. I wonder if you could do your favorite tank map strats and why…

  22. Nice commentary. But lemming, i don’t think reverse sidescrape at the end would work at all. Patton turret doesn’t turn as fast as hull. Adjusting hull angle would take too much time on one hand and on the other risk not having the gun in place. I think Quickybaby are better off going forward a little more to hide his rear while turning left slightly to ensure the gun is not too near the engine deck, which results in loss of gun depression.

  23. Nice one… Keep em coming .Now we only need sir Foch cometary on this one… ?

  24. I really love the videos, especially the live streams. You generally sound much wiser beyond your years and your ability to concentrate on playing (well) while giving a running commentary regarding what you’re doing and why, while also reading viewers’ comments/questions and answering in an intelligent (mostly 😛 ) and articulate manner is truly impressive. But please, for the love of (insert deity here), stop saying “like”!

    I’ve been playing since the closed beta and I learn something new from you with every new video you upload so keep up the excellent work!

  25. Why do a number of NA streamers dislike Quickybaby so much…

  26. could u make a bid on best sniping medium tank?

  27. No please, make it be about shit talking QB ?

  28. I’m glad you picked up this replay. I want more content featuring the M48, but I hate QB’s commentary

  29. ‘Basicly, what you’re gonna see, and what you’re gonna do, is you’ll have to try, and turn this into..’

    I call this the Lemmingrush song xD

  30. There is a reason why Quickybaby is way way more popular. Its because besides being a very skilled player and giving good info about a game, he keeps the audience engaged but you, i think, get very very boring sometimes and your snarky attitude doesn’t really help. Being a good player doesn’t make the rest of us dumb as as post. So work on that mate. Otherwise great video 🙂

  31. I really do appreciate these kinds of videos. I get so much more from this than from QB’s video of it. He is very entertaining and fun to watch, but you distinguish yourself by taking the time to analyze the battle in depth. Plus your not trying to crap on a perfectly fine video from QB.

  32. I have to tell you, Lemming: I have been playing for five years, and have watched countless videos by good players, and have remained at the same basic level of mediocrity forever. I have learned various tips and tactics, but nothing that seemed to make a big difference. But since I started watching your vids a few months ago, I feel like it’s all actually starting to come together a little bit.

  33. It’s funny that you have to nit pick to disagree with QB… like the armour angling thing, you realise you can still angle your armour and still think about where the Emil is? Clearly he was in a mental state of brawling with the is3, so why wouldn’t you angle.

  34. bruh this farm, they fed this dude so fucking hard

  35. Appreciate the amount of content you have been putting out as well as another skilled players breakdown of a great replay.

  36. that guy was extremely lucky to not be capped out. When im playing the enemy pubies always caps me out with full force 🙁

  37. I enjoy QB videos quite a bit. However, I think Lemming’s videos are much more educational when it comes to making choices and map placement.

  38. More of these

  39. QB will be triggred 😀 lemmings you are a legend,can you make a review about ravioli tank?

  40. Here is the difference between channels for me. I watch a QB video so i can eat popcorn and have fun watching someone curbstomp a team, his commentary makes it like a fucking sports match. I watch lemming so I can listen to every word that is being said carefully and try to learn to play better, his commentary is calm, well paced, informative and easy to understand. I think it’s a matter of different target audiences, and I love both channels.

  41. Couldn’t agree more

  42. Key to this performance were the shots he banged on the 50B through the bridge rather than the 50 120 which was the obvious target

  43. Nit-pick much?

  44. Nice to see anther view of the same game, thanks LR.
    I know the Emil 1 has its flaws, do you think the Emil 2 fix enough of them to be worth it?

  45. Pointless and boring. Just like Fast Fetus.

  46. Channel development by Big Name piggybacking. Think you might have missed the boat man.

  47. Nice work Keep it up Lemming! 🙂

  48. Great video! Getting a 2nd opinion on the same video is awesome! 2 unicums explaining how they think when they watch a video is great 🙂 But i’m trying to keep in mind that QB teaches “noobs” or less skilled players how people can improve their results. And LR explains it for the more advanced players. Just my thought. Anyways great video mate! 🙂

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