Taking a look at Quickybaby’s T95 1 vs 9 Carry

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Your review was hilarious and spot on. You have to work (move/shoot/flank) between the shots of heavily armored enemies. Pretty basic. Thanks for sharing your thoughs! It makes us that listen, better players. Cheers!

  2. Also this moronic player with a high pen gun with 750 damage still feels he has to use gold ammo 10 rounds used equals even less skill. Initiate noob button. 2

  3. you salty dude, I have not seen another youtuber talk about quickybaby videos as you, clearly have it well staked in the ass, good idea 4 views.

  4. I think the T95 player should have told the Mauschen player in chat that he banged his mom and contracted lice, then shot an HE round at him at him. Afterwards, call him a fag over and over again for the rest of the game.

  5. Could do with less of a clickbait title… build your brand on your own commentary/content without namedropping other streamers/youtubers.

    Your own stuff is good enough to build your base.

    • But the title was 100% accurate. He’s looking at a replay that QB recently uploaded about a T95 “carry”. There’s nothing wrong with it

  6. that t95 was an asshole. i didnt watch this video on qbs channel but god dam he featured a game that was purely RNG like this? while the player himself was being a dickhead? im amazed he featured this… also its convenient that qb always covers the chat.

  7. but lemming its a td… td’s are snipers. the heavy tanks are front liners

  8. “He did nothing that will work for you”. Best line of the video.

  9. I guess this guys “skill” is being able to look at xvm and take the risk that he can kill pubbies with or without a team when there’s no arty and he is able to sit in that spot all game. i don’t know who to be more disappointed in: this player, qb for featuring him and acting like this is good, or wargaming for shit balance allowing this to happen in the first place

  10. T95 and ten other teammates on the other side

  11. you can tell the enemy team are retards by all the HE spam….and his team sucked compared to them

  12. Lol QuickyBaby just posted another video with stupid enemies. It is with a kv5

  13. Best player kappa

  14. I agree with your assessment of this game. Hung his team out to dry and got lucky that the enemy played so stupidly.

  15. i hate players that play top tier tds that think just because its a td mean you get to camp base. Like wtf dumbfuck you’re in a T95 use your fucking armor and push 9 line… he would’ve raped that line no doubt and his team would’ve won with their players still alive. Well played to the T95… the tank. the player didn’t do shit but be a pussy and camp in a base like a coward. Carry my ass.

  16. This video is ill conceived and fallacious.

  17. Existancial Goberts

    This video reminds me you show very good content. Thank you lemming rush

  18. This guy may very well be a good player, but you can’t tell from this replay. Yeah, he has seen your TD guide, lol. I have to agree that this win was a gift from the bad play of his enemies. It took them forever to figure out to cap, and they had a chance to track him from behind and couldn’t pull it off.
    “How do I get enemies like this?” Indeed!
    I didn’t like your “TD Guide” video in itself, because you had to play like a dick for a game to make it, but now it’s got a brother video thanks to this guy.

  19. Sometimes the only skill you need in this game is the ability to catch when the enemy is determined to throw.

  20. Thanks for pointing out all the stupid in this clip compared to QB where he praised this play as being almost perfect. I am straying further and further from his content because i can tell the BS coming out of his mouth.

  21. the ‘type 5’ was actually a type 4… 😛

  22. Better look into this game… No undeserved praise

  23. It was a good decision he camped C8 Imo. He could have been flanked if he pushed
    south since north melted in 2min 😀

  24. For high quality T95 gameplay watch Skill’s 10k game on it. And listen to LR advices, boys.

  25. “how do I get enemies like this?” — LATAM server.

  26. your title is pathetic

  27. Blagoy John Terziev

    Hahahaha love the review.

  28. everyone knows TD means Total Debil

  29. That was more or less my thought when I saw it on QB’s chanel. Was that this guy just sucked *slightly* less than a bunch of enemies that were absolutely horrible and unlucky. RNG decreed that he would win this battle.


  31. i flicked through this and thought “wow hes a potato against bigger potatoes

  32. the thing about making the “correct” play is that too few regard the tactic & fold, & why I can understand the camp & snipe mentality unfolding in many games… simply because you can not rely on the team to play as a team. IMO this guy made that call likely because he has done the “right” thing in the past & folded with lessor players for it. If only people would communicate better instead of demanding in silence that all players should know what to do. If people spoke civilly & asked for support instead of hating on the mistakes of lesser players they’d win more games I’m sure of it… like that’ll fly LOL

  33. That’s clear. You nailed something average wot player knows (or should have known) : bests damage games are games where the ennemy team sucks and your team is lost. But that’s OK, I guess that the more casual and noob players come to play, the more fun we have (if you switch off chat oc…).

  34. Great job; QB is just a show – he does not help anyone improve their win ratio.

  35. The 9 players left should get a medal for the biggest idiots/zombie/braindead players in the history of this game.

  36. You only need 2 things: an OP possition and a teamate that attracts enemies to you ????

  37. With this replay, QB’s subscribers will camp base all the time and hope to have very very very bad ennemies 🙁
    Thks lemming for the truce you made in this fucking world !

  38. To be fair this was an entertaining game to watch and 90% of Qb’s commentary was either about the tank or just simply what was going on in the game. He really never condoned the gameplay or said it was the right call to camp like that.

  39. MAUS GOES FIRST… none of that t95 nonesense

  40. As an artyplayer in the north spawn I love when TDs take C7 😉

  41. it was not a type 5 that should have been using HE because it was a type 4 with the 600 alpha gun. he could have still used the HE but he would probably dealt 200 max damage hitting cupola/roof if it was me i would probably also try to roll the dice to pen the cupola for 600. for such a good player you are not always the most observant ^^ tier 9 battle talking about tier 10s not using the right ammo lol

  42. “If your teammates do well, how are you going to get high damage games?”

    -Lemmingrush, 2018

  43. Oh jesus christ dude really?

  44. Lemming your advice of ignore hill in Himmelsdorf cost alot of unnecessary loss in encounter games. You can’t ignore Hill in Himmelsdorf in encounter mode. You may ignore in regular mode .

  45. I’ve watched Lemming run away and leave his team mates to die on countless vids, where he deems the situation useless, and in order to get as much damage and XP for the remainder of the game for himself. How is he really any different from this guy in the T95. Granted Lemming may have some it with a bit more finesse, but the outcome would have been the same, selfish play by a selfish player

  46. Lemmingrush has no chill.

  47. 7:35 the type 4 is stock you need to unlock the 14cm first but yeah “ha ha the type 4 isnt a very skilled player to play a stock tank because all use free xp to unlock modules just like i do”

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