Taking a Look at QuickyBaby’s TVP Replay

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Source: LemmingRush

Recording 2 more replays this weekend. Expect an upload Saturday and either Sunday or Monday 🙂

One will be Steppes video I was talking about, where all my team went one side, not sure whichll be the other.


  1. um lemming , the e75 left the cap :::

  2. “Another video that is ill conceived and fallacious.” Inb4 QB reacts to Lemming Reacts To QB video series. Kappa

  3. looking petty.
    while I enjoy your analyses, particularly the ammo rack tip, this one gets a thumbs down. will not view further QB trolls.

  4. Why so many dislikes, guy has 18 yrs. He gave us his opinion… He is how it is, if you dont like his style better you leave.

  5. Aranthor Viking

    Don’t worry lemmingrush! They took the “all” chat out of WOT so people have to talk shit somewhere, am I right?

  6. Love all ur videos Lemming. Fuck what a hater say. People in the comments need to stop dick riding QB as if he’s sum tank God. I like both these guys but Lemming plays this shit for money and not for like and all that other fake shit..

  7. KaiserSchnitzel

    lol@ the cheeky comments on this video.

  8. great vid very helpful for noobs ty

  9. stirring the pot I see! I like it!

  10. great vid! keep it up

  11. Tommi Hakkarainen

    What’s with all those adverts in these new videos? Nice way to cash in on your subscribers with these clickbait videos?

  12. fuck your clickbait…. create your own content…. dont ride on QBs wave

  13. he lemming nice video. what do u think its better obj 140 62a i mean. and is the wz132 good pls thel me i from nl so my engels typing isnt not ferry good. and play on the eu server so let me know plss

  14. John Asbjørn Innvær

    Clear and understandable. Thank you

  15. vladimir andric

    I love all your content Lemming, but please, dont go this path. You have diferent opinion, use original replays, people WILL find you like they did qb. Just be patient 🙂

  16. Sneak dissing lol

  17. Lemmingbaby?????? is this canon? is this meta?? lol good vid

  18. QB’s name brings more views

  19. Nice…. fuk the trolls

  20. QB is not playing in this replay

  21. Honestly, you seem like a douche lol.
    Good vid tho

  22. Can u make a how to Cromwell video?

  23. The Undead Mage

    I started watching your replays a little while back and have found my games have been improving, thank you, and it’s nice to see you specifying what was happening in some of QB’s replays as it does help to better understand the mindset of the player

  24. dont take on these stupid comments by Epic S151 Mitja zagradišnik Jack Simpson, these girls have NO brains. In your video you clearly say MULTIPLE TIMES this is not to offend no one. any how this video was EXCELLENT you said it as it is when he got lucky he got lucky BUT as a good player he took advantage of his situation and won. i love the way you explained it you are teaching us how to play for example if i am a one shot and i peak out at a full health rhm and i die i am a dump cunt for doing that, the fact that the rhm MISSED does not fucking means it was an EXCELLENT play. and you said it thanks. Dont worry about some of the negative cunts excellent video teaching us HOW TO PLAY GOOD.

  25. Hi Lemming. Is MAHOU a weeb clan?

    If yes do I have to be a weeb to git gud?

  26. Too bad about the dislikes. I like these videos since it gives another perspective on replays. But maybe that’s just me. Keep up the work Lemming <3


    [[[educative as hell]]]

  28. Nice video as always, but you don’t have to pull the quickybaby bait.
    Thumbs down this time.

  29. I don’t understand why some people are upset by “bait”.
    If the video is good, why the hell does it matter that the title is clickbait?
    If the video was bad then sure whatever be angry.
    nice video, i’m learning a lot from your channel, and since watching you i’ve reached 10k battles and my winrate has gone up from 50% to 52% and I’m rapidly approaching greendom 🙂
    Teach me more senzei!

  30. It's not what you think

    Nice, talking shit on QB again. The one-two punch.

  31. John Asbjørn Innvær

    and if someone try to diminish your posts. Read this

  32. It’s interesting how he already has one kill at the start with noone on the enemy team being dead … that’s a weird bug lol.

  33. Love youre content man but i am really bad at the game and hethate for my wn8 could you do a video for a more efective way to het higher skill

  34. This was good commentary Lemmingrush, all spot on I think, not really used to that (I am usually very critical about your vids). I think if you refer to QBs video, you should link it or something.

    Well done.

  35. The first time was interesting as a different view..but using his name to drive views is a bit sketch…

  36. ((((ShockWave))))

    sad, to balance t62a it need 10 shell autoloader with same reload as tvp, but with a 0.5 sec between shells cuz stronk russian tenk balance needed!

  37. i dont want to take anything away from this guy, but this is the luckyiest replay i ever see. So many people missed him, so many terrible players tried to engage him, and his team was super retard on west side and kinda usefull on the east…. the perfect formula for an epic game,

  38. 7:40 I love how you suggest that he used a “less than legal” mod in order to “predict” where he would be. I don’t think it’s wrong to point out, especially since he immediately changed position before the T34 was spotted. I think WOT needs to step up their bans, it breaks the game and makes it unfair for everyone.

  39. “Owh, I thought i was streaming” Lul man, Enjoy your videos ! keep up the great work, Greetings from EU!

  40. I see a pattern coming :^)

  41. OTTER le-meow

  42. Kingfish Gaming

    Honestly, QB might be getting triggered because you’re using his name in the title of the video. And instead of saying that exactly, he just comes up with something else to say. Keep up the good work

  43. Christopher Estes

    aaayyye 🙂 Thanks the recap! I was watchin the stream when this battle happened and I was saying the exact same thing against the is4/t34 lol i mean the click faster than the average clicker… I’m surprised the replay did not record his mod’s though.. weird. Good content, Keep it up LR o7

  44. I was having a killer day in my IS-3 yesterday, I went 13w-3L and I gotta say I was doing a lot of the “push with your team” thing and it just felt like I was breaking legs and allowing the team to smash all the skulls.

  45. cameron trevena

    just gonna say, you didnt even talk about QB in this video, putting QB in your videos for views is kinda iffy, if you wanted to review that replay you could of just put the players name :/
    i still like your channel though

  46. Using QB name like this is a loosers way. Get your views with your own work/content, do not ride with him.. QB has earned his “fame” with his own actions.

    (I am not a QB fanboy, i don’t even like him that much/watch his vids, but this still sucks)

    I liked many of your vids and watched many of them earlier, but this attention robbing with his name is enough for me, i’m done with you vids. Looser.

  47. I don’t understand the flak from this. When I watch wot videos I try to be objective as possible. I first look at team make up, then positioning of the enemy team and then the positions that the player of the replay use to get the results they do.
    I try not to get so caught up in the entertaining commentary of Qb’s videos when I’m wanting to learn from the replay. 9/10 times I watch his videos twice. First time is for the enjoyment and entertainment of his personality that I do enjoy, and then the second time is pure analysing. All these videos give me are 3 points of perspective to learn from. first my own thoughts and then the advice from both qb and lemming.

  48. what a fag!

  49. 3:50 I think that AMX 50B wanted to kill arty, not push
    In 4:15 you can see that he couldnt find arty and went immediately back.

  50. Henri Liimatainen

    ITS A BORSIG NOT RHM111!11!!!!1!!1

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