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  1. 5.7 to 6.7
    How can a tiger player destroy this shit
    Or any other low tier
    It should be at 7.0

  2. I’ll watch the rest tomorrow its late af

  3. Can you please do more tutorial based videos? Control setups, aircraft tutorials stuff like that

  4. Get ready for this thing to go up in br and the tiger to go down again

  5. 4:15 “I’m gonna rely on my teammates… to help”
    Famous last words of every great player in WT.

  6. Cameron Clifton

    he didn’t say kv 2

  7. Small child with a big head

  8. Really annoying that gaijin changed the traverse of .50 cals to half of what they could traverse.
    360 to not even a full 180….

  9. Angelo Francesco D. Garcia

    That thing is “The Mutant”

  10. That moment your realize Phly Changes his username more than my dad changes girlfriends

  11. Eduard Dvorecký

    That’s the tank i drew in pre school

  12. phly literly has 1000 times more silver lions than me…
    i fcken need credits

  13. Day 23 : pls play the etendard IVM it’s nice against yaks

  14. Half that intro looked like a Gamesprout When Games Turn Into Movies vid.

  15. Thick boi

  16. Love the vids
    Keep it up

  17. Phliy daily is my fav YouTuber by far
    He helped me so much In 2020

  18. Best YouTuber ever

  19. Sure the tortoise is not taller?

  20. 14:08 thats the guy you allow to cap lmao

  21. The thumbnail wasn’t much of an exaggeration

  22. Yuge turrent

  23. Trump won

  24. Give this vehicle until the next update/patch after the event grind is over and the armor will suddenly go away and the gun will never one-shot a target again.

  25. How come you have a better reverse but a lower forward speed ?

  26. 23km/h reverse what the heck is Gajin doin to our M6A1 with his 3km/h reverse ?

  27. Day one of asking phly to play with bo tome gaming

  28. Fyi. Only one eyeball was watching the tank. My other eyeball was staring down into a bowl of popcorn.

  29. What is this for battle rating??! You have 6.7 and you are playing against 5.3 tiger h1

  30. Lorenz Friedmann

    That intro was a battlefield moment. If you want more of that. Play battlefield 😐

  31. But is it taller than the fv4005

  32. Bingus Preacher

    Ahh yes I remember repairing my crew member. It was the summer of 1944 we where in at that time Nazi Germany. Me and my friend had been on patrol then suddenly he was shot by a sniper! I dragged him into a nearby foxhole where he was loosing blood rapidly. I took my hammer that we where issued to repair crew members with and WHACKED his left shoulder where he had been hit *THUMP THUMP THUMP*. He eventually stopped loosing blood and I brought him to our platoon.

  33. Phly play the first ever bf109

  34. Oskar Busch Balleby

    can ur and bo play

  35. Using “ph” for “f” is so low-brow.
    Try “gh” for “f”.
    It’s Edge-Lord material. Where as, “ph” is more “Common man”.
    Anyone that went to a school that actually focused on education, more than “feelings” knows “ph” can sound like “f”.
    Just messing with brains.
    It’s a lot of fun.

  36. Nadhif Dirgohayu

    Play low tier arcade, that’s where you get all the wacky gameplay

  37. Me:Get killed from 2000m away
    Phly:Invisible in 500m or something in the biggest tank in the game

  38. Props to guy taking an R-2 out at 6.7 lol

  39. How are you playing these?

  40. I want see a nukeee!!!

  41. Yeetus Macleetus

    US: remember that experimental heavy tank we made? Lets put a pershing turret on it.

  42. What’s funny is that the tank itself unedited looks like one of Phly’s cursed photoshopped tank thumbnails

  43. 0:10 someone can tell me the name of the soundtrack?

  44. 20 seconds reload:
    USA: “That´s so slow reload bud!”
    Soviet: “Pfffffffffffffff”

  45. The crew lvl killed me lookin at it

  46. Plz am-1 in GRB with bombs -try8?

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