TANDEM Gameplay | 1 Drives 1 Shoots ft. Lola (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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TANDEM Gameplay | 1 Drives 1 Shoots ft. Lola ()

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/639999/en/


  1. 7:41 “say cheeki breeki”

  2. P51 mustang that fits the br for the American bulldog

  3. #SweatForMeBaby

  4. Bomber pls

  5. Want to se more of these videos

  6. omg to cute

  7. Can u do more multiplayer


  9. Benjamin Mårtensson

    Maybe im just stupid but how to get Phlys decal? Cant find it and really want it.

  10. Lola is a riot!! Would love to have you two do more vids together, this was a ton of fun to watch!

  11. I feel like Phly and Lola are going to make little BT-5 baby’s.

  12. Cutest thing on youtube, counting in videos of seal babies. Awesome!
    Please bring more!

  13. Hey phly there is a xf5u custom model available in war thunder. Please take it for a flight.
    Long live the flying flapjacks!!!


  14. That was great! I love how Laura gets so into the game. haha

  15. Sounded like you were using voice attack for a bit there Phly haha.

  16. I’ve gotta say Phly the last two videos have been very entertatining and that was really fun watching you guys working together. she did kinda get the hang of it later

  17. That cheeki breeki was adorable

  18. I was thinking that she is playing on MAUS and you are playing on IS-6

  19. Soviet power

  20. Good team??

  21. God that was mush!!! Pure unadulterated gooop!! And we loved it!!! Lol your gf is a demon tank girl and I’d like to offer my hand in marriage ?
    No in all seriousness she did brilliant didn’t she? That trap shot! Impressive stuff and your banter made me laugh, u two obviously get on well since there wasn’t a hint of temper in either voice- wow man ANY of my family would be screaming at each other after 2 minutes!! ?

  22. Challenge one person controls keyboard and other mouse in Air RB

  23. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    So we’re not going to a letter? That’s such a cute thing to say?

  24. Being a female that plays War Thunder, I am tickled to see the two of you playing in tandum. What a great video

  25. Everyone that reads this please do something for a friend of mine. Go to his chanel wcp_dawg and just sub, I wanna see how many subs I can get him in a short amount of time without him realizing it.

  26. Is there any way you can bring back the mig 21?

  27. Man, Laura should have her own channel

  28. Oh my god, you adorable dorks. Never stop being wonderful, you two.

  29. higher higher little higher lower higher to the left shoot

  30. Lola too op Gajin nerf

  31. its more like voice control! lola this lola that, lola im gonna take over ?

  32. Hey Phly! Can you please take out the british sherman II? Attempt 2

  33. Try playing tandem on aircraft with the pitch axis assigned to secondary keys on the mouse. Spitfire? :p

  34. We must make this challenge even more complex. Now we must have 3 people, A Driver, Gunner, and Commander. Extra props if you get facecam on while doing this.

  35. Do some more tank vs tank like the 3 sturer Emil vs 10 KV-1

  36. You see Ivan lady Olso good for in tank

  37. You are so lucky, you look like you love each other very much, my girl just get away with another guy yesterday… Your videos are great, please never stop, phly!

  38. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    After this gameplay they went separate ways LOLAAAAAAAAAA COME BACK! _You’re tearing me apart_ *Lola!*

  39. Phly do a video like this again but with a German tank like the kpz-70. And good plays by the way

  40. gaijin should add a split-screen mode for driver + gunner gameplay

  41. “Marry her son”
    (in a Southern American accent) xD

  42. Hey Phly new suggestion… I think you’ll love it, this might win out… Play some War thunder! Hope u like this challenge, attempt #1

  43. Take out any plane you want but you can only use rockets. Try to kill at least one airtarget. Atempt #1

  44. Hey fly is it possible to hook up both a VR set and a monitor to the same PC so that when one person looks around (like a commander) it doesn’t interfere with the person with the monitor

  45. Ha-Go and F-86F-40 Attempt #2

  46. this was so great xD

  47. HET vrienden kanaal Dutchgames

    Phly is driver and commander in this gameplay

  48. Пресиан Енев

    Why havent anyone challenged him to do the 4M gaz aaa truck with mig15bis

  49. Play the 75mm M3 GMC

  50. Hahahahaha the outro

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