TANK BATTLE at NIGHT! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. once in a plane night battle it was pitch black all you could see was
    tracers and your cockpit lights

  2. my best night battle was on hurtgen forest, driving my m18 i found 4 Tiger
    1 tanks all looking one direction. with the help of a m36 jackson i killed
    2 tigers, the second killed all but 1 crew member (this was back when last
    man standing was a thing) and with the last man killed the remaining 2
    tigers while they were distracted with the m36

  3. Polish Cracker Gaming

    My first battle was a night one

  4. Maps where it is raining are rarer. Only had one in 1.2k hours of playtime.

  5. Audric Merryman

    I’ve played for probably a year and a half and have been in 2 night matchs

  6. I have 200h on wt and ive playd 2 night battles one with tanks and one with

  7. They need to make more Night battles, they seem pretty fun.

  8. I’m playing for three months and I had 3 night battles so far

  9. i had 5 night battels and i have playd 1 battle in moth all the way fron
    when tanks wer new and 3 of thoes wer in 2 moth

  10. I've walked the Divide

    Been playing what 3years? About 20-30 night plane battle but what 3 night
    tank battles and I’ve been playing since the beginning

  11. Been playing 3 years not even one night battle.

  12. Sean Bartholome

    Never had a tank night battle. Had a fair share of plane night battles. Not
    many lately. Since Early Beta.

  13. OddballEasyEight

    Been playing since they came out of closed beta for GF, and I’ve only
    gotten one night battle.

    But I feel like mine was even more unicorn, since it was a night battle
    with rain! (remember when they tried rain for a while?)

  14. Hellkitchenficiation

    It happened to me yesterday lol, kinda difficult to fight in the night

  15. 400 games at least and no night battles :(

  16. 2 months and I’ve had like 3 night battles!

  17. ~1year 4 night battles (2 months ago it happned 3 times in a day and 2 in a

  18. _ Kidwithshoes _

    2 years and around 15 night battles.

  19. Night battles should happen more often. Wonder if the Chieftain’s IR sight
    would be functional, but probably not.

  20. Taking out the Slavs…. At night

  21. Grand “Derp” Turtle

    10 out of 35 games was a night battle for me… not so fun times in the
    hellkitty and a lot of fun in the wolverine :D

  22. dulpartchment18 tiger

    were is men of war

  23. Dident even know there was tank Night battles. (Ive played for 3 years no
    nightbattle air or ground)

  24. Postfx settings -> enable night vision settings. Seriously as long as you
    can illuminate the night it’s utter bs to join night battles.

  25. I have been playing for a year and have had one night battle

  26. I live in florida too

  27. And I’ve only had 2 night battles

  28. Mr.Awesome Face

    wish I had a night battle

  29. Ptfo m8

  30. It’s funny because I’ve been playing for over a year and I didn’t even know
    you could get night games with tanks…

  31. mahadisal ahadani

    I gotta say baron you are awesome XD I can’t even played well in arcade
    battle LOL

  32. I have had 2 in a row once

  33. Amnesiagrunt2356

    i get about 4-5 night battles a month

  34. this night battle is stupid I can see shit and I left immediately

  35. Napoleon BonaparteLOL

    My first night battle was also on january using in game maus

  36. I’ve been playing since the twenty tier system, and the i’ve never had a
    night tank battle. The only night battle I’ve had ever, was an old air
    simulator on Iwo Jima. (This was before the sim battles became an event)

  37. I haven’t played a night battle since I started the game….about 3 years

  38. ive been playin for 6 months and ive had the pleasure to experience 5 night

  39. haha the moment Slick was llike………Hey the Nashorn IT’S ALIVE!!!!

  40. Nicholas Becker

    3000 battles…1 nightbattle where I died after 20 seconds xD

  41. that’s awesome I didn’t know they even had these. I’m about halfway through
    all the tiers and never had one

  42. I had like two or three night battles and one battle at jungle where there
    was so much fog that you could only see for like 50 to 100m :O

  43. Playing since 1.29…
    I’ve been in just 1 night battle on RB… and I got rammed by a teammate
    after spawning

  44. if bin playing for 5 moths and if never even sen a night battle i dint know
    that they egesested till now

  45. Since closed beta, 0 night tank matches :(

  46. xToy_Soldier 808

    War thunder should make a voting system to were players that r joining the
    match, they vote for the map and weather and time of day cause ash river
    for life n f*k Kursk

  47. Manuel Arocho Jr

    8:55 the gunner XD

  48. 1 year 1 night battle

  49. Vicente Del Río

    2 years playing and 0 night tanks battles

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