TANK BUSTA – Me-410 50mm CAS (War Thunder Plane Gameplay)

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TANK BUSTA – Me-410 50mm (War Thunder Plane Gameplay)


  1. dat intro music cut off dough 🙁

  2. people have uploaded the greatest tank battles episodes onto youtube, thats how i watch them

  3. which ammo should you use against tanks on this plane?

  4. That game mode looks awesome, I was playing war thunder just the other day and that was no mention of it, do you just have to put planes in your tank line up to do this ?


  6. Please sub to me

  7. Do335 with 3 30mm cannons–awesome ground and pound just be sure tot to be blown up by own bombs–it’s a specialty of mine drunk

  8. Is that a sound mod I hear?


  10. how can i make the sound more realistice like yours phly?

  11. Firefly FV with 16 rockets!

  12. Kommandant Franz

    11:28 Exactly we should spawn on the ground like in Air RB, the ground RB bases even look nicer than the air RB ones, we should be forced to spawn there, not only will it cut down in plane spamming (mostly allies in ground attackers with easy to aim rockets), people will have more incentive to take out a tank as their back-up and play the ground game because they can’t just get in an attacker with an airspawn and bag 4 kills in a minute and RTB, it’ll take more time to be an efficient ground striker, also whoever takes off first or got their plane first basically can assert air superiority or loiter above the map for longer not worrying about a P47 diving on you that just spawned in 20 seconds ago. Should be implemented ASAP

  13. Ace of bass, i saw the sign

  14. bf 110 and stug 3a

  15. SIR PHLY! ITS THE GERMANS! PLAY ho229 at 8.0 mainly with the new leopard and/or the raketenjagdpanzer hot!!!
    attempt #1

  16. I love the intro music lol

  17. Please take out some russian cas il 2 and yak 9 T give those kapitalists something to fear!

  18. just to think that a a10 has a 30mm GERMAN BIAS 4 LIFE

  19. day sound mod doe

  20. phly plz add me on WarThunder I’ve watched ur vids since 2014, my username is TheUltiGamer, plz add me and give me tips plz,

  21. i make war thunder videos ass well, so if you wanna see them sub to me for more 😀

  22. Me 410 B6/R3 with King tiger

  23. play the tank busting Stuka!

  24. Smallest squad. sir phly Stalin needs u to make an ASU-57 squad (with devil and/ or jingel. DO IT STALIN ORDER.

  25. are you using a sound mod???

  26. do335 B2 the premium one

  27. Andy T te farmer

    Wyvern s4

  28. La-5FN = La-7 good to know

  29. Multitasking A6M… solution to all problem but 50.cals

  30. i love flying the 75mm duck in realistic GF, but if there is any enemy plane out you are good as dead and it doest fly very well.

  31. hellcat or f6f 6x HVAR and 2x1000lbs bomb and .50 cals ground ammo can go trough pnz. 3 and 4 like butter from above

  32. Were doing ok our engines are fine foccckkk!!! Darnit

    Gg Phly

  33. I enjoy the Yak-9T

  34. My favorite CAS plane is the Apache, with the two 500 lb bombs attached to it.

  35. AD-2 skyraider CAS

  36. Loving the new logo phly

  37. WaffenZeltbhan '

    DO THE NARWHAL!!!!!!!!!!

  38. TheKoorallchannel

    CL 13

  39. The Leo a1a1 and the CL13 with the HVAR rockets 🙂

  40. genxtargetmarket

    Please, for the love of Shakespeare; stop misusing the words “verse” and “versing”. ‘Versing” doesn’t even exist and I cringe every time you and Baron abuse the language.

  41. Ju 87 D-3 is fun to play because the plane is so slow you almost have to fly close to the ground and drop the 1000kg bomb on someone.

  42. is this game pay to win.. or nah?

  43. hurricane with 30mm AP

  44. 18:56 completely missed that cromwell just chilling with its head poking out from behind the rock. reeeeeallly now…

  45. wtf a world of tanks ad on war thunder vid :l

  46. Do-335 B2 because having 3 Mk-103 isn’t enough so you need 2 250kg and one 500kg bombs to go with it

  47. A German Jadgtiger

    Phly was an abused child ?

  48. how did you get the new sounds

  49. the wyvern, I think is the best in it’s br

  50. Brandon Thompson

    use the b29

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