TANK CAMO – Is It Fair? (War Thunder Tanks Camouflage)

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TANK CAMO – It Fair With Pay Wall? (War Thunder Tanks Camouflage)

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  1. What do you guys think?

  2. Technically first!

  3. Not fair because we need to pay for, so pay to win (or pay to be invisible)

  4. It matters in realistic. It’s pay for an advantage. = pay to win

  5. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    I was going to make a joke about dupstep

    But I dropped it.

  6. only Golden eagles = shit

  7. 28. Comment :D

  8. The decorations are so incredibly stupid. I really hoped this game wouldn’t
    turn into something “funny”. I expected at least some realism of WT, since
    this kinda ruining my immersion.

  9. Joaquin Hernandez

    IS-1 awkward with the tracks lol

  10. its not fair yes! but its not pay to win

  11. Nice addition, another cash grab (because gaijin doesn’t have enough money)
    but players who play arcade mode it wont matter because the spotting system
    is so retarded….

  12. I want to make my tiger like a tree


  14. warthunder is starting to turn into a pay to play game

  15. Dick butt Nick butt

    of course it’s fair they did it in history you can do it yourself

  16. Phlydaily it’s awesome!!

  17. The additional armor is pretty amazing. My Panzer IV H has now the same
    frontal armor as the Tiger :D

  18. Pretty damn unfair that this is premium only

  19. where is wings of prey?

  20. FUCK. Gaijin wants to make WT more like WoT, its becoming more and more

  21. I think its fare, the fact you have a bug red name/type/range above you 247
    or when spotted doesn’t help at all. The bushes will help hide vital areas
    etc… To the enemy when you have been spotted by them to give you a better

  22. The Maus needs this feature. A giant Bush.

  23. Can you only buy the camo with golden eagles or can you unlock them?

  24. 11:10 70s pornstar tank.

  25. but the firefly has more armor too

  26. Dog Shit Burrito

    Technically pay-to-win… to an extent.

  27. ply do custom battle and do hide and seek with small tanks camouflage

  28. This is amazing , they should keep it in game , HOWEVER I think you should
    be able to place the additional armor youself….

  29. It’s nice how the devblog neglected to mention these were pay-to-win

  30. the winter camo etc are not behind a paywall anymore you can even see it in
    this video at 12:56 when you hover over the winter camo it clearly states
    that it will unlock after 340 kills with this tank

  31. you have to buy it with golden eagles or can you unlock it ?

  32. I don’t like the way we have to pay for the bushes

  33. Άκης Γκεμίσης


  34. there are plenty of for trees in the United States Phly

  35. Dick butt Nick butt

    world of tenks best ten game

  36. If they don’t make those camo elements accesible without having to pay real
    money for them, the community will rebel. This is gaijin blatantly
    demanding money in return for making your tank more difficult to spot.

  37. Fucking Pay 2 Win bullshit

  38. you can unlock winter camo with enough kills.

  39. The bushes look pretty Derpy

  40. The into song is my favorite song.

  41. Pay to Win? D:

  42. Sends a very obvious message from Gaijin…Pay money and we’ll help you
    win. Otherwise you’re on your own. :/

  43. 1000 RP per bush?

  44. I think it should be unlockable to balance it out. Also.. if you decide to
    buy the bush bush addon will it just be there for that tank or for all of
    your vehicles?

  45. My war thunder isn’t working after the update it keeps crashing when i
    start it. does anyone has tips for me because i tried almost everything to
    fix it but nothing has worked yet.

  46. i kind of liked the idea of the camo thing but as soon as i saw the 500ge
    cost it turned in to a big NOPE

  47. fuck this i have to use golden eagles ohhhh well

  48. Jacob Lucas (Sharon Cox)

    Anyone know why it wont download the new update for me? (1.57)

  49. It should be a deployable item for tds.

  50. Good idea haha

  51. I think it’s stupid it doesn’t cost lions but it cost eagles it’s becoming
    a pay to see win

  52. 500 GE?! They´re nuts!

  53. I think the camouflage should be able to unlocked by grinding RP or kills,
    like the vehicle skins

  54. This is the most pay-to-win thing I’ve seen yet. I was hoping it would be
    unlockable for everyone.


  56. You’re selling a tactical advantage half a thousand GE a pop


    And before randoms start spouting nonsense

  57. we need game play with this cammo :S

  58. onxe you said buy them all i knew THIS WA GONNA BE A PIECE OF SHIT

  59. Next we have the Japa… just kiddin’

  60. Haha :)) Noo.. this is silly ^^

  61. AirProduction -Airbajan

    War is not fair…Doesn’t have to be fair…so you think the Nazi played it
    fair with U.S no….If We all looking for Realistic game play, then its
    doesn’t have to be fair…

  62. in warthunder u have a 70% higher chance to have a great game. only if u

  63. This is so awesome!! :O I am so happy when i have my Pc

  64. I think that it is good!

  65. It might be a pay to camo. But you can just use the free GE wagers and buy
    atleast 1 of them. And since when you buy it it stays unlocked for all of
    your tanks. Its annoying but its not that horrible if its just 1 piece of

    If you want more variety then yes it is preety much pay 2 camo. Gaijin at
    its finest.

  66. Those who use that camo will be fucked when they end up on an urban map or
    any map the bushes don’t match up

  67. I think that 50-100 kills per tank would be fair for the bushes. They
    should however still be purchesable using eagles. They would take a while
    to grind but it would still be fair.

    The decorations should remain as they are.

  68. Jonas Leth-olsen

    you fucked up the intro .-.

  69. fuck this game its for golden eagles…

  70. Oh wooooow Warthunder…. In the gaming industry you are known as pretty
    much the boss of bad decisions…do you really want to keep that image?
    Well clearly you do if you’re putting the fucking camouflage behind a
    fucking pay-wall >< Jesus that is such a stupid move; you dense fucks. Sorry but the decision making here is that of a 6 year old

  71. F2P =/= P2W

  72. Pay to win….

  73. What in the actual fuck?? 500golden eagles per one thing??? pff, insta-lost
    interest of this crap..

  74. And if you turn your graphics to minimal, then those bushes turn into
    green, smoky shit that is impossible to miss, or they got this one right
    cuz, you know, people pay?

  75. More pay to win features.

  76. Some backlash… I’m pretty sure it’s a hell of a lot of backlash.

  77. warthunder has always been a pay to play game, paying for a bush you can
    add to your tank is a bit too cheeky though should be something you

  78. The Graves Gamer

    If Gaijin add this for all tanks, imma put a life raft on my PT-76 :D

  79. Germans need to have that gray metal look that you can mess up and make it
    dirty so we are not stuck with the goddamn yellow all the time.

  80. 500 eagles each? Dafuq?

  81. Ducsai Barnabás

    Well, yeah…I feel you guys who think its unfair. But to be honest I think
    Gaijin deserves that to be added. I mean I play this game for more than 2
    years now and I haven’t payed a dime for any premium stuff. Yet, I have
    almost all the premium aircrafts I need (at least 2 higher tier per every
    nation) and also some tanks as well. For free…and no, I’m not a youtuber,
    I haven’t won any competition, I’m a regular player taking advantage of
    most of the oportunities to get GE. And in the past years Gaijin gave us a
    bunch of oportunities.

  82. “Next we have the japanese.. Just kidding”

    Hearths broken here

  83. It really isnt p2w. You can buy it once and you get like 6 of them. Not
    like you be buying all of them

  84. do you get them for all the tanks if you buy one sett of the camo

  85. the winter camouflage is not behind a pay wall, you can unlock it by
    getting x amount of kills

  86. why do muricans cry so much? OMFG

  87. its bad they are charging 500 ge, on each vehicle too, that last man bs
    too, all day nearly everygame, I get assists, I do all hard work, spotting,
    finding and put my shots in the right places, just for a team mate to kill
    that last person in the tank and you get an assist, unhappy face :(

  88. “Must be a European plant.” I facepalmed so hard, I knocked myself out.

  89. so its 500 for a hat.. for a tank.. kk…

  90. Christiaan Kleijhorst

    Nice new intro sound

  91. Please gaijin dont make this game a pay to win

  92. Hi. A few months ago, I was diagnosed with chronic unhappiness… I talked
    to my Doctor about not playing this fucking game. My wife and I agree that
    it was the right move for me. Talk to your Doctor about switching to
    not-a-piece-of-unbalanced-shit today!

  93. is the camo for all tanks ?

  94. Pretty cool dude your the best and i liked the old intro

  95. douglas fir is a christmas tree

  96. On a winter map, the yeller tank shoulda go where there’s yeller snow? :p

  97. I wish they did it like tank camos, where you can pay 200 eagles upfront or
    get a certain amount of kills to unlock it for free. I’m quite disappointed
    with gajian :(

  98. So I was in the middle of class and my phone was on and Phly uploaded it
    was pretty funny though

  99. Ultra Low :P

  100. p2w

  101. -honey? Did you brought some milk for the kid he is starving
    -Nah, sorry I needed the money to buy some virtual bush to add to my tank

  102. if you can have only by paying then i am quitting this game….Seriously

  103. people spent so much time complaining about people with low graphics
    turning off “all foliage and trees and shit” and now they add both more
    foliage and this.

    this is stupid

  104. So…we have to start to use free golden eagles app!

  105. Fat

  106. Ok so that you need to buy these with golden eagels makes this slightly
    p2win. Espacialy in RL Battles

  107. A RED ARROW!!!

  108. i think 500 GE per camo bush is a bit too much, its fucking branches, i can
    get them for free by stepping outside, Secondly, it would be AWESOME if the
    additional “Track armor” got removed bit by bit if you got De-Tracked and
    used them to repair

  109. ChannelWithVideos

    I was excited for this, but seriously.. This was only implemented because
    the devs want more money. To me, this is just more Pay-To-Win by Gajin

  110. why, why the fuck did they think, fuck fixing bugs, or other shit, LETS ADD


  112. yes fly its far most people have there shit turn down so its kinda of

  113. It would have been fair if it was either cheaper, or avaliable to
    everyone… 500GE PER PIECE! ffs…

  114. Dominik Sabedini

    very cool

  115. Pay2win as fuck. No two ways around it, this is here so Gaijin can make
    shitloads of money and lifeless people will be impossible to see.

  116. dude, fir is a common Christmas tree. and it is pronounced fur

  117. Giajin is trying to make their pay to win strategy hidden and not so
    obvious so they wont get blasted. By doing the camouflage for gold strategy
    they are saying you will have a edge if you spend 5 dollars on gold to buy
    the camo. So pretty much spend 5 dollars to have a edge. Not only this but
    making the grind extreme and having premuim they are also highly
    “encouraging” people to spend money —pay to win. They will get away with
    it to because they will just ignore the hate until time goes by, fucking
    cheaters. This game went from you can pay if you want to support us and you
    get a tank/plane that looks cool and is alright , to you can pay if you
    want to do good and thus have fun, pressuring people into buying gold and
    thus squeezing the wallet of a consumer for every little drop.

  118. dude are u serious ?! u have to buy these camouflages i would love it if u
    have to unlock them in idk extra missions maaaaaan …….

  119. you have to pay??? I’m done. bye bye wt

  120. put the life boat decal on a pt76


  122. maritn lillegård

    I was pretty pumped for the camo, but sinse IT costs premium curency, this
    is hugely unfair!!!!!!! For exaample: i am not allowed use money on this
    game so I can’t get the camo and that gives everyone Else an Edge that i
    can’t have

  123. Some much else wrong with the game currently and fucking greedjin decides
    to add more pay to win. What a great idea.

  124. At least the tracks aren’t behind a paywall :(

  125. Personally, I was PISSED when I discovered that the extra customisation
    options were behind a bloody paywall. Now those with a big enough wallet
    will have a distinct advantage over those who can’t afford to.

  126. I definitely think it just made the game more pay to win if anything.

  127. 500 fucking golden eagles, and you can’t even unlock them!

  128. Show us the m22 with bushes. Im really curious to see how it will look

  129. i think Gajin should have at least give us a chance to “win” camo

  130. Why can’t you earn this stuff? Totally fair right there! ‘Yeah lets put
    actual camouflage behind a paywall’

  131. Yo Phly take out the Sea Venom

  132. IDK if you’re just being funny or not, but homogeneous is pronounced like
    homo gene eyus

  133. Dimitriy “TommyvercettyGT” Yukhymenko

    Maybe they are going to be decorations for ships in the future

  134. It’s a cool thought until you find out that you NEED to pay money to stick
    a branch on your tank.

  135. More p2w bullshit from the cunts a pt gaijin.

  136. DUDE You can make the FURY tank!! The gasmask and the german steel helmet
    right above it if you put it on the Sherman from it. And maybe some of the

  137. do i see this correctly ? i dont need to buy it for every tank on its own?

  138. Average Luftwaffe Me 262

    Does not know what leave/branch is. Assumes it’s European. GG phly…

  139. Hey phly planning on playing some more anno?

  140. The American channel

    ”TANK CAMO – Is It Fair?” War isn’t fair.

  141. accumbularate DoP

    I think that this stuff is total PTW bullshit. I can’t afford premium, and
    I love War Thunder, so I don’t really appreciate this kind of thing…

  142. the fuhrer epicness

    “all is fair in love and war”- Winston Churchill

  143. what they should do is have each customization slot a ‘modifications’
    upgrade. So you have to research each slot one at a time, encouraging
    grinding and rewarding good progress.

  144. Ok, paywall for the ability to look like a bush is not fair in any way,
    shape, or form.

  145. CAN I PUUT on me plane?

  146. well at least the extra armor mod is not pay to win

  147. Love the intro song

  148. The real problem is the bushes covering weak spots for the tank, at
    distance it’s gonna be tough penning lower glacis etc…
    Really if they want to put it in, they should be implementing it for
    turretless spg only.
    Not mentionning american late T4 which look all the same with differents
    armor value.
    Differenciating them with only their gun barrel won’t be very fun…

  149. Apparently you can’t really tell when you’re past about 100m that the
    bushes are even there.

  150. phly create fury and drive it next time

  151. I am definitely displeased that the new camo foliage and decorations are
    only accessible via premium currency. I would have been fine if it cost
    Silver Lions to get it or was researchable like the new add-on armor, but
    as a wholly F2P player, this feels like a real smack in the face (and
    before people start saying that I should just cough up the money for the
    Golden Eagles, my funds are all tied up in more important things IRL, such
    as keeping my internet and power on and making sure I have food and water).

  152. lmao, a fir tree is a European plant :P

  153. Make the churchill more op like wtf

  154. Like my girlfriend’s bush

  155. Jonathan LaPrade

    Why is everything GE NOW?!!??

  156. it’s pay to win

  157. Huh! when I’m about to grind for German Tanks now…I left off on Tiger H1
    and I switch to Russia, but I’m gonna continue again

  158. -You only can get the bushes by paying golden eagles, hmm, right. What is
    that, boys?
    -Pay to win
    -I can’t hear you
    -Pay to win!!
    -Pay to what?
    -PAY TO WIN!!!!
    -There it is

  159. from worse to pay2win

  160. The argument that it’s unfair cause you can’t see them isn’t really valid
    in realistic and sim as they are meant to be close to real and adding
    foliage to armour was common practice

  161. when i updated the game my progress reset 0_o

  162. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    PhlyDaily do you have the free golden Eagles app? If you have can you tell
    me your e-mail so i can agree you, please answer

  163. Phly will you put in the cool intro like you have before?

  164. It’ll be for my TD’s only – no way any sane person would spend that much
    gold on bushes for every tank. That said Phil is you look there is one type
    of camo for each terrain type – ie fir trees for winter etc

  165. Dam war thunder back at again with pay to win

  166. on low settings the cammo stands out big time

  167. Nicholas Standen

    They need to make the bushes unlockable, otherwise it’s not really pay to
    WIN, but you pay for an advantage. The other decals & shit can be paid,
    because they don’t really give an upgrade.

  168. ” Is It Fair? ” FFS of course it is ffs it is realism

  169. hey phly u forgot that now everybody can get golden eagles through the app
    so its not realy a paywall :D

  170. They dont render past 100m in 3d person view, gg gaijin

  171. And people say wargaming is bad.

  172. Can we see the legit Sherman Fury tank!

  173. Kip Kleimenhagen

    You forgot the Firefly!

  174. tank camo is not supposed to be fair, thats the whole point of camo

  175. I think the worst is people believe the bushes are going to hide them (an
    pay for it). It’s only cosmetic and fades after a dozen of meters :-)

  176. So can someone help me. What do the green names mean because i always
    thought it was a squamate or a teammate but then i realized that this is
    not always true when i was shot down by an enemy with a green name

  177. How can I add the armor?

  178. 31 people bought tank cammo

  179. what has become of WT :/

  180. Japanines tanks lol

  181. Pay to style confirmed at least add another way to unlock

  182. Is the armor also available for the T-34-85 D-5T or just the normal -85?

  183. Is Gaijin really THAT hard up for our money?

  184. It’s unfair that it only cost GE, It feels like P2W as the camouflage can
    be a great advantage, plus why do only paying users get the cool stuff,
    Okay, I do buy premium but I can’t fork out so much cash! This sucks…

  185. this means you can finally put german helmets on the M4A2 W Fury

  186. 1970s bush hahaha I lost it

  187. Goddammit Phly, your intro made me watch that live action War Thunder
    trailer again.

  188. #makeWarThunderGreatAgain

  189. Could you say this is the start of the bush era for war thunder? ;D #puns

  190. Slashdash Marley

    they need to make it that you can unlock the camo same as with the winter
    camo x amount of kills so you can grind for it aswell as buy it. and then
    maybe put some lions behind aswell could be ok

  191. hetzer with bushes ?

  192. Should not sell camouflage as gold eagle,but sliver money ,that will not be
    pay to win.

  193. just shoot the moving bushes… same as always

  194. 500 huh? I’ll pass, if there were sandbags or bags and gerry cans from the
    period i would grab it

  195. Winter camo isnt behind paywall. It behind kills. Play the tank OR pay

  196. war isnt far ik its a game but come on you guys bitch about the wrong
    things, what we need to complain about is the last man standing i hate that

  197. I hate how they added it

  198. Phly please put Bushes on the T-95 doom turtle xD or if it isn’t in yet, do
    it when it is :D


  200. Great idea, terrible implementation.

    So, standard fare for Gaijin

  201. juan david uran acevedo

    it cost golden eagles FUCK YOUU GAIJIM

  202. That intro Btw for anybody who does not know is do not hurry by Ana German
    (one of the song names it has)

  203. I have no problem with it being behind a paywall. But you can put way more
    camo than what is balanced. Limiting it to two bushes instead of the six is
    an acceptable compromise.

  204. Damn you Gaijin. DAMN YOU! You had the chance for a great addition, but you
    must get the money. So you make it behind a paywall instead of a
    modification, which it really is.

  205. CantStopTheSignal

    i feared these would be paid with GE but i never imagined they would be 500
    a piece ! holy crap Gaijin ! are you serious ?

  206. Is this real? Is this HONESTLY in game? I mean, I noticed that they removed
    all decals save a few (Too many Ukrainian flags probably)))))) But they’re
    honestly adding this?!

  207. ply I dare you to take out the dauntless twin guns rek

  208. Phly, I hate to burst your bubble, but someone on the forums did a test,
    and if you have render far objects set to off, the bush camo does not
    render farther than 400 m, EVEN if all other settings are set to MAX (aka
    no ULQ has the same effect as ULQ: camo useless from far away)

  209. Thatguywiththetelescope.

    Doesn’t know how to pronounce a type of tree that exists in his own
    country. congrats

  210. I hate that it costs ge pls gajin this is almost adding pay 2 win

  211. Lol the 1970 bush?????

  212. “I don’t look for a gun barrel in bushes”
    Maybe you should, as that’s how tankers in WW2 did it.


  214. Dumbest game developer of all time. This game is filled with hackers and
    cheaters that mostly consist of former developers that were fired. These
    people constantly try to convince everyone the game is “server sided” and
    that you can’t cheat LOL the game is also very unrealistic. Cars and
    objects on the road that look like they’ve been rusting for years suddenly

  215. My favorite part of the camouflage update is with the bush, you can cover a
    weakspot with the bush, and it’ll be harder for the enemy to find exactly
    where to shoot. (like he MG port on the T32 Heavy)

  216. weed camo, anyone?

  217. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Im suprised no one has put a bunch of foliage onto a tanks’ turret to give
    it an hairstyle. You could give a tank a mowhawk or an afro or anything :3

  218. Paying to be able to hide better IS pay to win. I quit warthunder till they
    fix there shit and looks like they are going down the worst path

  219. ThreeFiveZoids The Crab

    The bush camo looks too natural, needs to look more artifical

  220. So the new bushes can only be bought with golden eagles? Guess that means
    it’s Pay 2 Win.

  221. This is what war thunder is coming too..

  222. pay to win confirmed

  223. I would totally be OK if that camo was unlockable with Modifactions on
    Tanks destroyers instead of extra armor. I would say that the buyable camo
    is pay-2-win

  224. oh no very good

  225. NO NEED TO PANIC Bushes wont render above 50m

  226. P2W Romulan cloaking device, confirmed.

  227. i get you guys im also mad but give gajin a chance give them one/two
    updates and if this P2W bullshit is still here then be mad. what i mean is
    after each update they can fuck it up but if it stays they are just money

  228. also you cant really see the weakspots if theres a freaking bush on the

  229. they should disbale this for TD’s

  230. is it fair ? NO! if you have to pay 500 GE for each of them :(

  231. Okay, first, does the signs work as additional armor ? that’d be awesome !
    And secondly, I just won’t be able to bear the people who will make their
    tanks look ridiculous…

  232. PSA: I don’t recommend the insygnia or whatever they’re called. You can
    only put one on each tank, and they’re pretty small. Just not worth the
    eagles. I bought one of the camo pieces, and you can put 6 of them on each
    tank max. The placement is kinda difficult since it can’t be near or on
    some important parts, but using all 6 to cover the entire front of your
    tank is not too difficult. The camo is a yes, all other stuff is a no.

  233. It will be pay to win because you buy them with GE, it should be won for
    getting a set amount of kills in ten matches, so it rewards the good
    players. Everyone else can test them out for a week, so that gameplay isn’t
    ruined forever.

  234. Time to return to low tiers again!

  235. The big combi

  236. On simulation its even more important not to block optics 😛 Learned the
    hard way! But after tweaking the camo on normandy 7 kills on marder. Epic
    ambushes from the bushes. Also on realistic on jagdpanther I can see the
    panic.. Im right in front of the tank among rocks, but sheer panic on some
    guys as they dont realize where the tank is. 😀 Tracers ofc always show
    your position, but you get the first 1-3 shots usually. 😀

    Maybe bit OP. Like on tortoise I can hide weakspots and cupolas.. people
    have hard time “finding them” with shots. Same goes for lower glacis

    But overall I like it. As a TD driver. Maybe they could be bit more
    conservative, but yeah… Works.


  237. All you gotta do is play at low graphics or rarely at medium graphics,
    After that you’ll see all the bush scrubs ;D

  238. Stephen Roderick

    Well it is a little O.P because when im playing my pz4 f2, t34 camo (jungle
    camo) is kinda hard to spot in heavly bushed areas. With this now it near
    impossible for me to see them in these areas.

  239. Um phly for me the game the game is world of tanks on the description

  240. awesome

  241. Onyx Dragon (OnyxDragon22)

    Fair? Yeah it’s quite fair… As long as you aren’t in the wrong end of the
    cannon :P


  243. first i was really happy about this but i will not support pay 2 win. gg

  244. 3 USD to put bush camo on every tank you have and could ever have seems
    reasonable to me.

  245. Fore the other decorations it makes sense, but putting the foliage behind a
    paywall is a bad idea, since those aren’t just for pretty looks; they grant
    a advantage in the game. Significantly so in RB and SB.

    Skulls and warning signs for Eagles? Yes, go ahead.
    Effective optical camouflage for Eagles? No, that’s unfair for anyone who
    doesn’t have Eagles.

  246. Will be nice if you can put that lifebuoy on Pt 76 :D

  247. This will be very unfair for ps4 users as we can’t turn down the graphics
    like PC users which is such a pain. I repeatedly get killed by players who
    fire through a whole forest it’s utter BS.

  248. shiron shivagumar

    People use your brains if it was for free everyone would be having bushes
    all over them. ITS ONLY £3 GET OVER IT.

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