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START PLAYING!! Download War Thunder NOW!

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. Hey, anyone remember the Oculus Rift? Neither do I.

  2. Damn u ugly

  3. why team kill

  4. Элиза Хоэнхаим

    Phly, if you play SB this way your enemies will loose all advantages. They
    will see nothing like you.

  5. Fly the F9F-9 Cougar in sim with the VR.

  6. Yo Phly, got a challenge for ya mate since its been awhile since the last
    one. Land a b29 or Tu4 in the water and as it floats use the gunners to
    shoot down planes. You turn into a ship :). Try it

  7. Y doesn’t he do sim

  8. Aa or mouse

  9. If you could have multi crew (Driver, Gunner, Commander) VR tank combat,
    that would be the best.

  10. Phly u should have used Voice Attack and VR.

  11. Should have played sim with this. Don’t know why you wouldn’t

  12. Your self-imposed rules aren’t so realistic. What you’re simulating there
    is a tank crewed by a single person and without a radio. 🙂 This is why the
    HUD is there. Anyway, I’d love to see more VR War Thunder gameplay!

  13. GPS 1940s

  14. Phly I got the best idea ever take out the f-86 or mig (what ever fighter
    jet you want) and fly it around in realistic or simulator that be with sim
    would be realism at its highest dude!

  15. They NEED to make crew-battles a thing now. Having multiple players crew a
    single vehicle would be an awesome game mechanic.

  16. bring out ur pitch forks fellas we got ourselves a team killer

  17. phly……. FLY PLANES WITH THIS

  18. i wish there would be tank / plane slots, so you can play together with a
    friend in one vehicle

  19. why the rules iisnt tat what the t
    tank crew is for?

  20. now they need to set up multi crew tanks

  21. Brantley Chamberlin

    (HTC Vive) King Tiger see though the eye’s of the beast.

  22. PHLY, German army need some Panzer 4 & Stuka dive bomber support ; I will
    award u as Iron Cross for it *

  23. How fun would it be to play with full crew in one tank!?!

  24. More of this please

  25. It would be awesome if war thunder would make it so that every position:
    driver, gunner, loader, commander had a HTC on idk if enough people play
    war thunder for that but it would be dope

  26. I am watching this video in school, fk I love u Phly :D.

  27. Hey next time take out the gun carrier with a 32 pounder the Achilles the
    Sherman firefly the tetrarch the A-32 the Somua S35 and the Renault Char B1
    Bis tanks for the allies

  28. go in a jet with VR

  29. I think you shouldn’t have any rules because you are trying to play 4
    people at once. But you should take off the hud.

  30. But Phly didn’t you said “Who needs a commander when you have the driver
    and gunner!” on one of the last videos?

  31. You literally look like an egg haha

  32. Has Phly has chemotherapy or something?

  33. I’m sorry but…
    Love u man

  34. I don’t like war thunder in VR. I think it’s bette the normal way

  35. use vr in plane simulater battles

  36. More VR! But how about with any SPG. The true limitation fixed guns faced.

  37. they should add a mode where you and your friends could handle a single
    tank in a multicrew thing maybe?

  38. P63a-10 flying banana #1

  39. very good video phly! one subs from me!

  40. He had tan camo…. lol

  41. Also when he gets hud on it says ground unit (friendly) destroyed

  42. Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

    I think the limitation when you can drive only in driver seat, scout as
    commander and shoot in gunner seat is nonsense. It would be like last man
    standing in the tank. I think you should choose the commander place. And
    maybe when shooting switch to gunner.

  43. Wow……!!

  44. You see, this is pretty much what ive always wanted except you get some
    friends together and have one person as commander, one as driver and one as
    gunner. I would play that :D

  45. This only further cements my opinion that War Thunder should add the
    ability to have either multiplayer battles or PvE missions with a co-op
    tank driving mode where you have 3+ players controlling one tank. You’d
    have a driver who can only see the driver view and is the only one who can
    make the tank move, one or more gunners (depending on the tank) who can
    only see through the gunner view and is/are the only one(s) that can shoot,
    and a commander that can use the commander view as well as binocs and may
    be able to use a machine gun as well, depending on the tank.

  46. I really like Phlys enthusiasm. :)

  47. Birtish War Thunder Gaming


  48. try in Realistic mode

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