Tank Commander REACTS to MORE War Thunder Tanks

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Welcome back to another episode of Expert React! Today, we’re going to be learning a lot about tanks, all from the incredible game “War Thunder II,” with tank commander Chellby Bragg. He will share with us from the Heaviest tanks to the ones that deal the most damage. It will be fun to find out the tank they feared the most. Enjoy the Video!
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  1. How about tank commander reacts to SQUAD they will be impressed

  2. Have him look at GHPC (gunner heat PC)

  3. Quantum Immortality

    should get tank expert react to “gunner heat pc”

  4. Ah yes, the Tiger variants, the only thing able to defeat these mighty German Vehicles were slight hills, and wooden bridges

    • And ALOT of gun just not used on tank until 1940/41 mhu 76mm muh 6pdr mhu 122mm (not to forget those used in static position like the 57mm russian lolpen bitch or just artillerie tiger or just heavy tanks in général hate arty)

  5. Tiger Tank unstoppable… This guy man.. Read a book that isn’t american

  6. Ok this video of the start is pice of shit

  7. Tank commander reacts GHPC

  8. bruh it’s like asking a war thunder level 8 noob player TBH i thought about something more professional

  9. 1:16 did he just call, the commanders cupola, A GUNNER HOLE

    • RIGHT!?!?! I sat there like bruh what

    • “Little gunner hole there, next to the driver” @Donovan Hochradel I think he was talking about the gunner port but the editors went on and thought that’s what he was talking about but yes throughout the video he acts like he knows but he doesn’t

  10. War Thunder II isnt a game, its just War Thunder

  11. Gregor reviews the War Thunder aircraft please.

  12. WaR ThunDer tWo?!?!

  13. I think this game is the best tank, plane and boat game

  14. What is a modern day tank commander gonna have to say comment wise about WW2 tanks? He was a tank commander, not a historian lol

  15. bro fr called a commanders cupola a gunners seat

  16. The tiger was nearly unstoppable untill its transmission broke or an is-2 or hellcat came across it. The it was donezo

    • Or just a 76 Sherman witch was very effective agains’t it from the front crontrary to popular belief that’s why in Fury you Can see stripe on the gunbarrell they are here to try camouflage the long barell and meusel break to avoid being targeted first some crew even cut the meuselbreak that’s why there is a 76mm longgun whithout it

  17. They should let him play and see his ass getting whoop.

  18. again, I don’t really think this guy plays warthunder

  19. I don’t wanna to like joke with his career since i wasn’t in the battlefield, but my dude looks like his reading some wikipedia sometimes and then his just someone that dosen’t understand anything of tanks ”rpg or javelin” ”gunner hole”.

  20. This series continues to be painful to watch. I’m sure he was a great crew member but he has no idea what he’s talking about 99.9% of the time. You really need to either give up or get someone new.

  21. do enlisted

  22. ‘Gunner heat pc’ would be a much better review for this dude in my opinion.

  23. Error: Name Not Found

    Is he also gonna provide WT with Classified Docs? XD

  24. Krisztián Várszegi

    GHPC next. Trust me.
    And maybe make them play the game?

  25. Now do it with garbage pay to win world of tanks

  26. reading up a script lmao

  27. war thunder is very real and people suffer from the snail

  28. commanders cupula isnt the gunners sight or viewport XD wtf

    • Are you a tanker?

    • @Boombox2436 I doubt he is. Am I? No. Are you? I reckon not. Do I have a multitude of sources backing me up in saying ChubbaWubbs and I are entirely correct in saying the cupola is completely different from a gunner port or sight? YES

  29. You know he is lying when he says he plays a video game that doesnt even exist… War Thunder 2? Since when? lol

  30. WAr thunder 2?

  31. bro doesnt knows sht about tanks 💀

  32. Warthunder 2?

  33. Never deployed

  34. Ah f&% now with more publicity about the game the more squeelers are gonna pop up with mom and pops credit card jacking up premium sales…

  35. No Soviet tanks? dumb video.

  36. Tiger…56t, not 68…thats the king kitty, or an older model Abrams

  37. justine lebert tulauan

    the 3rd tank its kv2 and the 4th tank tiger l if iam correct me

  38. Nah I better wacht phlydaily than this

  39. Show the man (and the audience) some respect, and put some effort into captions!

    0:58, he says abrams not everything
    1:14, “slide” tracks? nobody thought he said slide tracks lmfao.
    1:38 he says “we call it on our tank” not “an r-tank”

    im done, you suck.
    adblocked and channel banned. thanks chrome!

  40. I can tell, he got his tank knowledge from movies and some tanks he actually been inside.

  41. This is waaaay too mainstream for warthunder players

  42. Yeah I think that’s a tiger two the panther am I a joke to you

  43. “It takes a lot to load that round”, 43.3 seconds to reload for KV-2, so that’s accurate br0

  44. Tank Commanders react to GUNNER HEAT PC please!!!

  45. When your engine gets shot out and the check engine light comes on😢

  46. Can’t stop the A-Train

  47. pretty interesting, but i recommend to him to study up on ww2 tanks (I love my invincible 70 ton tiger 1 bruh)
    Still great video

  48. What War Thunder “II”? There’s only 1 WT…

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