Tank Commander REACTS to War Thunder | Total Recoil

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It's out folks…
To all the Tank lovers and users…
We're back with another episode Total Recoil with our very own host Israel, having a chit chat with our special tank commander Chellby Bragg.
Some he played with and some he drove with… tune in to out more about the design of Tanks and War Thunder …

War Thunder is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea. According to the 's creative director Kirill Yudintsev, it is the only game that encompasses all three of these experiences in one gameplay session.

Vehicles range from pre-World War I naval vessels, from the interwar period and the Spanish Civil War for tanks and aircraft to the Iraq war and beyond, with an emphasis on World War II as well as an emphasis on the Vietnam War and the Cold War.

Players can control aircraft, ground vehicles, and from the United States, Germany, Russia, Britain, and Japan, as well as nations with smaller militaries or less prominence in conflicts, such as Italy, France, China, , and Israel.

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  1. I’m guessing that’s the XM-1 GM?

  2. Watch his other video on his reaction to Squad he goes into details on all the tanks and has more information there than this video

  3. 12:42 It’s so the gun breech can depress more without hitting the roof of the tank, and so the tank can have a roof.

  4. Given the effort put into showing the game features, I can totally see this game not beeing sponsored by Gaijin at all.

  5. why didnt they ask him if they had to research for their own parts

  6. Did Chellby reach rank V tho??

  7. Wow the patriotism in these guys calming the Leopard uses American guns Rheinmetall make the guns for the Germans and America licensed produced them.

  8. Imagine warfare like this where it can be remotely controlled precisely like the game. Military would start hiring professional War Thunder players by then.

  9. APFSDS with no pen

  10. should have a look at Arma 3 – maybe some Star wars mods/halo mods, seeing how yall have already reacted to modern mods

  11. The advantages and disadvantaged thing made me think of EndWar, where the vehicles are basically just rock,paper,scissors. Lol

  12. first of all the abrams has the gun form the leo 2a6 so no stealing from us we design it you buy it

  13. jrw 2Electric Boogaloo

    The 50 cal machine gun you can go through the side of the pz 4

  14. How tank commander can comment about tanks he never been in?

  15. You guys should check out GHPC(GunnerHeatPC) its trying to be a Realistic Simulator but fine balance between game and hardcore sim ones the game is finished you will get simulations like Wind affecting you rounds Realistic Damage system Infantry and much more but with the easy to use controlls not like in other Tank sims like Steel beast where you have to learn each tank for days just to be a gunner or driver

    and the Crew voices are Good still in development but already Amazing you have call outs like Gunner Sabot Tank if your commander sees a Tank or if he is dead your gunner will say identified Tank

  16. One of the big differences from a real tank is that it is critical to keep the gun clear from running into objects and the ground itself…none of the video games model this. Doing this in real life could seriously damage the hydraulics or gun mounting, particularly with the ridiculous speeds that gamers operate at. BTW, I was in Charlie Company, so my tank’s name was CHECKMATE. And sorry, the M1 was designed to fight the Russians in Central Europe, the Turbine engine and Filters were definitely not designed for desert warfare…the Merkava was.

  17. Do GHCP

  18. Warthunder is my favorite game to play! I play it all the time

  19. For the MBT-70 (and Kpz-70), the gun on the left of the turret is a retractable 20mm autocannon designed for self defence against helicopters. Ingame the commander controls the gun and he can fire the main weapon, and when he dies the 20mm is unuseable.

    Apparently in real life the Commander could actually drive the tank and shoot the main gun with the Gunner also having a control panel to his right that allows him to control the 20mm, neither of these are able to happen ingame though but it might change later.

    All crew members are also in the turret with the Driver being in his own mini turret that always faces the front in the vehicle so that he can see properly. The only problem with this is the fact that it cause motion sickness, and it got the point where the Driver position was movied to a heavily reclined position in the front of the hull.

  20. 9:34 yeah no, panzer 4 werent that hard to penetrate, un-angled armor combined with powerfull guns it just destroyed

  21. Man, I love these pair

  22. do gunner heat pc

  23. they should react to Steel Beasts

  24. Florian Steininger

    Actually, the cannon on the Leopard is German as far as I know.

  25. dude lowkey looks like lil nas

  26. You guys should check out Gunner Heat PC. Very realistic

  27. my man just said that the panzer 4’s armor was unpenetrable xD, also the mbt-70’s coaxial cannon on top of the turret is from the 60’s not the 2000’s

  28. the abrams main gun is a copie of the german

  29. Just a fun fact about war thunder
    There’s an argument in reddit about a tank and the guy one of the guy thay arguing pull out a real secret classified military documents about the vehicle just so that they won the argument

  30. Just another human, or am i?

    He looks a little like LTG

  31. Nobody Somebodiev

    Have you been Gaijined

  32. World War 2 history and gear

    9:12 No. That’s a Tiger. The Panzer 4s armour was average, plus is wasn’t angled well. So it didn’t have very good protection.
    And even Tigers could be easily destroyed by a sherman with a 76mm gun, or a 17 pounder.

  33. Valley Settlement

    You should have Air Force people react to the planes and battles of war thunder

  34. 14:30 look like a Abrams because of the barrel. day reversed engineered it (they stole it from us)

    ME: are you joking the Abrams has a German cannon L/44 120mm Rheinmetall.
    And aswell when you wear looking to the leopard 2A6 i think those two circles in the back are fans.

    And when you saw the panzer you wear talking about the Tiger but you look at a panzer????????

  35. We need them to react to Gunner heat PC

  36. Propel The Prototoaster

    The MBT 70 is a 1960 prototype tank developed along side germany’s kpz 70

  37. Favourite games? More like most played yet also most frustrating game? Like 2 k hours in game but i cant manage 3 games alone anymore with feeling like dying outside aswell

  38. hahahahaha so armored yeah its a panzer 4 and a shell from a Churchill 7 would destroy it

  39. I hope terrain is the only way to flip over a tank…

  40. Ah yes my fav. game: Crack wait, no I mean war thunder

  41. Menschliche Stichsäge

    Just FYI. The Panzer isn’t a specific tank. Panzer is just the German translation for tank. The tank was named Panzerkampfwagen IV or just Tank number 4. They had nicknames like tiger, puma, mouse Panther etc. German tanks that are named after animals very often. The main battle tanks are named after cats like the Tiger and Panther in Ww2 and nowadays it’s the Leopard.

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