TANK REQUEST IS BACK! (War Thunder Churchill Tank Gameplay)

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TANK REQUEST BACK! ( Tank Gameplay)

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  1. HD should be soon! Also streaming soon https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily!

  2. Im a joke its time for early

  3. the 25’th

  4. Churchill too fast 4 U

  5. The red Dragon Boy

    yes warthunder with phly

  6. +phly could you play the New panzerjäger I with the 47 or the New russian
    spaa with the 2x 23mm

  7. Aitor Andre Benito

    Thats an epic tank

  8. do t 50 and the flying boat

  9. m41 bulldog and f6f with tiny tims huehue

  10. Drive the Doom Turtle and dont forget to use bushes to cover the cupolas.
    Also if you like, fly out the B17(E or G) with those massive 908kg bombs.
    Lets show ze krauts how democracy works…

  11. Росен Иванов

    T-44 & Il-2M type 3

  12. F-2 sabre and m60

  13. The Master Chief 2000

    Panzer II reserve and ME-262 “Narwhal” or the German LOL combo

  14. Phly, next time Typhoon Mk Ia and Crusader Mk III on Tunisia :D

  15. Sherman Firefly & premium Typhoon next! A beast combo for RB.

  16. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    Phly do the Comet with the stirling :D

  17. tempest and black prince pls

  18. IS-3 with any plane give them some good gulag… :}

  19. the Churchill is quite fast when I drive it

  20. If you slow down the video to 0.25 speed, you’ll see that the secrit
    document thing is a premium plane. Not sure what though, twin propellors at
    the nose of the plane?

  21. The one who shoots

    Phly you should play the Zis-30 bushed out

  22. 10 + 19, 21? seriously Phly? lol

  23. I love Phly because his videos are so natural. Not much editing, no staged
    reactions… that first part of the video (after intro) is proof.

  24. dat reload wow makes me want this long tank. Nice vid Phly, as always

  25. Jolly good, olé chap!

  26. 10/10 for the meems

  27. Beast 57mm love that gun

  28. why no more game play with baron????!!

  29. Quillyboyancrew101

    T34-100 & pe 8 with 5000kg bomb :)

  30. Lukesmasherz Gaming

    Phly you and your comrades have just stolen the sekrit documents, play the
    TIII or the TV

  31. yuri de oliveira barbosa

    the war is over, Stalin isnt happy, take the IS-3 and YAK-9T and make him

  32. 76mm jumbo. Bounce those 88s

  33. So Many Dicks

    -PhlyDaily 2016

  34. Primarch Alpharius

    why do i find fart noises so funny?

  35. M3 Lee and TBD-1 do it for American pride

  36. play the t32 with any plane of choice you might wanna commit suicide after
    playing 8.0 with the t32

  37. listen comrade, you mission is to use one of ze captured German tanks, (the
    mous (use the german one and say you Russian)). you job is to kill all the
    american scum you can then get into one of our mig-15bis’s (the German one
    (say your Russian)) and make them suck you **********ing 37 mm boner!! (use
    the mous and mig-15bis) please 🙂 (i mean no offence to anyone)

  38. y u hide yer kv2mod1940

  39. Lol tea factory. So British like me!

  40. Geometry Dash Electroman

    T-32 And B-17 For America F*** yeah

  41. Whatcha hidin phly? What is the sekrit documents?

  42. could you stop with that cancerous royalty free music thrown in becayse

  43. The Mosquito, perhaps the only aerial creature more dangerous than Phly
    behind the yoke of a Cessna…..

  44. matilda next pls

  45. Nianios Nianioglou

    the editing with the sounds is the best! especialy at the end i fell from
    my chair laughing

  46. M3A1 Stuart and M3 Stuart pls

    Love your videos!
    How ’bout the TEMPEST MK V with the CENTURION MK. III!!!??
    Would looooovve to see that combo!

  48. Maybe in world of tanks or war thunders next physics update maybe they
    might add drains and gas pipes in to the game so when a vehicle fires at it
    , it bursts and the gas while explode in a radiance of tanks and kill it.

  49. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Russian bias combo (try 2):
    T-34-85(d5t) and Pe-3bis (more like pe-3bias).
    Make them scream Russian bias in fear and pain! For Stalin!

  50. po2 and T10M

  51. Phly, I don’t think 10 + 19 is 21…(14:09)

  52. Can u do a video on the plane series with the JU any mark

  53. phly u hate the Russian tanks don’t you

  54. So many maymays

  55. M3 Lee the World of tanks way, aka only shoot out of the 75. and catalina
    the 5 not the 5a

  56. a challenge video take out the hs-129 b-2 in realistic but stay in cockpit
    mode the whole time pls

  57. American Heavy hitting/Animal Combo (Attempt 10)
    Play the endangered M6A1 Buffalo and the P-61 Black Widow with the 1000lb
    Deliver a taste of freedom to those krauts!

  58. fleee what were you hiding from us? I see it was new low tier premium
    russian tank and possibly new tier 5, T55,T62 comarade?

  59. Marvin Reinthaler

    Phly, take out the XP-50
    Now the Germans know, how overclimbing feels!
    America Fk yeah

  60. you know what just cause I know how much you love the Russians the t54 47
    and the il28

  61. Play the t92 light tank

  62. Aleksander Hansen

    Still take out the F3-F☺

  63. Phly… your edit isn’t so good and i think i saw the sikret plane. But i’m
    not going to reveal because i’m not a traitor!!!

  64. 11:00 Here we can see how strong is the russian armor made of Stalinium, it
    really deserves the title strongest metal known to man kind. The mixture of
    Stalins blood and vodka really rusults in the strongest material known to
    man kind its just awesome mind blowing.

  65. Great video!

  66. Anton Morgenstern

    I have a good challenge:kill a aircraft with a bomb or a rocket

  67. Good video.Great to see at least one non Englander appreciating British
    Steel!!! How about taking out The Stug with the L48 75mm gun. with the ME
    262 Narwhal for some long range sniping.Have fun!

  68. Let all make Phly Fly the Derpy Yak-9K
    Aka: mother russia

  69. so many dicks in bushes ??

  70. hahaha he hides the iron duke XDD

  71. Calm Koala Nightcore™ (CalmKoalaArmy)

    Chaika and t34 stz, do it for mother russia

  72. vitor tonietto (bombastico930)

    This was amazing!

  73. Big boom B-29 with DOOM TURTLE make me proud phly

  74. Need to have an event: Doom Turtles vs Tortoises

  75. what was in those secrit documents phly!? come onn tell us!

  76. Barış Mehmet Balcı

    I wish i have friends and a decent computer to play games like this, i
    watched your other videos and this is so perfect to me. Keep go on(i hope i
    said it right) you are really good :D

  77. How you can download crossout? Please tell me!!!!!!!

  78. Phly how you can download crossout? Please tell me!!!!!!!

  79. 14:10
    Mathematics from the Phlydaily: 10+19=21 ????

  80. Phly! Fly out the P-61 [Night Fighter] and serve your country today!

  81. omg phly the music and the fart noises killed me xD

  82. T92 light tantk and B-29 havy bomber

  83. Overrekt Asterisk *

    Bigger big booms,

    Stalin is very mad, He wants the enemy filled with vodka and death!
    He commands you to use the SU-100Y And the Pe-8!

  84. kikka make him suffer or the J7W1 2 OP guns 2 OP Dive

  85. That’s me in the td at the objective ;)

  86. Plane request is spifire mark 2b

  87. soviet bombadier combo; su-152, il-2

  88. +PhlyDaily What’s up with the black box over your first vehicle in your
    Soviet crew lineup at 2:59?

  89. +Phlydaily Bring back the World of War Tanks animated intro! (like the one
    you have for World of Warships)

  90. cant tell whos worse at the game you or baron

  91. Phly that was really entertaining keep it up my man

  92. F86 pleas

  93. Fly P51 with 20mm!

  94. Matthew Bainbridge

    Lancaster any mk, and chieftain mk3

  95. For challenge series do an plane arcade battle and set the ennemy color to
    blue and teammates color to red

  96. After patch 1.39 I quit playing War Thunder but watching yours and Baron’s
    videos I rediscovered War Thunder and am having a great time and share a
    new found love for the craftsmanship behind these vehicles. I love this
    series Phly and thank you for helping me love War Thunder again.

  97. plhy u must defend ze third reich with the jagtpanther and a dove bomber!

  98. 10+19=21??

  99. go a t55 and mig 15 RUSSIAN STYLE!!!!

  100. I have a nice challenge and recommendation! This is called the Russian Boat
    Challenge! Play the PT-76 and then earn enough to get the MBR-2 and must
    get 2+ ground kills!

  101. *is there some dick around the corner, i bet they are dick in the bushes* i
    dont know why it came weird in my head mouahaha XD

  102. jokes on you +PhlyDaily I killed a pe8 with a 3 inch gun carrier while it
    was turning

  103. Take out the Yak 3(p) and the T 34-100

  104. “What’s 10 plus 19? 21….”
    Yes phly…yes…. ._.

  105. Defend the schnitzel and beer factories with the BF-109 F-4!!

  106. A30 Challenger and Tempest Mk.V Late war British power!

  107. Gary Bromiley (Maddog2uk)

    That 70’s porn music OMG phly

  108. T44 & La9 for the motherland!

  109. how do i use the binos?

  110. LordHH Nonamehere

    Loved this vid

  111. Sima Bruchim-Cohen

    why are you blacking out stuff?

  112. Can someone explain to me what were all those blacked out boxes near the
    beginning, please

  113. what a great vid your best yet

  114. Hey Phly if you think the Mossies 57mm is a fart cannon… you should try
    the hurricane MkIV 40 mm in RB Ground Forces lol :p

  115. Is-3 and pe-8 OR GULAG

  116. any 8.0 meteor or hunter

  117. THE DO 217 N2 AND THE KV 1B

  118. Do T-10M and Yer-2(the second tier 4)

  119. Phly the Beaufighter Mk 21!! Make them fear your 20mms and 50 cals :)

  120. Take out the M22 Locust with the SBD-3 because I’m a maniac.

  121. OK. dat thumbnail.
    dat music.
    dat bug spray
    dat ending.
    wtf phly 2am cannot be gud 4 u

  122. (51)h6k4 or tb-3 or Sunderland please

  123. Which song did you use for the last bit with the mosquito?

  124. BF109 G6 in the plane request series?

  125. psychological warfare combo use the Panzerwerfer 42 and fly the Ju87 B-2.
    may Moaning Minnie and the Jericho trumpets bring fear to the allies!

  126. his chose of music for situations are PERFECT. Phly you are bound for big
    things my friend

  127. Only 964 golden eagles?

  128. Play with ur GF again Phly

  129. take out the t34-85 and the Yer-2-AchB/L

  130. the farting sounds are killing me. They remember me of “worst day in war
    thunder” video with the Jumbo Sherman.

  131. Phly Bring the Zsu-57-2 and il28. Bring death to the air and ground!

  132. Phly: “there are dick’s everywhere”
    Me: “i bet that’s not the first time that’s happened to you”

  133. Yet he lives!

  134. That Pe-8 bit had me on the edge of my seat, and laughing hysterically.


  136. please make all videos like this

  137. JU 87 G1 with PZ4 H

  138. plane request spit mk 2 a with tracers #light up the sky

  139. No need to block it.. i still see the t54.. btw,i would like to ask what
    gun targeting distance do u set on ur mig 15 bis and do u enable vertical

  140. drive the M6 Buffalo!

  141. Yak 17 and KV 5 try it for the Russian subscribers

  142. finally no more mad max..

  143. What’s in the box? What’s in the box?!

  144. I only thumbs up’d after the Mosquito farts. We need more of that

  145. “that’s what she said” material:
    6:04 “so many dicks everywhere”
    6:20 “if there’s any more dicks around the corner let me know”

    weird moment:
    11:33 < were you going on flying moby dick mode ? 20:56 < prepare your eyes X_x

  146. the p51 with the 4, 20mm cannons

  147. Me410 A1 use it as a fighter but take bombs if you wish Do IT! Me.410
    master race!

  148. name of intro song?

  149. LOL! Great vid Phly! I’m not able to play at all right now, too busy
    holding our baby, you’re my only way to “play” warthunder right now. so
    really enjoying all the videos. I’ve been working my way back through many!

  150. if there’s more dicks let me know in the comment section

  151. “What’s 10+19?” “21” the vine has returned

  152. James Fisher- Smith

    “What’s 10+19″

  153. Winston phly!!!

  154. (Read with a Dramatic voice and some 20th century patriotic type of music.)
    “Attn: Commander Phly, we have just heard word that your new P-80 Shooting
    Star fighter has just come in. We need you to go test fly it. However there
    is a stiff-dick in Germany who will do anything to prevent your test
    flight, the upper brass calls him “Der Dicke” (“Fatso” in German) also
    known as leader of the Luftwaffe, Herman Goering. He may send some of his
    best pilots and jet aircraft after you.” Show him that you are up to the
    challenge and take his squadron down if you see them.

    Good Luck Commander!
    [End Lore]

    So basically:
    P-80 and A tank of your choice.

  155. the plane that was covered was the MBR-2 because at 1:59 on the spot it is
    not covered

  156. Use the M4 Sherman Firefly and a P-51D Mustang

  157. Challenge: land on enemy tank with a Mosquito Challenge for MAUS: None :)

  158. 3 words for you from me: please more crossout

  159. “what’s 10 + 19? 21?” – Phly 2016

  160. da hell was the sikret documents

  161. Sherman (76)mm W and the P40Warhawk

  162. Aussie derp wirraway and ac iv thunderbolt

  163. favreu fadel putra ramaditya

    Phly do german churchill and the stuka btw what is the best tier 1 tank for
    the is

  164. Hi, somebody can tell me, how to use the periscope? Not the shooter
    periscope, the another. It’s in 5.17 in the video.

  165. Pzr II H and Me 410 A-1/U4 with 50mm hvap

    Recon class FTW

  166. Wirraway and Thunderbolt For Australia!

  167. Fly the Po-2 or you’re going to gulag!

  168. the ultimate future in warfare: the T92 and F82E

  169. Fly the F4U 1C.The japs are coming.FOR FREEDUMB AND DEMOCRACY

  170. Vote 1

    M103 or M 60

  171. m36 Jackson plz

  172. can you fly the Arado Ar 234 jet bomber? I rarely see a video with that

  173. Fantastic ending. This sort of humor is just what I need. thanks!

  174. 3 inch gun carrier please because everytime i see that bloody thing i cant
    pen it or i have to use a TD

  175. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  176. Panzer Kamper (PanzerKamper769)

    “Whats ten plus nineteen? 21?”

  177. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW


  178. I request you play more WOWS!

  179. try one of the Marder IIIs and the Bf109 F 2 with rockets please

  180. Anyone else watching this while playing it?

  181. im new to your channel and i love it, your intro is awesome

  182. American m4A4 Sherman and P47D-25 with rockets+bombs.

  183. Awesome video loved the editing

  184. 5:52 “It’s high noon…”

  185. Andrew Wagenknecht

    “10 + 19 is 21, right?” Sure thing, bud. Sure thing. Lol

  186. Thank god its back

  187. Pe-8 vs AAA KW-2 plzz

  188. kv2 pleasee

  189. Yeeeesssssss

  190. Elias Gouatarbès

    How do you change your language in war thunder???

  191. Fat ass slow, but deadly combo Matilda and Wellington with 4000lb
    Blockbuster bomb. Enjoy

  192. You’re so mean to Piper
    also pictures of piper or gtfo

  193. Phly can you tack out the typhoon 20mm and the Churchill mk3
    P.s your videos are sick

  194. Beaufort mark 7 and Conqueror.
    Try killing someone with lightest bombs on it :3

  195. Can you please play the stirlling

  196. Philippe Huybrechts

    Eddy wally

  197. great video enjoyed the music effects! ITS A WHALE

  198. T-54 mod 1951?

  199. Pz lV H with Me 410 57 mm

  200. John Raphael Vergosa

    hey phly can bring out the su-100y

  201. Иосиф Steelin

    17:30 If you would have stopped repairing and would have turned your hull
    using the working track, to angle the side, you could have survived.

  202. Hi guys, i lost a dear friend to me recently, can someone cheer me up?

  203. AC 4 thunder bolt and boomerang mk II

  204. Hey Phly! You should do the Matilda. As long as it is angled, you can take
    most anything. And also take the beaufighter. Heavy combo!

  205. Take tiger 2 out

  206. Way to redact the bushes M8. lol

  207. T34-1942 and IL 2 sturmovik, the true Russian Vodka distillery vehicles …

  208. Good video Phly – well done.

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