^^| Tank Scene Investigation Stream Highlight

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. Circon Holmes: A Game of Spotting

    Also, M103 best camo confirmed, need nerf.

  2. Wow… so you missed him because you over-estimated his intelligence. XD You thought he’d be moving and trying to gain position instead of hiding next to a rock in hopes of ambushing you. The sheer happenstance for that to occur… wow. Such lolz.

    Tank Scene Investigation is a go! Zoom! Enhance! Thrust! Parry! HAH! *Thwack* Owww….

  3. I remember this xD it was like the most hilarious stream ever 😀

  4. With hindsight, that reflexive reload after the arty kill forced you to delay just long enough for him to get up the hill and escape. Hard to knit-pick a 6k+ damage game though. In the same situation I’d have probably donked out at least 5 times before even getting to that point.

  5. Circon in his ninja assassin batchat while M103 in his ghost heavy tank

  6. I’m laughing too much at your “missed connections” moment at the end.  XD

  7. I agree with chat we need some x-files theme

    • +Don Sparrow Ahah, it was there, but in the down time of getting the replay, cant put it on yt for obvious reasons

    • Watched it Live was Funny as with the X Files sound in the background while he was investigating!! Love your work Circon always make your streams funny to watch..

  8. MajesticRaithier

    haha wow. That M103 didnt know how lucky he really was. Either way, gg Circon

  9. As the chat said… reloading after killing arty was a huge mistake… would’ve been an easy kill… and he KNEW the m103 was a 1shot

  10. Lol, such entertainment 😀

  11. The balls of that E25 driver at the beginning? So big I don’t know how they fit in the tank. Also, David Copperfield.

  12. Circon holmes is at it again. Solving things n shit.

  13. Hey guys! Going live with some World of Tanks now at http://www.twitch.tv/circon Hopefulyl with some more Tank Scene Investigations xD

    • +SirCircon Loved the rng in the bat game lol, was ment to be a draw with them near(but not) spots lol gg

    • MoLày MèmO SObHi

      +SirCircon Please Start Making The Videos With 60FPS HD Please… Waaay Better 😉

    • +MoLày MèmO SObHi as long as they’re still in 480 for those of us with steam powered internet, bloody rural France eh?

    • introducing sircircon in the case of the ninja m103 and wrong left turn 😀

    • +SirCircon What would be neat is if someone could take the minimap from your replay and the minimap from the other replay and overlay them over each other to see how close you came to each other.

  14. WTF Stealth M103, just…..

  15. Spotting too pro

  16. Ouch Circon i felt your pain xD

  17. Hacks!!!!! 😀

  18. if you didnt reload after killing the m53/55 you would have killed the m103

    but thankfully you didnt kill it, thus granting us this awesome video 😀

  19. Forget CSI Miami, here comes TSI Karelia!

  20. Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest…..

    The M103 has, indeed, been around for 5,000 years, and that giant commander’s hatch on the top, is really a cloaking device used by the ancient Mayans of Central America. Could this be evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization from the past, or could this be, the answer to all our questions?

    *Ancient Aliens theme plays*

  21. That Heartbreak WOW

  22. It was fucking obvious where the guy is when you climbed up the hill. You went left side. Only possition he could be is on the right, exactly where he was standing. I wonder that you was wondering …. :/ sorry to hear that, but unicum fail … :/ That place was on my mind from the start you tried to get him

  23. The struggle is real.

  24. Oh shit XD

  25. That tactical M103 play though…

  26. Too much for a wot replay. The fail platoon, the e25 hugging the waffle, then this xfiles bullshit, and then a tie.

  27. If you’re watching an arty replay you can press LShift and then go into free camera mode and pan around like normal arty view

  28. WoT proxy spotting Fail working as intended

  29. AusTankie Gaming

    Wowwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!

  30. Incrediburuh

  31. No fucking way

  32. Maybe nearby and his captain die so he didn’t see you ?

  33. i watched your intense facial expression as you killed the object 140 🙂 
    the adrenalin rush one gets in a badass game just keep us all playing

  34. 13:01 dat corpse formation

  35. U should have poked both sides before you went down.

  36. Brother, sometimes your the Rat, sometimes the cheese!!! 

    play more high tier mediums please. aka flea61

  37. Case closed. Now do the Moon landing. Was it real or was it all staged?

  38. Draw over loss = Circon foiled… gg M103 😀

  39. Circon had 3 shells after killing the arty, so why spend 38seconds reloading? That cost him the win, in addition to getting more and more confused the longer the M103 kept hiding 😀

  40. Two ninjas enter the arena. They never meet. Very Hounourable. (Draw still suck though.)

  41. The most epic thing would have been…..thee m103 felt throught the ground but didnt die. Lost forever. xD

  42. @SirCircon which mod this?

  43. you finally look idiot on this one lol cause at first time i thought about looking the right side before runneing on left side

  44. Theory…. He went to the right after he climbed the hill and went looking for circ because he saw trees fall. I havent seen the whole video yet lol. 😛

  45. Do you run vents stabs and optics on bat chat or do you compensate the bad aim with stabs and GLD

  46. Gotta say dude, you deserved it for playing with your food, trying to be clever and drop down behind rather than just getting the drop on him from above.

  47. just an orc head

    M1 Oh Ninja

  48. I think the ending was bit of a misplay. Started reloading when he didn’t have to and knocked down way to many trees

  49. i had to watch this 3-4 times before I realized what had happened. wow. just. fucking. wow. lol, seriously bad luck on your part circon. had you turned the other way….. lol

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