Tank Testing: Leopard 2A7-140 – Armored Warfare

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Source: Devient Kage

Yea I am hyped for this tank as it just looks and plays a lot better than previous leopards…

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  1. hey devient, what recording system do u use to make your vids?

  2. I wanna see the abrams. cause Merica

  3. Nice to see they have fixed the original bugs with the tier x tanks

  4. i got to say i think the leopard 2A7 looks ugly the one we have in the
    preview on the live server looks much more badass

  5. They fixed it after test on russian server???

  6. I know that feels when playing with 250-400ms ping 🙁 I hope My.com add
    Asia or Australia server in future. BTW nice video :D

  7. still not definitive it only the test server they may of just left the
    “Old” data for the tech tree there without changing unnecessary stuff &
    only worked on the UI – NOPE Jury is still out & that is definitive 🙂
    hmm yep love the bad assumptions on the leopard family (less 1 & A5)
    remainder play bloody well ( I guess it comes down to play style 😉 )

  8. Great video from a great youtuber! :D

  9. the leopard 2a7+ when stock its still a leopard 2a7 but not a + version it
    has reactive armour on the side

  10. Great vid man! Do the m1a3 next! Can’t wait to see it!

  11. thanks for the video! Was fun to watch.

  12. They will nerf and give leo more frontal weakspot as usual.

  13. How do you acces to the public test server? I can’t find the info.. ><

  14. WarGamersNL - WGNL

    Nice vid! I get arround 90-100 ping and live in EU:P So still get a lot of
    ping(and i dont have the best internet connection ever just 2Gbit)

  15. pc sisytem ??? grafik karte ??

  16. noob for youtuber.. making a shitty video about THE best tanks in THE

  17. Should i grind the leo’s or the chally line? I cant decide :s. what do you
    think is the best Devient Kage?

  18. Devent wich tier 10 should i get?

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