Tank Testing: T-14 Armata – Armored Warfare

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Source: Kage

~1000 damage a shot well balanced OE well balanced…

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  1. is it just me or is the sound and video out of synch? Great vid otherwise,
    thanks for the previews

  2. Think my biggest problem with the Armata from what I’ve seen so far Is that
    It has a massive silhouette.

  3. Hey +Devient why dont u test in pvp mod?
    Or is better to test like this?

  4. got spanked in the rear of my chally2 for 1036 in one hit by a draco today.

  5. Saw another video on this tank and its front is plastered with weak spots
    so as you said those who learn the tanks will ruin these in pvp games.

  6. Hey guys, they announced that the Abbot is going to be removed from the
    sales next update. should i get it? (well, at least the tier 3 will be)

  7. love your vids. can’t wait to see you play the xm1

  8. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    the t14….have you seen how big the weakspots are on it?!

  9. dude, bullshit, velocity is the same 1200 M/s.

    do some research first

  10. shmoaeel alksraney

    Its the opposite the newbe players go abrams and challenger cause of there
    armoer but the T line is for players who know how to play the tank not
    sitting there and taking hits and bouncing all day. Just sayin.

  11. Another quality video Devient. Keep them coming.
    I got used to the sound/video sync, so it was watchable, But I did notice
    you Ping is in the 300’s. What server & where you plying from? I’m in
    Melbourne Australia playing on the NA server & average around 190-210 ping.

    1AReg, NA Server.

  12. that damage now is pathetic 879 ? lmao my t90ms does that no prob

  13. NA players suck. mvg EU server.

  14. T-14 Armata = 3 easily recognizable and easily hit weakspots that takes
    full damage roll when hit if you face it frontally.

    So far it does 1k damage per hit but its kind of a different story in
    Player versus Player. I currently have a T-90MS in the live EU server
    equipped with high tier Damage retrofits, I can get to 870+ on sabot high
    roll and 1000+ HEAT High roll damage. Very devastating in PvE but its a
    very different story in PvP specially the weakspots that the T line of
    Tanks carry. The T-14 Armata is no different for sure.

    in PvP the player will hit you on your weakspots unlike the bots in PvE.
    And the T-14 Armata have 3 weakspots if you face it upfront and they will
    have better positioning and gameplay. It feels like the Armata is just
    another T90/T90MS.

    In the other hand the Leo 2A7 is now fixed and have a really good frontal
    armor and mobility, it has a weakspot upfront but its not too obvious or
    easy to hit compared to the Armata which can be easily distinguished and
    hit (the two hatches and the gunner sight on the turret). They removed the
    T90 LFP weak spot from the armata but added a very obvious weak spot which
    are the two hatches and the gunner sight.

    The Chally 2b is basically a Chally 2 Tier 9 with a 140mm Cannon, Same
    weakspots and same disadvantages for being a hulking beast.

    The XM1A3 is again just like the old M1A2 with the same weak spot the
    driver’s hatch. And still the same all rounder jack of all trades Tank.

  15. If the MBTs have over 800pen, what will be the pen on TDs? Over 900?!

    As for the dmg, I guess all future T10 TDs will have over 10k DPM very

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