Tank Testing: XM1A3 – Armored Warfare

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the a great tank and I think you guys will enjoy it…

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  1. Actually, the xm1a3 isn’t the first tank with reinforced depleted uranium.
    The m1a2 gets it with an armor upgrade.

  2. The big guns on those tier 10 tanks don’t make much sense to me.
    Certainly not from a realism point of view, but also not from a gaming
    It is unrealistic because, while it is true that there are prototypes of
    140mm guns for most big NATO MBTs, they were never seriously considered.

    On the Leopard 2 the problem is that the ammo for the 140mm gun is too big
    for a human loader to handle inside the turret, so it would require an auto
    loader, but because it is German tank design doctrine that the ammo can’t
    be stored with the tips towards the crew compartment, the autoloader would
    have to be set up so that the tips face the sides of the turret, which
    would mean they would need a asymmetrical turret, with the gun set to the
    side of the center line.
    That would mean that there would be torque forces that would turn the
    turret every time the gun is fired.
    They considered that too much of a drawback to ever really consider the
    140mm gun.
    If the developers think they need a Leopard 2 with a 140mm gun in the game,
    they should at least do it right and give it the asymmetrical “tandem”

    On the Abrams the problem is that the turret is too heavy as it is. That is
    why they never put the heavier L55 version of the Rheinmetall 120mm gun
    into the M1A2. The turret drives and the stabilization system couldn’t
    handle a bigger gun.
    So it makes no sense that you would just have a tank that looks exactly
    like a M1A2 just with a 140mm gun in it.
    If they ever put such a bigger gun on an Abrams, it would certainly get a
    new turret and look differently.

    Same goes for the Armata. The turret the tank has in the game is the turret
    for the regular 125mm gun.
    If the Armata ever gets the 152mm gun, as they claim, it most certainly
    will also get a bigger turret to accommodate the bigger gun and the bigger
    ammo and autoloader.

    And about the gaming perspective:
    Keeping World Of Tanks in mind, I don’t see how it is a good idea to have
    top tier Heavy Tanks in the game with top tier Tank Destroyer alpha damage.
    Where can you go from there? What if there ever will be tier 10 Tank
    Destroyers? Will they get 1500 to 2000 damage per shot guns then?

    It would have made more sense to just give the tier 10 MBTs better armor
    with only marginally better alpha damage than tier 9 MBTs.

  3. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    yeeeaah….challenger2 ADTU is the best armored in the game, OBE stated
    that themselves on their web page, also do you check the armor modifier
    the t14, abrams have speeds up to 72kph +, when have you ever seen that
    speed? going down hill? yes,
    the ch2 on paper is the slowest and so it is, but in practice i keep up
    with the rest with ease…i just think people know how to over exaggerate
    its low speed

  4. get rid of your med pack and swap it to protein bars for even better reload
    and aim

  5. does that dual layer era behave as double protection . as for tier ten ill
    get chally .

  6. Glad to know its a great tank. Sustained damage and good aiming. Gg my.com.

  7. So…. it’s M1A2 with attached Monier rooftiles.

  8. i’d be pumped for the update if i actually had tier 9s ready to purchase
    and upgrade to tier 10 :(

  9. get em all I am :)

  10. WarGamersNL - WGNL

    Just guessing: does The (Chally 2)ATDU stand for Anti-Tank Depleted Uranium

  11. I find it funny that they are adding the XM1A3 when the tank isn’t even
    declassified. The tank in this video looks just like a M1A2 TUSK II.

  12. Think the Chally is still king tbh. Very hard to penetrate and the slower
    movement makes gun handling better than what stats say.

  13. I guess the aim time is better?

  14. Xm1a3 more like a m1a2 with a TUSK kit on it (-_-(

  15. what do you guys think is the best tier 10 MBT now that theyre all released?

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