TANK TORPEDOES! RBT-5 Soviet Rocket Tank War Thunder 1.55

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder RBT-5 Premium Soviet Tank – Tank Torpedoes!
– RBT-5 Rocket Tank 420

Win an RBT5: http://warthunder.pro/en

War Thunder 1.55 Patch Update Info:
New Desert Maps El Alamein and Tunisia.
Japanese Planes: Ki-61-I Tei, A7m2, Ki-44-II Hei, Ki-44-II Otsu
Germany: Ju-88A-1, Kpfw. Churchill
Russia: MiG-17, T-44-122 Premium
Britain: Stirling B Mk.I & III, Crusader Mk.2, A13 mk.I, Tetrarch Mk.I, T17E2 Armored Car

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  1. why…… just why…….

  2. RBT-5 Premium Tank with 250kg “Tank Torpedoes!” – You can learn how to win
    one here: http://warthunder.pro/en
    Also if you want to buy my FIRST EVER t-shirt design; “Keep Calm and Spam
    Torpedoes” you can find it here: https://teespring.com/baronvontorpedus
    And what other rocket armed tanks do you think should be in War Thunder?

  3. Ermm, whut?

  4. WTF IS DAT ??

  5. bt-5 vs po-2 :-P

  6. next plz red baron fw 190 a5 u2 With 4x cannons!!

  7. Goddamnit Gaijin!

  8. And not a single shit was given by Gaijin on that day.

  9. Yes because Russia needs more stupid BS things like this su 100y KV-2 t-44
    with 122mm cannon more T-34 and more rocket tank shit.

    Take your time on do 335 and other things everyone wants

  10. Are these even more historic sikret akurat dokumenz?


  12. This is like fallout

  13. Freaking russians……JUST WTF is this thing?

  14. baron please showcase the rest of the special tanks and planes from the
    e-league event

  15. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    Im early for once 😀 by 15 minutes

  16. same, the first thing i think when i see that is tittyfish also.. :D

  17. I saw that in the Internet

  18. I was early on 2 Phly videos and a Baron video today.

    The most ive accomplished in my life

  19. the guys in the tank are gonna have the best time of their live ;D

  20. Like that shit !! So he makes a cool montage ! More soviet stronk tenks !

  21. I really want to see that city down 😀

    Hope you could do that :p

  22. Titties 250 !

  23. What is this even?

  24. Just ram a tank and those things will go right off and hit what you just

  25. Gaijin y u do dis

  26. Wtf gaijin you can add this but not the Dornier Do 335?
    or the right gun on the conqueror.

  27. jeba cu vi kevu

  28. Tank Torpedus!!!!

  29. Dimitris Paraskeuopoulos

    That is the FUNNIEST,CUTEST little thingy I’ve ever saw in my entire
    life.Damn you Stalin!

  30. Only a crazy fucking Russian could have come up with this o_0

    And so they did.

  31. They need to stop with these stupid rocket tanks like I get that rockets
    are cool but really

  32. So…when are the other nations getting some cool shit.. OH WAIT IT”S WAR
    THUNDER. It’s Russian only.

  33. to kill this, be like Han and SHOOT FIRST!!!!!!!!

  34. 250kg explosion is so shity looking

  35. We need 4k likes on this video!!

  36. Ok, now Ze Germans may get a SturmTiger that is only 100mm, but gives you
    more chanse then this :)

  37. Baron you might try to reload those rockets by getting on cap and then hit
    the repair hotkey.

  38. Lol. He Said Titty Fish….

  39. Joe Google Plus User™

    dumbo the russian tank


  41. Is this really a thing!?

  42. Do they fire through water like normal torpedoes?

  43. Well, i bet my ass there was a comment like this, but they are called

  44. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  45. GAIJIN!!!!!!!WHERE IS MY DO335?!?!?!?!!!

  46. OK if they’re giving us this I want/need them to make T26E4 with the T15E1
    90mm gun and the spaced armor yes I’m talking about the super perishing if
    they’re going to add this bt-5 variant to the game they have to add the
    super perishing to the game and I’m not taking any excuses they have the
    maus there Ferdinand and a M26(99) aka perishing with rockets to the game
    why can’t they add the super perishing then just put it at br 6.7 as it was
    still a WWII tanks and used then

  47. Seems like 2 mini tsar boms ???

  48. Hoel E. Sheit . . . . Its princess Lea

  49. sturm tiger next pls

  50. First Order Stormtrooper


  51. BaronVonSnapShot

  52. You could reload your torps at cap point, you were next to it.

  53. Wait…this thing is real?! I thought this video was gonna be a custom
    mission showcase! Why would Gaijin introduce this thing?!

  54. Since it’s basically 2 250 kg bombs, if ships were added to the game, this
    tank could kill ships

  55. Russia!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Thats it im done. Russian fucking bias

  57. Kv2 can kill maus and pretty much anything with high explosive shells

  58. Soon we will get russian tanks with nuke payloads

  59. Now we need the 2 German tanks that had tank torpedos

  60. 🙂 have waited so FUCKING LONG FOR THIS SHIT ALL HAIL RUSSIA (after you
    fire u got epic spaced armor for ramming)

    Legit shit germans go fuck yourselfs

    Now for crazy russian modifications for their planes

  61. those are thicker than deez nuts

  62. ………..

  63. Oh russia

  64. What the fucking hell is this shit?!!!

  65. I’ve killed the maus with a kv2

  66. So in World of Tanks we have BT-7 arty….and in Warthunder we have BT-5
    Minekaze or what?? Cause I have no idea guys….

  67. First i was like “lel new custom tanks made by the community”. Baron: “this
    is the new russian premium tank” Me: “WHAT AN ACTUAL

  68. the turret? it’s easier to tell by the nose of the tank

  69. this is hilarious xD

  70. You can’t ream because the rockets wouldn’t fit inside the tank

  71. It means u can kill the biggest ‘plane’ (maus)in the game in a tank….jk
    baron your awesome?

  72. this thing looks stupid af

  73. wtf am I looking at? >_>

  74. this is exactly the fucking reason i quit this piece of shit game

  75. fuck u gaijin

  76. – doesn’t add minimal enjoyment for singleplayer- or coop-gamers
    – doesn’t add more balance for, say ground-attack planes

    – adds a premium tank with two giant rockets that each can wreck a Mau5

    Gaijin in a nutshell >.>

  77. It’s a torpedo…
    Attached to a BT-5.

  78. What the actual fuck is this thing!?


  80. i cant see this tank in my game

  81. *Cough *Cough sturm tiger

  82. Came across one of those in an old Ammo dump in Afganistan, made for one
    hell of a boom when disposed of.

  83. Try to get a multikill, for example 2 or more tanks with one ?!

  84. If you play on ps4 dont even bother to try and grt this tank, the offer
    doesnt include psn users

  85. omg just saw the maus dying….


  86. You can get it for free for only $7. Stop with the sellout bs. and yeah,
    the torpedo video was a promotion and the Mech Warrior. At lest let us know
    cause it will effect your opinions. We are not stupid


    By purchasing a dog tag you will receive:

    – access to the unique pro-teams’ branded camos
    – unique vehicles
    – ability to pick your favourite team and win prizes if your team is
    successful throughout the tournament
    – opportunities to win valuable prizes during the broadcasts of the pro
    team matches
    – way to influence what new features will be added into the game along with
    other Thunder League members, take part in the project development and
    receive unique content, available only to the Thunder League”

  87. What is up with all the fnnn ads in this video baron? 3 ads

  88. Clickbait Champions Unite!

  89. “Hey Ivan!” *drinks vodka*
    “Yeah, Vladimir?” *drinks vodka*
    “You know torpedo like great Soviet Navy have?”
    “Of course Vladimir, torpedo what makes Soviet Navy great.” *finishes off
    “Well tank like ship, but on ground” *grabs another bottle of vodka*
    “Yes Vladimir, Soviet Red Army is great too.”
    “Ivan, I have idea to give to Comrade Stalin.” *drinks more vodka* “We put
    great Soviet torpedo on mighty BT-5 tank.”
    “That is great idea Vladimir, we call it Tank Torpedo” *grabs vodka bottle
    from Vladimir*
    “Yes Ivan, we go now to Comrade Stalin! We make Soviet Russia great!” *finishes
    off another bottle of vodka and proceeds to wrestle a bear*

  90. Gaijin trying to get as much money as possible lol

  91. Derp Torpedoes! Yaaaahhhhh

  92. It looks like something out of a fucking cartoon.

  93. Right, still think this game isn’t Russian Bias? (Which was blatantly
    obvious when they added the MiG-17, without adding in any other super sonic

  94. Noo Way ?! Dafuq xD

  95. Yup, 152mm HE can kill the maus if you hit the gun mantlet

  96. a Monty Python reference right there.

  97. I tested it.
    any explosive warhead over around 40kg can kill a maus
    the 50 kg HE from the russian 152 can, i’m not amazed by those 250kg
    warheads on those rockets.
    this contraption should have never been put in the game, considered how
    easily you killed that maus.
    i mean, you have 500 kg payload on a racing car, there is no br that can
    balance this.
    It’s ok that there are already heat shells that can basicly go trough any
    armor, but this is too much derp, april fool derpiness, really, i colud use
    this tank as wildcard at rank V without shame.
    i bet on close range it’s almost a guaranteed kill on any medium tank if
    you would be so kind to test it on high ranks…


  99. No MOW monday?Dude…Why u dissapoint me?sorry if my spelling sucks

  100. already the kv2 vs maus and it realy works

  101. What are the best British tanks in war thunder?

  102. they just keep adding more heavy shits for russia tree like T-44-122,
    T-34-100 and same tier as the regular T-44 and all their fucking large guns
    for IS tanks are so fucking annoying. Why the IS in the same BR as sherman
    with shitty gun? while pershing in much higher tier ?

  103. give me nebelwerfer plz

  104. Wait… am I high or is this an actual thing??????

  105. Why does nobody notice that it has the same sound effects as the

  106. WTF IS THIS?! O:

  107. Mini Nuke :O

  108. derpy.. ITS RUSSIAN russian = derpy

  109. Needs be called Titty Tank for you Baron

  110. you should make a video of those custom servers with this tank vs some
    swordfish’s it would be funny

  111. Tank Torpedo x2? It literally has a pair of TT’s.


  112. just read up on their new tournament thing and all I gota sat is fuck off

  113. hi i need some help.How i can change the aircraft crosshair like his?

  114. looks like a bradley lol

  115. yo. im new on the warthunder scene and have been a fan for a good while. id
    love to get in on one of your group mess around lobbies sometime. stuff
    like that is always the most fun

  116. BOOBS! Those Look Like Boobs.

  117. Tank torpz?! LOL hahahahahhahahhhahhahahahahaahahah

  118. Battle rating 1.3, it’ll never face anything that needs those
    ‘rockets’ so……..yeah…….its not OP, its just a massive death trap.

  119. This is a bloody Blastoise!

  120. crusarder

  121. It seems like the farther away you are the more accurate the torps get so
    maybe this tank is a good mobile artillery

  122. I have seen something that dragged my attention, SEEMS that the ISU122/152
    have a little spot that it has just 60mm of FRONTAL armor, what about
    testing it?

  123. This game is dying. And crazy ideas like this and 400mm+ penetration rounds
    in combination with ridiculous match making is the reason.

  124. Only in Russia

  125. 145 comment

  126. Baron you can reload the torpedos in capture zone

  127. what the hell, those rockets don’t even have clearance to leave the

  128. AKA Russian Bias Nuke Launcher/Tank Destroyer/Racecar

  129. i would love to buy the $7 entry to get the exlusive stuff. but because im
    on ps4, unfortunatly i can not get it. i think thats unfair

  130. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    how do you get it?

  131. holy shit this thing existed, learned something new today

  132. Ohhh, *tank torpedoes*. So, like a sand shark, right?

  133. First 10 seconds all you hear is: “when I see this I think of titty fish.”

  134. titty fish

  135. How did his arty reload so quickly

  136. Tities! =D

  137. If you put an RBT-5 on top of 2 PT-76s connected by tow rope you would have
    fully functional battle ship.

  138. @BaronVonGamez, Nah man… not at the moment. there’s no RBT-5 in MoWAS2

  139. We can call this the allhu akbar tank

  140. Anyone know of any good youtubers who are like good at this game and cover
    it a lot? Preferably doesn’t do annoying fucking accents 😉 and doesn’t
    play arcade all the time

  141. Is this coming to xbox

  142. at 12:56 the tanks dage indicator glitched lol the torpedo was on your
    engine deck

  143. **at **12:56** the tanks damage indicator glitched lol the torpedo was on
    your engine deck **

  144. How did you get it?!
    I need to choose a team, but it will become available on January the 6th.
    To choose one, now is my question how did you get it?!
    And i bought this dog tag but, i didn’t get anything

  145. KV-2 can one hit Maus from the front


  147. i just saw one of these on my team not to long ago. i thought it was just a
    graphic glitch cause it was kind of far away. and it was the 82mm rocket
    version. but, apparently..

  148. *Looks at tank*
    Alright. Now where the hell is my Sturmtiger?!?

  149. RDS-1 launcher

  150. how could that those torpedoes fin doesnt hit the plank in the its launcher

  151. Btw those torpedoes have nipples XD

  152. how about kill a airplane with a tank torpedo?

  153. The “swagasaurisrex” lol!!?

  154. You weren’t able to rearm the rockets in the point because the white circle
    marking the A point in that map does not align with the actual point, so
    you weren’t actually in the point.

  155. FUCK YOU and this pathetic joke game un subbed

  156. 152mm HE shells confirmed as being able to kill a maus. Took a lot of
    ranging shots though. (From Test Drive Spawn to Maus location)

  157. Looks like Gajiin’s April fools joke came early this year…… You can
    take it out now Gajiin

  158. Epicfacorz Dispentry

    The russians are known for creating insane vehicle/tank designs. The fact
    is, they’ve made crazier things than this, even the giant “Flying
    Battleship” that never saw service but had an existing prototype that never
    left the ground.

  159. Omg the guy at 21:56 must have crapped himself when baron shot the first
    rocket XD

  160. a bt-7 armed with weed powered rockets

  161. Anyone know how to get the E-100?

  162. 2 TITS on bt-5 lol!

  163. great now the tanks have torpedus

  164. Its not fair, Russians are getting more things than any other nation. When
    will Germany get something that wont be killed in one shot. And is it true
    that Japan got something that was not premium?

  165. Isn’t this just the BT-7 or Bt-5 with Torpedoes

  166. +BaronVonGamez That is the coolest thing you can do with torpedos, shooting
    down an airplane with tank torbedos !

  167. Don’t talk about Star Wars as I am stuck in Thailand and I can’t see it
    till January!!!

  168. The rockets look like di**s

  169. this thing needs a BR raise.

  170. The hell is that thing?

  171. Fuck eSports. This is the wrong path for War Thunder,

  172. baron! Can you fly BF-109 F-2 for next time. Please!!!,! Thank you

  173. Well they still don’t have the tank that a transport can fit down the
    barrel so that’s still a plus.

  174. Is it just me, but is the BR screwed as well as penetration chance?

  175. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)

    Can we get a review on the challenges for tank and air please

  176. Where is men of war

  177. They may be derpy rockets, but they sound and are terrifying on the release
    and impact. I would absolutely hate to be on the receiving end of one of
    those rockets but i would love to be on the sending end.

  178. can someone help me i have 7 bucks on my steam account but i cant pay for
    it. i got the balck prince that way but its not working

  179. People saying they need sturmtigers.. Fuck that, I need a ship!

  180. Cool. A Maus got killed by a Tier 1. Cool.

  181. panzershrekt but what if baron was using a russian tank and getting instant
    kills with nuke bombs what will you call it? xD

  182. like a Kamikaze

  183. I thought the thumbnail was photoshopped…

  184. Nobody at gaijin hq saw a problem with this? no p2w or Russian bias here.
    arthanias, I already know you kiss gaijins ass and are an apologist, so
    don’t try to argue with me. please spare me the headache.

  185. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar


  186. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    1.3 BR NOT OP AT ALL (sarcastic)

  187. A cool custom battle would be RBT-5s vs high caliber SPAAs.

  188. Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here

    I was hoping for some kind of rocket that buried into the ground leaving a
    massive trail behind it and detonated under the tank, with a nuclear

  189. Someone make a MLG420blaze skin for this tank!

  190. This tank makes no sense.

  191. Anyone else notice the overhead damage view thing on the bottom left is
    fucked up, the rockets are about -120 degrees off axis from the turret! If
    it was mentioned, I never heard it! *Edit* or they were around 11:40-13:10
    so temporary glitch, nvm!!

  192. Russians only built this thing to feed on the salt of the Russian tank

  193. I challenge you to kill a Maus in random battle

  194. these rockets dont make sense fighting such pathetics tanks

  195. only putin gets the derp tanks first

  196. While launching the torpz,….”From Russia Wid Love Fascists”

  197. So.. Rasha wanna dominate the Tier 1 also..? Enough of this

  198. Who needs navy when u hav tank with torpedo, da comrade?

  199. couldntthinkofone100

    Now they have no excuse for the sheridan

  200. just spam machine gun fire at it

  201. russain do not change because derp.

  202. how can it still turn its turret as fast as normal bt-5 with 500+ kgs of
    added weight?

    also how is the tank still so fast???

  203. Arent large caliber rockets all technically the group topedoes belong in,
    torpedoes being waterborne rockets

  204. I could see J. Walter Christie approving of this development, but getting
    very disappointed when he finds out the rockets aren’t intended as a means
    of propulsion.

  205. Is this a joke?

  206. da comrade!

  207. These remind me of reindeer antlers. Waiting for a Rudolf paint scheme now.

  208. kv-2 can easily kill a maus

  209. Can you do the Churchill next baron? Plz sempai ?

  210. the kv1 should have some

  211. How you can reload this rockets?

  212. So the Russian fleet is already complete.

    Btw: coolest thing to do with a “torpedo” is shooting down a plane I guess

  213. Thành nguyễn Đức

    t 54 – 1951 pls

  214. Likeage of the Titty Fish!!! lol

  215. Brace yourself
    sturmtiger is coming!

  216. 180 noscope,mlg pro just rekting anybody and everybody

  217. Dakota Tucker (CarbonFrozen423)

    wtf is this real?

  218. This thing isn’t Russian bias everyone….

    This is the entire fucking Gaijin company being high and drunk as fuck.
    This tank, has absolutely no fucking business being in this piece of shit
    game. Ground forces is dead. Period.

  219. stalin plz

  220. They kinda fixed the foliage issue in 1.53 when they added the new game
    engine. Even if you have ultra low quality settings you will have an
    increased number of foliage elements rendered as shown in the images at the
    bottom of this page: http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/836

  221. First thing that comes to mind is that character in “Little Nicky” with the
    tits on his head?? LOL.

  222. bt5 gets fat mans
    but only has 2 mini nukes

  223. You got the 2000 likes bro you gotta do that realistic battle stuff :p

  224. This thing will get rekt so fast, even faster than this rockets.

  225. Bt7 on steroids

  226. I bet i am going to see these things against my IS-1 and Baron just keep
    playing those low tier tanks until you learn how to play the game (no hate)

  227. Night Stalkers Gaming

    Russian Fatman tank.

  228. Please play the RBT-5 in a 7.7 game and nuke a Maus!

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