"Tank Wednesday" Stream Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello warriors,

here’s a summary from the “Tank Wednesday” stream with WG developers:

– the penetration nerf will not happen for now, devs will think how to do it properly
– KV-2 in HD the pics of which appeared on the internet is a fake
– FV4202 switch will be this year
– RU players will get additional bonuses to make the A45 marathon easier
– VK4502B will stay, Mauschen was shelved
– tier 7 VK4502B will not come for now
– developers are experimenting with economy: they are now testing a variant where you never lose money in the Domination mode
– developers are now testing the option of switching the mail tied to an account
– there will be seriously reworked Historical Battles with separate (unique) maps
– artillery will not be removed, it will be rebalanced
– there will be many free things and bonuses on RU server during the “WG birthday” (whether other servers will have these too depends on the local management)
– Kanonenjagdpanzer is a JT88 replacement, JT88 will be removed from sales
– Modern tank? “*cough cough*”
– new trees and grass will be implemented
– M56 Scorpion is shelved for now
– There will be a Czechoslovak branch. New upcoming branches feature Czechoslovaks and Swedish tanks.
– Sturmtiger will be implemented soon, likely as a part of a “fun mode” in summer or PvE
– there will not be any permaban amnesty
– it’s not decided yet how BT-7A will be implemented

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