Tank with a Mega Cheat Code | World of Tanks GSOR 1008 Gameplay Review

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World of GSOR 1008 Gameplay and Tank Review, Tier Premium British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks 2021 Loot Boxes Tanks – Bisonte C45, GSOR 1008, Bat.-Chatillon Bourrasque and ISU-152K in Loot Boxes. World of Tanks Update 1.11 . World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021 Loot Boxes and Holiday Ops 2021.

Today let's play with a tank that comes with a Cheat code… Which is number 2-key on your keyboard. Pressing that button turns this tank from average to with 1 second!

What do you think?


  1. Let’s see if WG decided to nerf this beast or not in the future

  2. This tank is better than the entirety of the Czech tech line!!!!

  3. 1:23 come on maaan… I was eating

  4. Isnt there a russian tier 8 medium that gets 330 heat at tier 8??

  5. Namegoeshere Orhere

    The premium rounds are good but only at close ranges, they have a HUGE drop off in pen over range.

    • Still, because of the extra penetration, you still have much more penetration with APCR over long distances. It probably drops to 280mm or something at very long ranges.

    • Namegoeshere Orhere

      @Ville Lepoaho No it’s doesn’t, that’s the point, it loses 101mm of pen at 500m, the standard round loses 15mm. So you only gain 9mm of penetration at 500m which is even worse than German APCR like the 22mm difference the Skorpion and RHM have. Because most players make little effort to understand game mechanics there’s going to be a lot of people upset because they think they’re going to lolpen anything when sniping and wonder why they can’t. This round isn’t APCR, it’s APDS, so I guess this is one of WG’s balancing efforts since the UK has some of, if not the best, APCR rounds when it comes to pen loss over distance. The Charioteer and AT-15 have a 37mm difference, the Turtle a 35mm difference. On the plus side it does have very high shell velocity so it will be easier to hit fast moving targets.

  6. This game is just so P2W. And that’s the reason I will never try any other game again which is made by Wargaming. I know I might be “old” to all this but atleast this is my first game what I play to be better with credit card. Disappointing.

    • What’s P2W about this game?

    • @VioletStatPedder – Everything? Using premium consumables? Buying gold -> free XP -> never having to play stock tanks, premium tanks being better than tech tree tanks, loading full gold which the average player couldn’t afford. Do I need to go on?

    • Thanks for Ville for the reply so I don’t have to 🙂 You just gain so much advantage with giving your wallet to WG it’s disgusting. And yes, I have given.. I kinda regret bit because it comes to this that there is no point to play soon.

    • @Ville Lepoaho Nothing you said is locked behind a paywall (except gold ofc). F2P players can get everything. Premium consumables can be bought with credits. Free XP can be grinded never having to play stock tanks. F2P can load full gold if they want.

      The only “advantage” you get from paying is saving time for not having to grind as much. That doesn’t have any impact on the game.

      QB’s F2P account is a perfect example of how this game isn’t *not* P2W.
      61,37% WR on his F2P account
      60,89% WR on his main account.

  7. The tank is ok. But 40 sec reload its your doom. Many times I got raped on reloading.

  8. Thanks for the video Dez. I LOVE this tank and can’t stop playing it. Yes is very unique but the reload is a bitch. The speed helps a lot but with a good crew the camp value is nice.


  9. Username Tigeeeerrrrrr
    Server EU
    TY DEZ

  10. If i got 50 boxes from DG and wn this tank so i will be able to finish my 5x time more dmg mission of obj 260. But i am not so lucky:( to get those boxes….

  11. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    Did Dez voice his tanks voice lines?

  12. 1600 dpm is abysmal at tier 8 for a TD, premium or not…. Its a fun tank to play though. So far got the 1008 and 152k from boxes this season….

  13. I got this in my first 15 boxes, if you play it like a medium sniper its really good imo even without gold. also had some fun su130rpm and jag bounces

  14. Yeah down here on the SEA server these things are shooting nothing but gold. Not just at HT’s either, but at everything they are shooting at.
    There’s enough gold flying around down here to devalue the Yen.
    I’m not even joking.

  15. I got ammo rack on this tank twice with my ISM and KV-4 that gold round is too much.

  16. Yeah……1600 dpm is hardly OP….. I think teir 4 lights get better dpm……

  17. Tier8 tanks with 1k-1.2kHP: *Hey, why do I hear boss music?*

  18. Great Video, I was lucky enough to get this bad boy! I am enjoying playing it!

  19. those ammo should have been heat rounds with 800 shell velocity imo

  20. Classic wot: New paytank is op. Compare wot from 7-9 years and todays wot. Wot has a big pay to win (p2w) part today.

  21. The_black_Frank_White

    Yes but APCR has a RNG Range from 211mm-3xymm …and i dont like this random factor. And 225mm is enough to play against tier 8

  22. yea another no skill tank will WG finaly nerf that gold spam ???

  23. I got is and I love it! So much fun to play!

  24. gold got more pentration than OBJ.705A with gold (317) 🙂

  25. Bad players complain about everything. It’s always “easier” to blame the game for your failure rather than blame yourself.
    The sad part is that these bad players are our cannon fodder. We need them to keep that +3k WN8.

  26. Mind Your food boys, play with it after it’s done with shooting.

  27. What these complainers dont understand is…… You can beat an autoloader…. Just have to know how to count….

  28. WoT players hate him! He found one simple trick to become unicum! REEEEEE! No, seriously Dez. I know this is retarded, but the truth is – hitting 2-2 will not make anyone better in this game. And the tank is good even without it.

  29. Not even close to being tier 8 wt no one clip one tank potential for a lot of tier 8 tanks and that’s it. What IS disgusting about it is the much much better performance of the gold ammo. Because the pen in itself is nothing special, even the su 130 has 320 pen with gold, but 44% better pen with gold compared to standard round is just outrageous…

  30. I dont think the penetration is overpowered, look at the rhm. borsig, which has with derp gun 334 mm od pen., and standard has 226 pen.

  31. That is not a code, but advanced skill. Keep up the good job Dez.

  32. I did get, and i really like it, a brother to the Char-Futur.

  33. WG: * makes an actually good and balanced premium tank *
    Everyone: This is an avenger level threat

  34. So I was trying to hunt for those 2 new tanks bc I love magazines and I do the best specialy in hard turret like Emil line. And after 175 cases I have not got a single new tank. It was last dolar I spend on WoT. And I spent a lot over all years. I had a few y break and I came back, but Im done, will play a little for the sake of christmas and new line that coming and thats all.

  35. Just a Charioteer. Oh with better gun handling, faster turret rotation, faster aim. Why not make it an autoloader?! And of cause a goldspammer. Very creative. Could have been a charioteer skin.

  36. Your key 2 is my 4, and your 3 is my 5. 😀

  37. **Laughs in T-54 premium HEAT with extra 130 pen**

  38. My amx 50 120 heavy tank autoloader is a piece of shit compared to this tank …..

  39. @Qtank009 It doesnt get BOOSTED MORE!

  40. Are the optics suposed to be in the damage slot ?

  41. When this rekt me in the first battle against it, i forget that biZonte was in my team for first time

  42. Gold spam is a cheat. Wow, that is new.

  43. Armor extremely trollish… yesterday i played T8 premium LT’s and i was bouncing on it A LOT!

  44. Hi Dez. I just want to point out. More and more Autoloader-reloader getting into this game which kinda break the game more. Platoon of any of them together, just go clip one or two tanks, boom, 15-0.

  45. Interessting: In the 2nd battle the enemy team had 4 non-premium vehicles. His own team had 5 non-premium vehicles.

  46. Been clipped a few times by these already. It is this years broken tank low skill tank. You just sit in a bush and clip the first thing you see as it has the accuracy/pen/shell velocity/intra-clip reload to do this easily. Yawn.

  47. its like Progetto – key 2 gives your ammo not only pen but SPEED

  48. Dávid Kosztolányi

    This is wierd… This is not the way to make money, but loose the half of the playerbase… Just imagine you are a new player, you’ve got your first tier 6 tank, and in the fifth battle you meet with this…. You will uninstall the game immidiatelly! And that reload time is not a negative thing… just imagine the isu 152 with twice as big caliber, 14-15 sec reload, and only 290 penetration… and you have no gun depression, no turret, and you are simply not able to defend yourself against any tank in your 50m range

  49. My only hope to get this is if I win the Christmas boxes.

  50. Dez – why didn’t you check accelerate crew training on this premium tank? Just sayin’ ..
    Enjoy your videos – happy holidays to you and yours!

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